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What Does “DDC” Mean on a Samsung Washer?

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We all can relate to the frustrating feeling of getting error codes while doing laundry.

You put your clothes in the washer and press the start button, but the machine won’t start due to an unknown fault.

If you have a Samsung washing machine, commonly, you will see errors like DDC, DC, PLO, and SUD on display.

Before panicking and calling a technician, it is good to learn about the meaning of these error messages and how to fix them yourself.


DDC is an error message for the models of Samsung washing machines with an additional door.

It means that somebody opened the add door without pressing the pause button.

The auxiliary door is a helpful feature of Samsung washing machines that helps you add more clothes to the washer from a smaller door during the cycle wash.

You will get a DDC message if you open the add door without hitting the pause button.

Are you struggling to decode the DDC error code in your Samsung washing machine? Read further as we explain the code and how to fix it.

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What Is DDC Error Code?

Samsung washing machines are one of the finest home appliances with efficient features and design.

A few years ago, they introduced several models with an additional entryway to the drum door for adding forgotten items to the washer.

Those models display the DDC error code.

6 Ways To Fix the Error Code

If you ever come across a DDC error code, don’t fret because it is not because of a technical issue, and you can quickly fix it by following some easy steps:

1. Press the Pause Button

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If you have opened the hatch to fill in the laundry without pausing the machine, close the door and press the start/pause button to resume washing.

2. Shut the Door Tightly

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Always press the door tightly after adding the clothes to the drum.

Otherwise, your Samsung washing machine will consider the door open, displaying the DDC error.

3. Switch Off the Machine

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If the door is tightly closed and you still see the DDC error message, it can be due to a temporary glitch.

It is advisable to turn off the machine for 10-15 minutes. Turn it on and check if it works well.


Only access the auxiliary door to add more clothes during washing if you see the add door indicator displayed on the screen.

It appears at the beginning of the wash and disappears once the water hits 50C temperature to avoid burning accidents.

4. Call a Professional Technician

The Young Handsome Repairman In Worker Suit With The Professional Tools Box Is Fixing The Washing Machine In The Bathroom

Sometimes your washing machine can display the DDC code without any particular reason.

If so, consult a technician who can look closely for a faulty add door or defective control box. These parts in the washing machine can get damaged and cause an error message.

5. Ensure Nothing Is Trapped

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Sometimes we want to wash all our clothes at once and stuff our washer with many of them.

An overloaded machine is hard to spin and affects your appliance’s performance.

Furthermore, any cloth piece can also get trapped in the door, making it hard to shut it completely. The machine will display the DDC error until you remove some load from the drum.

6. Check if the Machine Is Leveled

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Washing machines move a lot during the spinning process. If your appliance is not on a flat surface, it can move vigorously, resulting in the door opening.

In that case, you can get a DDC error, and the machine will shut off. It is better to use a leveling machine to check the surface’s flatness and relocate it if needed.


Samsung Washing machines are efficient with advanced technology. If the appliance is not handled carefully, you can get several error codes during the washing process.

DDC is one of the machine errors you can get if the small entryway inside the drum door is not closed correctly.

To avoid this error, shut it properly and press the pause button before opening it.

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