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What Does “EP” Error Mean on Air Conditioner?

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Air conditioners are integral home appliances that contribute to your home’s comfort and cool temperature, especially during the hot season. However, when the effectiveness reduces, it becomes worrisome or displays error codes when switched on.

Though most faults can be fixed with DIY repairs, others become very difficult to understand for a non-technician. While struggling with this, you’re prone to fall into the wrong hands, who’ll trick you continuously without solving the problem.

Today’s discussion table is finding a solution to the display of EP error codes. It’s one of the common codes displayed by the air conditioner when there’s an internal fault.

If your air conditioner has been displaying this error, read this article to find out why and how to fix it.


Your AC displaying error codes is a way of telling you about some discomfort or problems affecting some of its parts.

There are different types of error codes abs these vary based on brands and manufacturers. EP error codes are generally programmed in AC to inform you about a faulty sensor.

Sometimes, it’s more of a slight damage or bend of the sensor coil, while other times, it’s linked to a problem with another part of the appliance.

Are you ready to learn more about the EP error code on your air conditioner and how to fix it? Get your writing materials to jot down the steps as you continue reading.

What EP Code Means?

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Error codes are internally programmed with air conditioners to show a fault with a part which most times requires immediate attention. Failure to do this leads to another problem or real damage.

EP codes, mostly when displayed on an air conditioner, mean the temperature sensor is faulty. The temperature sensor is designed to measure the atmospheric temperature of your room.

The sensor compares in charge of comparing your desired temperature to that of the room.

Sometimes, there may be automatic regulation as well. However, with an EP code displaying, you battle adjusting the temperature as it drops or rises.

How To Fix an EP Error

Now that you’re familiar with what the code means, it’s time to learn how to fix it. Most times, it is recommended you reach out to a technician for help; however, before doing that, try to restart the AC using the following steps.

1. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

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For safety reasons, it’s recommended you turn off the air conditioner. Moreover, you’ll have to unbolt the outer part to reach for the evaporator coil, so to avoid accidents and damaging other parts, switch off the air conditioner.

2. Switch Off Powers From the Main Switch

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It’s not enough to only unplug your air conditioner from the switch. Take a step ahead by turning off the power from the main switch of your home.

Locate the general power switch or service panel of your home. This is often installed in the utility area, basement, or garage.

3. Locate the Sensor Coil

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The next step is to locate the sensor coil. The sensor coil is placed beside the evaporator coil. To find the evaporator coil, check inside the air handler or furnace. This varies due to differences in brands.


Carefully check through the air handler or furnace to avoid damaging other parts or breaking or loosening wire connections.

4. Check the Sensor Coil

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After you’ve located the sensor coil beside the evaporator coil, you need to take some time to check it out. Sometimes, the problem may result from a slight bend of the coil or loss of wires.

To fix the bend, gently lift the coil with a finger to become straight. If the wires are loose, carefully tighten them.

5. Restart the Air Conditioner

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After you’ve fixed the possible causes seen, cover up the air conditioner, tighten the knots and switch it on once again.

After turning on the system, hold on for a while to give room for the equal circulation of air in the room. Then check if the temperature is regularized.


That’s all about fixing the EP error displayed on the air conditioner, which is a signal for a damaged sensor coil.

If, after following the DIY method explained, the air conditioner continues malfunctioning, reach out for professional advice and check from a technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Air Conditioner Sensor Failure?

Air conditioner sensors can fail due to several reasons. Asides from loose connections or bent coil, here are some other reasons:

  • Accumulation of dust on the surface.
  • Exposure to constant high temperatures.
  • Faulty thermostat.

How Much Does a Sensor Coil Cost?

The price of a sensor coil varies based on location. If, after checking your air conditioner sensor coil, you find it damaged, check for electrical stores around you.

However, ensure you’re getting the best quality for assured longevity.

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