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What Does “eDry” Mean on a Dryer?


Eco-dry is often referred to as e-dry. You will see this option often on many modern dryer machines. They are known to make laundry an environment-friendly task by offering optimum energy efficiency.


Eco-dry option enables you to save energy by operating on lower heat levels, but it takes two to three times longer to dry the clothes than a regular dryer.

Let’s quickly dive into some essential factors that you would need to understand:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Time consumption
  • Performance
  • Temperature setting

Despite constant buzz on the topic in the technological world, a layman is still confused regarding how eco-drying works and if it is worth buying. We’ll have to closely look at eco-drying and understand its associated factors to have a more profound sense of the matter.

Take this 5-minute read to dig deeper.

4 Factors Associated With Eco-Drying

Eco-drying option is nowadays available on almost all modern and latest dryers. They are very easy to operate. The whole process of using this mode is discussed later in this blog.

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look at the factors that affect clothes drying with this setting.

1. Energy Efficient


Eco-drying option is highly energy efficient when saving the extra motor energy of a dryer.

Moreover, it is also environment-friendly, which means it causes a minimum amount of pollution compared with regular dryers that consume maximum energy and pollute the environment.

This is a blessing in disguise for the people who love nature and want to play their part in making the world a better place to live.

2. Time Consumption


The only major drawback of this technology is that it consumes more time than the regular dryer mode.

If a regular dryer takes 10 minutes to dry a piece of clothing, an eco-friendly dryer will take at least 30 minutes to do the same.

An eco-friendly dryer takes less energy to operate, which means its motor will rotate slower, eventually making clothes dry for a more extended time.

3. Performance


Many would argue that even after taking three times the time taken by a regular dryer, the eco-friendly dryer mode cannot perfectly make the clothes dry.

To make them 100% dry, you might have to have another drying cycle which will raise serious concerns about their energy efficiency.

On the other hand, many people have also witnessed optimum performance and the same results from this mode as in the regular dryer.

Many self-reports and experiments have suggested that there is at least 3.5% energy saved through the eco-dryer method.

4. Temperature Setting


The eco-dryer mode works by decreasing the core temperature that is set to operate a dryer.

When the dryer works on lower heat, it rotates slower, uses less energy, and takes more time to complete a task.

How To Use the Eco Mode


Turning the eco-dryer mode on and off is as easy as clicking a button.

Every dryer machine has a dashboard where this feature is mentioned as either an “eco-dry” or an “e-dry” option.

You will want to press the button to turn on this mode.

Similarly, if you want to do something quickly when you are short on time, you can turn this mode off simply by clicking on the same button again and turning it off.

The Bottom Line

If you love the environment and want to live a socially responsible life, there is nothing better than an eco-dryer to do your laundry.

However, you should also not ignore how this feature affects other factors associated with eco-drying. It takes more time than regular drying, and it might also affect the overall results.

Therefore, make sure that you take a wise and well-informed decision before buying such a dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eco-Dry Good?

Yes, it can be a lovely option for people who love to add to the environment in one way or another. But, for the ones who want fast results, it might not be an excellent option.

How To Turn Off the Eco-Dry Option on My Dryer

It is as simple as clicking a button.

You will need to press again the same button that turned this mode on. Different brands might have separate controls for the same purpose.

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