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How To Use the Electronic Display on Beko Fridge Freezer

Beko Fridge Freezer

Discover the convenience of a modern digital display with the Beko fridge freezer.

Its electronic display makes keeping track of the temperature and other settings easier than ever.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use the electronic display on your Beko fridge freezer so that you can enjoy all of its features and benefits.


The Beko fridge freezer provides the perfect way to keep your food cool and fresh.

Here’s a quick summary of the electronic display options it offers.

  • Fast Freeze and Quick Cool options help you store food at the right temperature.
  • The Alarm Off button lets you easily switch off the alarm.
  • The holiday mode lets you easily save energy when you are away on vacation.
  • The Key Lock function ensures that no one can accidentally adjust the temperature settings.
  • The Water and Ice Dispenser function provides access to cold filtered water or ice cubes with just a button push.

From setting temperature or alarms to securing your settings, the electronic display on this model makes it simple to get the most out of your appliance. Learn how to make the most of your Beko fridge freezer with this helpful guide.

Unlock the Power of Your Beko Fridge Freezer’s Electronic Display

A Newly-Bought Beko Fridge Freezer

If you recently purchased a Beko fridge freezer, you may have noticed its electronic display.

This convenient feature allows you to keep track of the temperature and other settings within your fridge, making it easier to maintain and manage.

We will discuss different functions available on the electronic display and how to access them.

Adjusting Your Beko Fridge Freezer’s Temperature

Man Adjusting The Temperature Of His Fridge

Start by pressing the electronic display’s top left and top right buttons.

You will now see different temperature settings that you can adjust.

The left button controls the freezer’s temperature, and the right controls your fridge’s temperature.

It’s important to note that you should aim for the average temperature inside your fridge to be around 4°C to 5°C, and the freezer’s temperature should be -18°C for everyday refrigeration use.

For times when you need to quickly cool items, such as a bottle of white wine or a large joint of meat, you can press the “Fast Freeze” or “Quick Cool” buttons located underneath the temperature buttons to lower the temperatures quickly.

Using the electronic display on your Beko fridge freezer makes it easier than ever to adjust temperatures and ensure that your food is always stored at the right temperature.

Rest Easy With the Beko Fridge Freezer’s Alarm Off Feature

Refrigerator Door Left Open

No one wants warm food or spoiled groceries, so the Beko fridge freezer’s “Alarm Off” feature is here to save the day!

With the Alarm Off feature, you can see if your freezer is cold enough to store frozen food.

When the temperature falls below the required temperature, a red light will turn on to alert you that the temperature is too warm and food stored may spoil.

Also, when the fridge door is left open for too long, the display will show a red light to let you know to close it.

Once you’ve made any necessary adjustments, you can easily turn off this alarm by pressing the Alarm Off button near the temperature button.

Make the Most Out of Your Beko Fridge Freezer’s Holiday Mode

A Family About To Leave Their House For A Holiday Vacation

Going away on holiday? No worries—your Beko fridge freezer has you covered! Its convenient “holiday mode” feature makes it easier to help your fridge stay cool and save energy while you’re away.

Simply press the “Vacation” button to activate the holiday mode on the Beko fridge freezer.

Once activated, the freezer will continue to run, but the fridge won’t cool anymore, instead running at 15°C to prevent food from spoiling.

You’ll know the holiday mode is activated when the LED display changes color, signifying that the mode has been successfully set.

And when you come back from your trip, just press the same Vacation button to deactivate it, and the Beko fridge freezer will return to its regular temperature settings.

Note: Always remember to use this setting after clearing out your fridge for the best results.

Keep Your Settings Secure With the Beko Fridge Freezer’s Key Lock Function

A Lock Icon

Do you have curious children or family members who like to meddle with your fridge settings?

Don’t worry—the Beko fridge freezer’s “Key Lock” function can help protect your settings!

The Key Lock allows you to secure your fridge settings and ensure that no one can accidentally adjust the temperature or any other settings.

Press the Key Lock button on the electronic display to activate the key lock, and you’ll know it’s activated when the LED color changes.

Of course, you can also deactivate the lock anytime you need to adjust your settings.

Just press the Key Lock button again, and you’ll be able to make any changes.

Enjoy Fresh Water and Ice Anytime With the Beko Fridge Freezer’s Water and Ice Dispenser

A Man Using The Dispenser Of His Fridge

With the Beko fridge freezer’s water and ice dispenser, it’s easy to access cold filtered water or ice cubes—all with just the push of a button!

This convenient feature gives you the freedom to cool down drinks, fill up containers and make smoothies, and slushies anytime.

To use the water and ice dispenser, simply hold down the “Dispenser” button until you reach your desired selection.

The LED display will indicate the options available, whether chilled water or whole or crushed ice.

With just a few presses of the button, you’ll have access to all the cold refreshments you need.


With the Beko fridge freezer electronic display, you can make sure that your food is always stored at the right temperature.

Featuring convenient features such as Fast Freeze and Quick Cool, Alarm Off, Vacation, Key Lock, and Water and Ice Dispenser functions, your Beko fridge freezer makes it easy to create the perfect cooling environment for your food and drinks.

Enjoy all-around convenience with the Beko fridge freezer anytime you need it.

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