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How To Fix Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code

Best Tips To Fix Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code

Have you encountered a strange “Ur” Error Code on your Samsung front load washer? Have you tried searching for a solution, but after a bit of digging, you haven’t found anything helpful?

The Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code means a problem with the machine’s connection to a control panel.


If you own a Samsung washer and are experiencing the “Ur” Error Code in the middle of your regular cycle, then you want to read this post because it will save your day.

A simple solution fixes the routine washing problem caused by the “Ur” Error Code in Samsung washers.

Here are some ways of fixing your Samsung Washer’s “Ur” Error Code:

  • First, check for any damage to the electrical cord and cord cover; ensure they are in good condition before using them again.
  • Clean your washer thoroughly, especially around the drain assembly and the back, where dirt and lint can accumulate.
  • Check if all the doors are fully closed.
  • Check for water leaks around the base of the washer.
  • If you still have an “Ur” Error Code, reset your Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code by pressing the reset button on the bottom or unplugging it from the main power source and then plugging it back in.

The longer you wait to repair your Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code, the more money it will cost you. Follow these quick tips to fix your Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code.

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung washer, this might be the article for you. So keep reading and explore the causes and how to fix the Samsung washer “Ur” Error Code.

What Is the “Ur” Error Code in Samsung Washer?

What Is The “Ur” Error Code In Samsung Washer

There are several different error codes in a Samsung washer. The most common is the “Ur” Error Code. The “Ur” Error Code is a code that can be displayed on your Samsung Washer. It indicates a small problem with the control board and its components.

When you press the start button, the “Ur” Error Code appears as an error code. Check for any problems on your circuit breaker panel or fuse box if this code appears. You should also check for any problems with the power supply unit.

The most common culprit is an unbalanced load. For example, if you have too much laundry in the machine, the pump won’t be able to move all of it through the drain hose. You may also notice that the washer doesn’t drain completely.

Sometimes this error occurs when there is a problem with the sensor or door switch. However, it can also happen if there is an electrical short in your washer or dryer.

If you see this code, check for any loose wires or damaged connections near your washer or dryer. You may also try resetting the control panel to see if that fixes it.

Change your control board and other washer components if these areas have no faults. Make a backup copy of any important data before doing this so you do not lose them together.

Causes and How To Fix Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code

One of the most commonly reported error codes for Samsung washing machines is Error “Ur.” However, if you receive an “Ur” error code when running your Samsung washer, there are simple steps to take this issue.

Here are some causes and how to fix the Samsung washer “Ur” Error Code:

1. Damaged Control Board

Damaged Control Board

The Samsung Washer “Ur” Error Code is a problem that occurs when the control board has been damaged.

The control board is a small circuit board that manages the various functions of your Samsung washer, including the ones related to water temperature and pressure.

When this board is damaged, it can prevent the washer from properly operating, resulting in an error code.

The most common cause of this error code is a leak in the water system. This problem causes damage to the control board and requires immediate action to fix it.

If you replace a damaged control board, then this will fix your problem. This will allow you to use your machine again without problems or issues.

You can order this part from an authorized service center or local repair shop. Most cities have these shops available for quick repairs and installing new parts for your appliance.

2. The Water Inlet Valve Is Stuck Open/Closed

The Water Inlet Valve Is Stuck Open/Closed

A stuck water inlet valve is one of the most common causes of a Samsung washer “Ur” Error Code. This happens when the water inlet valve gets stuck closed or open, preventing water from flowing into the washer.

Normally, when the machine works properly, it will shut off after it has done its job and drained all the water out of the tub. However, this can cause some issues if there is still water left in the tub after it has finished its cycle.

If this happens to you, turn off your washing machine and check if any water is left inside. If there is still some left in there, you should take care of it immediately before it causes you any more problems.

To fix this, turn off the washer and unplug it from the power source. Next, unscrew the water inlet valve base and remove it from the machine.

Inspect whether any debris inside the washer may be causing this problem. If so, remove it with a vacuum cleaner or by hand.

Put a little soap between each of its lobes, then gently press down on them until you hear a clicking sound from them. Turn back on your washer and check if it works properly now.

3. Unlevel Ground

Unlevel Ground

The other cause of the “Ur” Error Code is unlevel ground. This occurs when the Samsung washing machine is moved from one location to another. It’s important that the washer is level when installed and that it’s not moved very often.

This can cause damage to the motor and other internal components, which may result in a bad error code being displayed.

