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How To Stop Loud A/C Noises When Starting Your Unit

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Does your AC make loud, weird noises as soon as you plug it in? Are you irritated enough and want to get rid of those loud sounds to bring ease to your life? We are here to help you out in this regard!

When turning on the AC unit, strange noises can indicate any serious issue with its HVAC system. By identifying the reason behind the Noise, you will be able to fix and avoid the problem in the future.

It is common for an AC to make a specific low, steady sound when running perfectly fine.

Since the AC fan is continuously throwing cool air in the room to keep the temperature of your room low, this sound is normal for all air conditioners.

However, if your AC makes loud squeaky noises as soon as you turn it on, it can indicate some other issue.

This article will especially cover the problems related to those noises which are only produced initially as soon as you set the AC on running.


If your AC makes loud noises when you start the unit, it can indicate some issues with your AC. Below is a quick fix to major noise issues related to your AC:

  • Banging Noise Clean the AC and tighten up the screws.
  • Screeching Noise – Check the AC fan motor or get it replaced.
  • Clicking Noise – Look for any problem with the wiring of the AC.

Besides these fixes, you can also lubricate the motor, straighten the fan blades or clean the coil fins for a perfect result. In case the problem persists, call in an expert to help.

This article will cover the reason behind the loud noises you often hear when turning on the AC. You will also find ways to stop your AC from making those weird noises.

3 Types of Loud AC Noises and How To Fix Them

Sometimes your AC will not shut down immediately when facing an issue; it will give you signs. One sign indicating a problem will be loud noises when you start your AC.

If you are worried about these loud noises and want to solve the basic issues yourself instead of calling a professional, we will be helping you out with this.

Let’s discuss “three common AC noises when starting it”. You will not only find out the reason behind the Noise but also be able to fix it on your own.

1. Banging Noise

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A loud banging sound from the AC can indicate two main problems:

  1. Something is Stuck  A loud banging or hammering sound from your AC can represent if something is stuck in it. It can be any junk or other scrapes. This junk can block the air passage of your AC and thus make a sound every time you turn it on. Remove the junk and clean your AC to see the desired results.
  2.  A Loose Fan – If you fail to find the junk in your AC, the banging sound might represent a loose fan. Use a screwdriver to tighten up the flaps of the fan to see the sound disappear.

2. Screeching Noise

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A screeching noise can sound like a metal being rubbed against a metal. If you detect a screeching noise in your AC, it can represent an issue with the fan’s motor.

Typically, when the bearings of the AC fan motor wear out, they produce a screeching noise as soon as you turn on the AC.

Since the damage is irreversible, replacing the fan motor is the only solution to avoid Noise.

3. Clicking Noise

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If you hear a clicking noise from your AC on turning it on, it represents an issue with the wiring of the AC. Especially if you turn the AC, it makes a clicking noise but doesn’t start working.

The electrical issues can involve a faulty thermostat, a poorly working compressor, or a fused capacitor. Instead of resolving the issue on your own, it is advised to report the problem to a specialist for a proper checkup of the unit.

How To Stop AC From Making Loud Noises

To stop loud noises from your AC, you can take the following actions into account. Your air conditioner will thank you for these favors by behaving in a sensible polite way.

Tighten Up the Loose Screws

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The screws inside the air conditioner might loosen over time and produce weird noises. Moreover, they can also make a risk of breaking the machine parts free, leading to more problems in the future.

Take a screwdriver to tighten up the loose screws and save a large problem in the future.

Clean Up the Coil Fins

Aluminum Fins Of Condenser For Air Conditioner.

As dust accumulates over the coil fins, it can deteriorate the performance of your AC over time. Use a brush extension with your vacuum to collect the dust settling over the coil fins.

Straighten Up the Bent Blades

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Since the fan blades help remove the hot air inside the room to be evacuated outside, they can get bents and curls over time due to several factors.

Use a fin comb to straighten up the bent blades carefully. Make sure they are also tightened and not just hanging over the fan.

Clean Up the Junk Inside

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Open the AC at least once every six months for its thorough cleaning. Sometimes, debris and junky items might get stuck inside, deteriorating the AC’s efficiency and producing loud noises.

Regular cleaning can help maintain the health of your AC at its best.

Lubricate the Motor

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AC motor often produces screeching noises as it can get rusty over time. To prevent this issue, oil your AC motor regularly to reduce friction and thus keep it working at a consistent pace.


To stop your AC from making loud noises as you start it, you need to identify where the Noise is coming from and then fix it by taking the right measures.

You can clean up any debris stuck inside the AC, straighten up the bent blades, tighten the loose screws, lubricate the motor, or check for wiring issues within the AC.

If you cannot resolve the issue, it is recommended to seek help from a professional AC repairer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Stop My AC From Making Noise in the Future?

To stop your AC from making fussy noises in the future, you can consider the following measurements:

  • Insert a noise-reducing barrier in your AC
  • Clean the AC regularly
  • Tighten the screws occasionally
  • Keep the fan blades straight

What To Do if My AC Is Still Making Loud Noises?

If your AC keeps making loud noises even after you have taken all precautions, it is recommended to seek help from a professional AC maintenance expert.

Get a proper fixation for your AC before the problem becomes worse.

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