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Should You Unwrap Dishwasher Tablets?

Unwrap Dishwasher Tablets

Ahh, dirty dishes again!

We all have dreaded washing piles of dirty dishes at some point, but thanks to the great invention of a dishwasher, things have become quite convenient. It hardly takes a few minutes to place the dishes inside the dishwasher and let it do its magic.

With time, several new technologies and ways are also emerging to enhance a dishwasher’s performance.

One such thing is a dishwasher tablet. It contains surfactants that accelerate the cleaning process and helps clear the debris from dishes.

Dishwashing tablets have become a common dishwashing component, but you must wonder about the plastic covering.

Should I unwrap it before adding it to the dishwasher? Should I leave it as it is? Why is it wrapped in plastic in the first place?


The covering on the dishwashing tablets is the polyvinyl alcohol coating, a polymer that dissolves itself when exposed to water.

There is no need to unwrap the tablets before using them as the water-soluble coating can do the job independently, saving you from hassle.

Are you wondering about the tablets? Then, read further as we uncover why you shouldn’t unwrap the dishwashing tablets.

Should You Unwrap the Dishwashing Tablets?

Dishwashing Tablets

Dishwashing tablets are incredibly convenient and helpful as they accelerate the cleaning liquid’s performance and help eliminate debris and oil on dishes more effectively.

You will notice that your tablets are covered in a thin plastic coating and wonder if it is necessary to unwrap them. A PVA coating keeps them from disintegrating or sticking to wet surfaces.

The coating also ensures that the tablets are intact and contain the magical powers to do dishes more efficiently.

To be precise, you do not need to unwrap the PVA coating on the tablets as it is a water-soluble material that starts dissolving once it comes in contact with the water.

However, it is a good practice to refer to the instruction manual of the dishwashing tablets to know how to use them for optimal performance.


Never leave the dishwashing tablet exposed to heat or light for longer, as it can vanish the effect of surfactants, making it useless.


If you feel your dishwasher is not doing the job perfectly, it is good to use dishwashing tablets.

These small rectangular shape tabs have surfactants that help accelerates the dishwashing process and make it more effective.

There is no need to unwrap the tablets before using them, as the PVA coating can dissolve once it comes in contact with the water.

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