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How To Prevent Wrinkles in Jeans When Drying

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Wrinkles in jeans can be an unwelcome sight. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or dressing down for a casual day, a pair of crisply pressed jeans can make all the difference. But how can you prevent wrinkles in your jeans when drying? This comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your jeans wrinkle-free.


To prevent wrinkles in jeans when drying, wash them with similar weight garments and remove promptly from the washing machine. Shake out each garment and press out any wrinkles before drying. Air dry or tumble dry on a gentle cycle, removing promptly when the cycle is finished. Avoid over-drying and separate heavier fabrics from lighter ones. Finally, fold or hang jeans immediately after drying.

Causes of Wrinkles in Jeans After Drying

Wrinkles in jeans can be caused by several factors during the washing and drying process:

  1. Agitation during washing: The motion of the washing machine can twist, turn, and pull the fabric, leading to wrinkles.
  2. Overloading the dryer: Washing and drying jeans in a single load without other garments can cause wrinkles, as there are no other garments to help retain the jeans’ original shape.
  3. Leaving jeans in the dryer for too long: Wrinkles may re-form if you fail to remove your jeans from the dryer promptly.
  4. Improper sorting of laundry: Mixing heavy items like denim with lightweight fabrics can cause lighter items to be crushed in the washer, leading to more wrinkles.
  5. Incorrect drying cycles: Using the wrong drying cycle can contribute to wrinkling.

Preventive Measures to Take Before Drying Jeans

Before drying your jeans, there are several steps you can take to prevent wrinkles:

  1. Wash jeans with other garments of similar color and weight to help retain their original shape.
  2. Turn your jeans inside out before washing to protect the fabric.
  3. Use cold water and the right amount of soap for washing, as cold water is less damaging to fabrics and helps prevent wrinkles.
  4. Choose a gentle cycle or “permanent press” cycle for washing your jeans.
  5. Remove your jeans from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete.
  6. Untangle and shake out each garment to prevent wrinkles from forming.
  7. Lay your jeans on a flat surface and press out any wrinkles with your hands.

Drying Methods and Their Impact on Wrinkles

Different drying methods can impact the wrinkling of jeans in various ways:

  1. Air Drying: This gentle method can minimize wrinkling if the jeans are hung properly and stretched flat and smooth before hanging. However, air-dried jeans can sometimes become stiff and crunchy, requiring a brief tumble in the dryer on low heat for a couple of minutes to soften and remove wrinkles.
  2. Tumble Drying: This method can cause jeans to wrinkle if they are left in the dryer for too long or if the dryer is overloaded. Over-drying can set wrinkles and creases deep into the fabric, making them difficult to remove. To minimize wrinkling in tumble-dried jeans, it’s essential to remove them promptly from the dryer when the cycle is finished and either hang them up or fold them neatly.

Best Practices for Drying Jeans

To prevent the formation of wrinkles when drying jeans, follow these best practices:

  1. Remove jeans from the dryer promptly: Removing jeans from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished can prevent wrinkles from re-forming.
  2. Use the dryer’s wrinkle-free or permanent press setting: If your dryer has a wrinkle-free or permanent press setting, use it to reduce wrinkles.
  3. Don’t overdry: Overdrying can lead to shrinkage and wrinkles. It’s best to remove cotton garments while they’re damp, hang them up, and let them finish air-drying on a clothes-drying rack.
  4. Separate heavier fabrics from lighter ones: Washing heavier fabrics like denim separately from lighter fabrics like cotton and polyester can help reduce wrinkles.
  5. Shake out jeans after washing: Shaking out jeans after washing can help prevent the fabric from getting stiff and wrinkled.
  6. Fold or hang jeans immediately after drying: Folding or hanging jeans as soon as they’re removed from the dryer can help prevent wrinkling.

Removing Wrinkles from Jeans

If wrinkles do form in your jeans after drying, you can remove them by:

  1. Using the dryer: Place the wrinkled jeans back in the dryer with a damp cloth or a few ice cubes, and run it on high heat for 5-10 minutes. The steam created will help release the wrinkles. Remove the jeans promptly and hang or fold them.
  2. Steaming from the shower: Hang the jeans in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam generated will help relax the fabric and remove wrinkles.
  3. Ironing: If the wrinkles are persistent, you can iron the jeans on a medium heat or “Cotton” setting. Dampen the wrinkled areas with water or white vinegar before ironing to help release the wrinkles.
  4. Using a hairdryer: Hang the jeans and lightly spritz the wrinkles with water. Hold the hairdryer about 2 inches (5 cm) away from the wrinkles on a low setting to help straighten them out.

In conclusion, preventing wrinkles in jeans when drying requires careful handling during washing, drying, and storing. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can keep your jeans looking their best and extend their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use fabric softener to prevent wrinkles in jeans?

Yes, fabric softener can help to reduce wrinkles. It works by coating the fibers of the fabric, making them smoother and less likely to wrinkle. However, it’s important to use fabric softener sparingly, as overuse can lead to residues that might dull the color of your jeans.

Does the type of denim affect how much my jeans wrinkle?

Yes, the type of denim can affect the degree to which your jeans wrinkle. For instance, jeans made from 100% cotton denim are more likely to wrinkle than those made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers like polyester or elastane. The synthetic fibers help the jeans retain their shape and resist wrinkling.

Why should I wash jeans inside out?

Washing jeans inside out protects the outer surface from the abrasive action of the washing machine, which can cause fading and wear. It also helps to prevent any dye transfer from the jeans to other lighter-colored garments in the same wash.

Can I use a clothesline to air dry my jeans?

Yes, you can use a clothesline to air dry your jeans, but be sure to hang them by the waistband rather than the legs to prevent them from stretching out. Also, try to avoid direct sunlight as it can cause colors to fade.

How can I prevent my jeans from shrinking in the dryer?

To prevent jeans from shrinking in the dryer, use the lowest heat setting and don’t overdry them. Removing them while they’re still slightly damp and allowing them to air dry the rest of the way can also help prevent shrinkage.

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