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How To Stop a Washing Machine From Walking

How To Stop A Washing Machine From Walking

Does your washing machine walk in the laundry room? If yes, placing the appliance on an uneven floor or washing an uneven load can cause the machine to vibrate excessively and move around the laundry area.

The walking effect of the washing machine damages the appliance and the floor. It is also annoying if the washer crawls out of line with the dryer.


Your washing machine can walk around the laundry area when in operation.

You can use these methods to stop it from walking:

  • Adjusting its feet.
  • Using anti-vibration pads.
  • Placing the appliance on level ground.
  • Placing it on a stand.

A walking washing machine can damage your floor and the appliance.

Ways of Stopping Your Washing Machine From Walking

Your washing machine should not move around the laundry room. Scientists have called this behavior walking. The problem has affected front-loading of this device for several years.

If you do not distribute your clothes evenly in the machine, the drum spins unevenly, and the entire appliance can vibrate, and sometimes the vibrations can be very strong, causing it to walk.

The following are the ways to stop your washing machine from walking:

1. Put Your Washing Machine on a Level Ground

Put Your Washing Machine On A Ground Level

If you place your washing machine at a bubble level, it tilts and is unstable. Therefore, you should ensure your appliance levels from all corners.

2. Place Anti-Vibration Pads at the Bottom

Place Anti-Vibration Pads At The Bottom

The non-slip and anti-vibration pads at the bottom of your machine help to reduce shaking the wearing on the floor.

3. Adjusting the Washing Machine’s Feet

Adjusting The Washing Machine Feet

A washing machine comes with four small installed feet. Adjust the feet to ensure balance.

4. Placing the Washer on a Stand

Placing The Washer On A Stand

Getting a sturdy metal stand for your washing machine helps in repositioning it. It is durable and adjustable, which allows you to set the height you prefer for your appliance.

5. Balancing the Washer Load

Balancing The Washer Load

Mixing small and large items in the washing machine ensures load balance. If the items are bulky, put them in even numbers for the washer to balance.

There will be no vibrations, and the entire appliance will not move around the laundry area.

How Washing Machines Affect You Negatively

How Washing Machines Affect You Negatively

You may think walking washers does not negatively affect you, but it does. The major negative effects of your walking washing machine are:

  1. Potential safety hazards.
  2. Inefficient washing cycles.
  3. Increased energy consumption.

These are a few risks of using a walking washing machine. If you use a new washing machine and it starts moving, it can get damaged prematurely.

The washing machine walking affects both outsides of the device and causes motor malfunctioning.

If the walking pulls the washing machine’s cord a lot, it can pull away the plug, leading to electric shortage or causing the cord to tear off.


Your washing machine can move around the laundry room while in use. For example, you can use anti-vibration pads, place them on level ground, adjust their feet, or put it on a stand to solve the problem.

A walking washing machine can damage your floor and make the appliance malfunction.

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