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What Is the “Clean Air” Button for on a Frigidaire AC?

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Do you feel sick as soon as you turn on the AC and feel better when away? It is called an air conditioner allergy that triggers people with seasonal allergies.

But staying out of the AC in summer doesn’t seem like a good idea. Some efficient air conditioners provide a clean air function that aids in filtering the air and making it easier for you to stay inside.


Frigidaire air conditioners are smart and efficient window units that provide the feature of clean air in some of its models.

The function purifies the air in your room and removes impurities like:

  • Dust and particles
  • Pollen
  • Mould

Do you want to learn more? Then, read further to know how clean air function works and its advantage.

How Does Clean Air Function Work?

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Frigidaire air conditioners with the feature of clean air have inbuilt electronic air purifiers. These filters are energized once you turn on the button.

The air purifiers efficiently remove dust, pollen, and other impurities from the room and trap them in a filter providing a healthy and pure room environment.

How To Activate the Clean Air Function

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You can activate the clean air feature by pressing the button on the unit with the same name. Once it is activated, you will see the light indicating the start of the cycle.

If you wish to deactivate it, press the button again to stop the cleaners from working. Once the feature is turned off, the light will vanish from the unit.


You cannot activate the clean air function from the AC remote. If you wish to use this feature, turn it on by the button with the same name present on the AC unit.

Why Do You Need the Clean Air Function?

Air conditioners are a reason for several allergies because they circulate the existing air inside the room without any ventilation.

Furthermore, the air is circulated via ductwork, which often contains dust, allergens, and other impurities, adding to poor air quality.

If you are prone to seasonal allergies, the clean air function is the best option for you. It activates the air purifier inside the system that extracts all the impurities from the air, leaving you with a healthy room environment.


Air conditioners are a blessing, but, like other technology, they also have pros and cons. For example, the air conditioner’s ductwork contains several impurities that can cause allergies in sensitive people.

A clean air function on your Frigidaire unit keeps the room air clean by purifying it. This feature is efficient, providing a healthy and pure atmosphere.

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