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How To Lower Temperature on a Smart Fridge

A Couple Looking At Their Newly-Bought Smart Fridge

Though refrigerators are standard in kitchens, except for preserving food and making ice, there’s nothing too exciting about a fridge, right?

Well, the introduction of smart fridges has been a huge game-changer.

Smart fridges have a range of additional features that can make your life easier.

If you are a new owner of a smart fridge, it can be intimidating to use some of these features, like remote temperature control.

This article is meant to help reduce the hassle of navigating the features.

We will look at several ways to lower the temperature on your new smart device.


Here are some simple ways to lower the temperature of your new smart fridge:

  • Using the control panel
  • Using the touchscreen display
  • Using the mobile app

In addition, we will look at why a smart fridge is a great addition to your kitchen appliances and some of the unit’s features.

What Is a Smart Fridge?

A Couple Looking At The Smart Fridge

You might wonder why you should get a smart refrigerator rather than a standard unit.

You can still get fresh vegetables and ice on a hot day. Smart fridges do the same thing traditional units do, but better.

Smart refrigerators are also referred to as “Internet fridges.” They are programmed to keep track of all your stored items without opening the door.

If you are running low on supplies, the appliance will alert you over a web-based interface on its display panel, phone, or tablet.

Features of a Smart Fridge

A Man Generating A Shopping List Through A Phone App Connected To The Smart Fridge

Smart fridges have high-tech features added to improve their functionality.

While the unit’s model and brand can vary, let us look at some features common to most appliances.

Helpful Tip

The user manual can come in handy if you are having trouble with your fridge’s control or finding a unit’s feature.

Additionally, you can also check online or contact customer care for help.

1. Remote Control

Man Using His Phone To Control The Fridge

Smart fridges can connect to the internet. They use Wi-Fi Direct technology that links the unit to other devices.

Are you worried that food might go bad? Most smart refrigerators have mobile apps that let you connect to the unit and give you full or partial control.

You can use your phone or tablet to lower the unit’s temperature or increase ice production for your summer parties.

Furthermore, the app also has a diagnosis feature that alerts you if the unit runs into issues or is not working optimally.

You can easily reset the unit to clear out errors, even if you are still in the office.

2. Touchscreen/Voice Control

Man Holding The Groceries While Using The Voice Control Feature Of The Smart Fridge

Some smart refrigerator models have a huge touchscreen display on the unit’s front panel.

The touchscreen interface is easy to use and gives you access to the unit’s control settings and other features.

With the display, you can watch your favorite movie, save your recipes, or create a to-do list.

Furthermore, some smart units also have a voice control feature.

The interactive voice technology can be activated using the app or other smart home devices connected to the network.

You can quickly issue commands to the unit. The refrigerator will dispense ice or even close the door if you leave it open.

3. Inventory Management

Woman Checking The Grocery List On Her Phone

Another helpful feature of smart refrigerators is inventory management, making them good personal assistants.

Instead of keeping track of your food items, these units will do that for you. They monitor the food and drinks in the compartments.

Sometimes, you can even record expiration reminders for the items.

When you run low on supplies or if items are close to expiration, you will get an alert on your phone or tablet.

4. Built-In Cameras

A Man Tracking The Food On The Fridge Through His Phone

Additionally, some models also have cameras inside the fridge that help you keep track of food remotely.

Using the mobile app, you can check your fridge compartments and determine what you need to buy at the grocery store.

5. Smart Home Integration

A Man Using The Alexa App

Lastly, some refrigerators also take it further and connect to other smart home devices.

You can effortlessly command your unit using virtual voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

3 Ways To Lower Temperature on a Smart Refrigerator

Now that you know some of the valuable features of your fridge, let us look at how you can take advantage of some of them to control the unit’s temperature.

There are three easy and quick ways to lower the temperature of your smart refrigerator:

1. Using the Control Panel

Smart Fridge Control Panel

For smart fridges like the LG and Kenmore, without a touchscreen display, you can lower the temperature in the compartments by using the control panel.

The panel is either located at the front of the fridge or inside the unit, around the compartment frames.

By pressing the “Freezer” or “Fridge” (or “Refrigerator”) buttons, you can lower the freezer or fridge’s temperature to your preference.

Various models have different procedures to regulate temperature using the control panel. Always consult the user manual first if you are unsure.

2. Using the Display Panel

Man Near The Display Panel Of The Smart Fridge

Additionally, the touchscreen display of some smart fridge models can be used to lower the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartments.

Swipe through the menu until you find the control temperature settings. You can adjust the temperature to your desired settings by tapping the arrows up or down.

3. Using the Mobile App

Man Using A Mobile App To Control Appliances At Home

Lastly, you can also use the app on your phone or tablet to remotely lower the temperature of your smart unit.

Make sure you download the app compatible with your refrigerator. When you launch the app, navigate the unit’s temperature settings.

Once you adjust and save the freezer and refrigerator temperatures, the app will remotely send a command to the appliance, and the new settings will be saved.


If you are having trouble lowering the temperature of your smart fridge, most units have a control panel at the front or along their frames.

The panel should have “Freezer” and “Fridge” buttons that adjust the temperature to your specifications.

Likewise, for those smart units with a touchscreen display, you can use the interface to lower their temperature.

When you get to the display, navigate the temperature control settings, and tap on the arrows to make the adjustments.

Lastly, you can use a mobile or tablet app to lower the unit’s temperature.

The app remotely connects to the fridge, and the appliance automatically saves any temperature settings adjusted on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Lower the Temperature of the Freezer in a Smart Refrigerator?

Depending on your smart fridge, there are several ways to lower the freezer’s temperature.

For units with a control panel, you can use the “Freezer” button to set the desired temperature.

For smart units with a touchscreen display, you can use the screen to adjust the setting and further cool the freezer.

You can also use the mobile app compatible with your smart fridge to remotely adjust the freezer’s temperature.

What Temperature Should Your Fridge Be On?

The best temperature settings for your fridge should be between 37°F and 40°F. This temperature is ideal for keeping your food fresh while preventing it from getting frozen.

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