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What Does It Mean When Your Dryer “Hums”?

What Does It Mean When Your Dryer Hums

Your dryer probably is not the quietest appliance in your home.

It is designed to tumble and spin your clothes at high speed to release and get rid of moisture, and the dryer normally makes low, monotonous noises as it operates. But what does it mean when your dryer hums?

In some cases, a low humming sound might be normal. But a more serious issue might happen if the humming has reached a point where it draws too much attention.

  • Dryers naturally make a humming noise when it operates.
  • Loud, continuous humming, however, may be a sign of malfunction.
  • A failing motor, a blockage in the system, or damaged parts can cause this.
  • Call a professional to service your dryer and prevent further damage and malfunction.

Dryers naturally make quite a bit of noise as they operate, but a loud humming sound should not be one of them.

You’ll know there’s a problem if the humming is loud, continuous, and doesn’t seem to go along with the movements of the dryer.

Read on to learn more about your dryer’s humming noise.

Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Humming

1. Failing Motor

Failing Motor

That loud humming sound might be the result of a failing motor. Most dryers come with a 12-month warranty on the motor. After this time, it could show signs of wear and tear.

So as the old and tired motor attempts to function, it may have to exert more effort and use more energy to perform as it used to.

As a result, the motor may produce a loud humming sound every time the dryer starts a cycle. At this point, the best way to solve the problem would be to buy a new dryer altogether.

However, it doesn’t hurt to have the unit serviced, especially if repairs can be done to save the damaged motor.

2. Foreign Objects and Obstructions

Foreign Objects And Obstruction

If your dryer turns, won’t spin, and hums loudly, you should consider the possibility of obstruction. This often happens when you forget to empty your pockets before tossing your clothes into the wash.

As coins and other small items fall out of your clothes’ pockets, they could lodge in places they shouldn’t be.

Turn off your dryer and inspect the space between the tub and the housing. Use a flashlight to see properly. For more problematic obstructions, you may have to consider calling a professional to remove the foreign object.


Running a dryer when there’s an obstruction in the system can cause major damages that can destroy your appliance. If you suspect a foreign object is getting in the way of regular performance, avoid using your dryer until it is removed.

3. Internal Damage

Internal Damage

Dryers have a lot of internal mechanisms and parts that allow them to spin and turn as it dries your clothes. However, damage or wear to any of these parts can cause problems in performance and may even stop the dryer from turning entirely.

One of the signs that your dryer might have a broken part is that it powers on, but the drum doesn’t turn. A loud humming sound also often accompanies this malfunction.

Some of the parts of your dryer that might be damaged include:

  • Dryer belt
  • Idler pulley
  • Support rollers
  • Drum axle
  • Drum glides and slides
  • Support bearing

Unfortunately, repairing or replacing these parts is tough if you’re not particularly skilled with dryer maintenance and repair.

However, it is best to consider calling a professional if you suspect your dryer’s inner workings are causing the malfunction.


Dryers are not necessarily the quietest appliance in a home, but some sounds can point to possible malfunction.

If your dryer is making a loud humming noise that has not occurred before, you might have to check for possible damages and errors.

Repairing the underlying cause as soon as possible can save your dryer and prevent the need for a total replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal for a Dryer To Hum?

Yes, your dryer will produce a low humming sound as part of its operation. This sound indicates that the blower motor, which circulates and releases air from the drum, is working to dry your laundry.

Even then, loud humming sounds can be indicative of a problem. If you notice that the humming has become louder, more prominent, and persistent, then you might have to get your dryer serviced.

Can a Dryer Still Dry Clothes if It Is Not Spinning?

Dryers eliminate moisture by airing out your clothes and applying heat. However, the cycle won’t have enough air to eliminate excess moisture if it isn’t spinning.

The heat might offer some benefit in reducing how wet your laundry is, but if your dryer isn’t spinning, don’t expect to get dry clothes after the cycle.

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