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How To Move a Brick Pizza Oven

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Moving a brick pizza oven can be a daunting task due to its hefty weight and size. However, with the right tools, planning, and a bit of elbow grease, you can successfully relocate your oven. In this in-depth guide, we will walk you through the steps you need to take to move your brick pizza oven safely and efficiently.


Moving a brick pizza oven involves assessing the weight and size of the oven, gathering the necessary equipment such as an engine hoist, forklift, or crane, and lifting straps. Disassemble the oven if possible to lighten the load. Secure, lift, and move the oven with caution to avoid damage. Once in the new location, reinstall the oven and perform post-move checks and maintenance. If the task seems too daunting, consider hiring professionals.

Assess the Weight and Size of the Oven

The first step in moving a brick pizza oven is to assess its weight and size. Brick pizza ovens can weigh between 1,000 and 1,800 pounds, so knowing the weight of your oven will help you determine the appropriate equipment and manpower needed for the move.

Prepare the Necessary Equipment

Once you have assessed the weight and size of your oven, the next step is to gather the necessary equipment. Depending on the weight of the oven, you may need an engine hoist, forklift, or crane to lift and move the oven. You can rent this equipment from a local hardware shop.

In addition to the lifting equipment, you will also need lifting straps to securely connect the oven to the hoist or forklift. Attaching the straps to all four corners of the pizza oven will ensure that the weight of the oven is evenly distributed during the move.

To protect the oven from any potential damage during the move, it is also advisable to have protective materials such as towels or blankets on hand. These can be placed over the oven to prevent scratches or damage from the straps.

Disassemble the Oven If Possible

If your pizza oven has removable parts, disassembling them can lighten the load and make the oven easier to move. This may include parts like the stones or the door.

Secure, Lift and Move the Oven

With all the preparations in place, you are now ready to move the oven. Secure the oven by attaching the lifting straps to all four corners of the oven. Then, place the protective blanket or towel over the oven to prevent damage from the straps.

Use the engine hoist, forklift, or crane to lift the oven off its base. If you are using a dolly, have a second person help balance the weight of the oven. Be cautious of any walls or objects when moving the oven to avoid damage.

Reinstall the Oven

Once the oven is in its new location, carefully lower it onto its new base using the lifting equipment. Make sure the oven is level and secure before reassembling any removed parts.

Post-Move Checks and Maintenance

After moving the oven, it is essential to perform some checks and maintenance to ensure its proper functioning. Inspect the oven for any damage that may have occurred during the move and repair any damages. Also, check to ensure the oven’s base is level and stable.


Moving a brick pizza oven is no small feat. It requires careful planning, the right equipment, and a good deal of physical labor. However, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can safely and efficiently move your pizza oven to its new location.

Remember, if you are unsure about any part of the process or if the oven is too heavy, it is advisable to hire professionals who have experience in moving heavy equipment. They will have the right equipment and knowledge to safely move the oven without causing any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of protective material is best to use?

Thick blankets or furniture pads are typically used to protect heavy items during a move. They provide ample cushioning and can be securely fastened with straps.

How can I determine the weight of my brick pizza oven?

The weight of your brick pizza oven should be listed in the manufacturer’s specifications. If you can’t find this information, you may need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Can I move the brick pizza oven by myself?

Due to the weight and size of brick pizza ovens, it is highly recommended to have at least one other person help with the move. For larger ovens, hiring professionals who have experience moving heavy objects is strongly advised.

What should I do if my brick pizza oven gets damaged during the move?

If your brick pizza oven gets damaged during the move, it’s important to assess the extent of the damage. Minor cosmetic damage might not affect the oven’s functionality, but significant damage could require professional repair or replacement.

How can I ensure my brick pizza oven is level after the move?

Use a bubble level to check if the oven is evenly placed. If it’s not level, you may need to adjust the base or use shims to achieve the correct balance. It’s important to ensure your oven is level as it can affect the cooking process.

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