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6 Reasons Why Your Robot Vacuum Gets Stuck

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is Cleaning The Floor In The Living Room

Robot vacuums quietly and efficiently clean spaces without much of a fuss, and that’s why so many homeowners have these nifty cleaning companions running throughout their homes.

But sometimes your robot vac might call your attention with a loud beeping noise. The most common reason is that the poor little unit is stuck.

Efficient as they might be, robot vacuums aren’t exempted from roadblocks to streamlined performance. So what might cause a robot vacuum to get stuck? Here are some explanations.

  • Robot vacuums are designed to efficiently move through your space with zero assistance.
  • Sometimes, however, your robot vacuum could get stuck.
  • This could result from obstructions in its path or problems with its parts and software.
  • Fortunately, many reasons a robot vacuum gets stuck can be resolved without the manufacturer’s help.

Robot vacuums have a small set of wheels that carry the tiny cleaning machine across your space. While they’re designed to efficiently navigate a house without the need for much assistance and attention, they may get stuck now and again.

Why Do Robot Vacuums Get Stuck?

1. Low Furniture Clearance

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Performs Automatic Cleaning Of The Apartment At A Certain Time

Manufacturers design robot vacuums, so they’re as small and compact as possible, but even then, they could get stuck under low furniture.

Cabinets, closets, shoe storage drawers, and other pieces of furniture can have very low clearance underneath. So as the vacuum attempts to clean under the piece, it gets stuck in the tight space.

2. Thick Carpets

Robots Vacuums Cleaners On Carpet In Living Room For Cleaning Pet Hair And Dust.

The little wheels underneath your robot vacuum can only traverse certain surfaces. With particularly fuzzy or thick carpets, the wheels could struggle to push the unit forward.

Most of the time, a robot vacuum will get stuck around the borders of a fuzzy rug, unable to move because of the long fabric fibers.

3. Crowded Spaces

Robots Vacuums Cleaners On Carpet In Living Room For Cleaning Pet Hair And Dust

When there’s too much clutter, your robot vacuum could struggle to navigate the space. The same is true if you moved around furniture and turned on your robot vacuum before it could map out the change.

The obstacles in the way of the vacuum could prevent it from finding a way around your space, leaving the unit confused and unable to move properly.

4. Clogged, Blocked Brushes

Clogged Filter On The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Some robot vacuums are designed to stop working if it senses a problem with their brushes. Hair, dust, and dirt can get stuck in the hard-bristle brushes underneath the vacuum.

If this happens, they could stop spinning, forcing the vacuum to stay steady on the ground and beep to inform you of the error.

5. Mapping Errors

Man Using An App On His Phone Paired With A Robotic Cleaner

Robot vacuums will map out your home’s floor plan to navigate the space seamlessly as it cleans.

In some cases, however, your robot vacuum could encounter mapping errors, especially if you move it to a new space or change existing floor plans. Resetting the vacuum or starting a mapping run can help resolve the problem.

6. Dirty Sensors

Robotic Artificial Intelligence Usage Mini Hoover Machine And Tracking Sensor Program

More advanced robot vacuums use sensors that tell that vacuum where it is relative to your floor plan. These sensors also detect the presence of dirt on the floor underneath so that your vacuum knows where to clean.

When the sensors are dirty, the robot vac might interpret the stains on its sensors as dirt on the floor so that it will clean the same area repeatedly.


Robot vacuums need some assistance now and again. While manufacturers try to make them as intuitive and intelligent as possible, design limitations can cause your robot vacuum to get stuck now and again.

Make sure to keep your vacuum cleaner and its path as clear as possible to prevent any interruptions to its cleaning performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Robot Vacuum Is Stuck?

If your robot vacuum gets stuck due to an obstacle, remove the obstruction or move the robot vacuum itself.

If the interruption to your robot vacuum’s performance resulted from blocked wheels or dirty sensors, clean the unit before you set it on its journey again.

Why Are My Robot Vacuum’s Brushes Stuck?

It’s either an accumulation of dirt or a broken brush attachment altogether. If cleaning the brushes doesn’t work, consider replacing them instead.

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