If your washing machine is not on level ground, it automatically outputs the “Ur” Error Code. This is because the washer has a built-in sensor that detects the level of the floor.

This problem can usually be fixed by adjusting the washer’s feet to ensure it sits on a flat surface. You can even add a level to your floor with a few pieces of plywood or other materials if necessary.

4. Unbalanced Load

Unbalanced Load

The other most common cause is an unbalanced load when the load exceeds the washer’s capacity. For example, if you have too many clothes washing at once, your machine may be unable to handle the additional load and display this error code.

You will also get this message if you have an unevenly balanced load, such as finding that one side of your washing machine is filled with heavier items than the other.

You might also get this message if you have many items in your washing machine, even though they’re not the same size. You can try lowering the number of clothes in the machine or removing some.

5. The Belt Has Broken

The Belt Has Broken

If the washer is not working and displaying the “Ur” Error Code, check if the belt is broken. The main water supply line is connected to a pump, which moves the belt through the motor that turns the blades.

The belt has stretched too far, or it has been stretched too many times. To determine this, you can remove the front panel of your washer and look inside. If you see a bent or broken belt, you must replace it yourself.

If you notice that one side of your washer is louder than the other, then this could be a sign that your belt has come loose or broken.

You can test this by putting your finger on one side of the motor and turning on your washer. If you feel a pulsing vibration coming from that side, then it’s likely not working properly and should be replaced very soon.

Key Takeaway
  • Make sure that there isn’t any foreign material between the pulley and drum so that none of it can get caught on the belt when you turn on your machine.
  • Replace your belt with a new one immediately.
  • If you wait too long, this could damage other parts within your machine or even cause irreparable damage to it together.

6. The Door Is Not Closed Properly

The Door Is Not Closed Properly

When the door is not closed properly, it can cause the washer to stop working and display the error code “Ur.” The door needs to be closed with a quarter of an inch gap between the door and frame for the washer to work properly.

The door should be closed so that there are no gaps underneath it. If one of those gaps exists, water may leak into your washer and cause an error code to appear on your screen.

If you have a water-saving feature on your washer, make sure that you close it all the way.

7. Bad Motor

Bad Motor

If the motor is bad, you will need to replace it. The motor is in the back of your washer, a small, round piece of plastic that spins when water is pumped through it.

The first step to fixing this problem is to unplug the machine from the wall socket. Then you’ll want to inspect the motor by removing it from its housing and looking for any signs of damage or wear. If you find any signs of issues, you’ll want to replace them with a new one.

Remove the cabinet on which the washer sits so you can access its inside. Once inside, locate the motor and use an Allen wrench to release it from its place.

If it has a cap, replace it with one large enough to remove its screws once loosened easily. Once you have removed these screws, remove the motor from its place using a flathead screwdriver or similar tool.

Once removed, clean all parts in water for about 15 minutes before reassembling them with new gaskets. This will ensure that no dirt or debris remains in any part of your machine that could cause further issues during operation or future repairs if necessary.

8. Check the Manufacturer’s Guide

Check The Manufacturer’s Guide

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung washing machine and are getting the “Ur” Error Code, it’s important to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s guide.

It will help you identify any issues with your appliance and provide you with troubleshooting tips for fixing them.


If you ever find yourself in a position where you must devise a solution to a troublesome “Ur” Error Code on your Samsung washer, this article has provided enough information.

You may have attempted numerous troubleshooting steps and cannot resolve the issue, but it makes sense to troubleshoot first. You also should look at several things before you consistently decide there is a problem and attempt to call Samsung.

Remember to clean your Samsung washer, follow the manufacturer’s guide and replace any bad motor, as mentioned in the article. This will save you a huge sum of money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix an Unbalanced Samsung Washer?

Fixing an unbalanced Samsung washer is easy.

  • Please turn off the washer and unplug it. Then remove the front panel by removing the four screws.
  • Remove the top panel by removing two screws on each side and then pulling up on it.
  • If applicable, reconnect your electrical connections to your washer, including the power cord and drain hose.
  • Then plug your washer back into the electrical outlet and try to start it again.

What Do “Ur” and “Ub” Mean on Samsung Washer?

Ur is the error code that your washer detected a fault. Various things, including a blocked drain or clogged vent pipes, can cause it.

UB is another code that indicates a problem with the water level sensors. These are usually either damaged or faulty.

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