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What Are That Water Sounds Coming From My AC Unit

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Tired of hearing dripping, splashing, gurgling, or rushing sounds coming from your AC? Fret not! We have got your back with this blog.

There are many different reasons, each concerning the sound’s specific cause. If you fix the sound’s cause, you might never hear it again.

But, to do this, you first have to have some basic knowledge of all potential causes concerned with each sound type.


Simply put, your AC could be making different types of sounds, and the cause of each is different. Let’s have a look at the most common sounds that you might be dealing with:

  • AC is Making Hissing Sound
  • AC is Making Gurgling Sound
  • AC is making the Sound of Running Water
  • AC is Making a Dripping Sound

The causes of each type of sound vary depending on the system of the air conditioner involved.

You will first need to identify the sound coming from your AC and follow with understanding the right cause behind it. Then, you would treat the problem area by calling an expert or using the tips mentioned towards the end of this blog.

Types of Sounds Coming From AC

There are a plethora of sounds that could come out of an air conditioning system. Each one of them has a cause specific to it.

We have listed some of the most common sounds that you would be hearing tin make it easier for you to identify:

1. AC Is Making a Hissing Sound

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There is more than one possible reason you constantly hear hissing sounds from your system. These could indicate the following:

Leakage of Refrigerant

The refrigerant leakage or the “cooling chemical” could be why the system is going through specific changes due to the pressure and temperature difference inside.

This change in internal functioning can lead to the production o hissing sounds you hear. It is more like the sound of a leaking cooling chemical.

Valve Leakage

Another reason could be the leakage of the internal valve of the system. Due to the leakage of the pressure from the valve, it might be producing this sound.

Compressor Issue

A damaged compressor could also surface as the production of hissing sounds. The pressure difference is disturbed due to a malfunctioning compressor, and eventually, the pressure leakage produces this sound.

2. AC Is Making Gurgling Sound

Air Conditioning, Water Leaking

The pressure buildup is one of the most common indications of the gurgling sounds coming from your temperature operator system.


Any problem with the refrigerant amount will lead to a pressure imbalance in your AC system.

There is decreased pressure inside the unit if the refrigerant is less than the average amount, and increased pressure inside the unit is due to the overcharge of the refrigerant.

When there is a difference in the pressure of the inside and outside environment, the air from the outside starts moving inside the system. This entry of the air inside the system produces a gurgling sound.

3. AC Is Making the Sound of Running Water

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The sound of running water is most commonly heard when the dripping pan of your conditioning system is full and probably overflowing. This flow is making this sound.

The dripping pan is never supposed to be overflowing because there are proper evaporation or drainage systems installed in different AC models to cater to the buildup of the condensate on the pan.

This further hints at the problem with the drain pipes of your air conditioners. It also speaks for the problem of the evaporating coils because lack of evaporation could also be a reason that the drain pan is full.

4. AC Is Making a Dripping Sound

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Last but the most common sound you might hear from the air conditioner is a dripping sound. This can happen when there is an increased load on the system.

It usually happens on a sweltering hot day when you have been using the conditioner for several hours straight.

The condensation on the inside is imbalanced a little, and as a result, water starts dripping from the condensation plate, producing this sound.

How To Fix These Sounds

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You can fix the dripping sound by giving rest to your AC on a scorching hot day and then starting it again after a while.

  • The sound of running water can be fixed by getting to the condensation pan, emptying it, and restarting the AC.
  • Moreover, you can also check if the condensate pipe is blocked and get rid of this sound by unblocking it.
  • Next, you can fix the gurgling sound by taking care of the refrigerant and getting it checked by a professional technician.
  • Lastly, the issue of hissing sound can be solved by checking the integrity of the drain pipes and refrigerant lines in your AC. If the problem persists, call a technician.


The main types of sounds coming out of your AC include but are not limited to hissing, gurgling, running water, and dripping.

Each sound indicates the problem of refrigerant leakage, pressure buildup, condensing pan overflowing, and water dripping from the condensate plate, respectively.

You can easily eliminate these sounds by treating the cause or hiring a technician to do everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My AC Produce Sound When Turn Off?

The AC works by sucking the moisture from the air and condensing it while pushing the cool air inside the room.

The cessation of the condensation process might lead to the melting of water when the AC is turned off, producing a dripping sound.

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