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How To Reset Sunbeam Microwave

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Changing the instructions on a Sunbeam microwave can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. You can easily over-run the wrong instruction by putting the right one in through reset setting options.

We’ll shortly explore how exactly to do the soft or hard reset a microwave to cook a dish of our choice in the most systemic and energy-efficient way possible.


To solve all major and minor issues with a microwave oven, you can reset it in two ways:

  1. Soft Reset: To undo recent instructions
  2. Hard Reset: To deal with other software bugs

Both of these are discussed in detail in this blog.

Sunbeam microwave ovens can make your life extremely easy and happening, but, like all other machines, it is also prone to getting errors.

The easiest and most effective way of solving the errors about ovens is practicing a reset.

Reset Options for a Sunbeam Microwave

There are two options when it comes to resetting a microwave. They are as follows:

  1. Soft Reset
  2. Hard Reset

1. Soft Reset

Woman's Hands Closing Microwave Oven Door And Preparing Food In Microwave

When cooking or warming something in an oven, you can make a mistake in putting the right time, food code, or power option into the microwave.

To cancel out these small mistakes, you will need to undo your instruction on the device. This is what a soft reset is. You will reset the device for a short time concerning the short instruction changes you want to make.

The soft reset process is as simple as clicking the cancel/off button on the microwave.

As soon as you click this button, the instruction will be undone, and you will be asked to out new instructions on the device. This time, you can put the correct values and proceed with your cooking.

2. Hard Reset

Using The Microwave To Heat Food

Sometimes, your microwave will bump into software malfunction issues and other grave instructional errors.

To undo or overcome these errors, you will need to do something more powerful than a soft or hard reset.


A hard reset will bring your microwave back to the factory default settings and erase all the saved information, codes, time or peaceful settings, and food recipes in your oven.

Therefore, make sure you have a backup of all the important data you have saved in the device to use in the future for customizing the settings again.

Hard reset is a little more complicated as opposed to soft reset; here’s the complete process of the hard reset:

Step 1: Cut Off the Power Supply

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Do not press all the buttons out of anxiety or tension when you have put in the wrong instruction. Instead, wait, take a deep breath, and cut off the power supply of the microwave by taking the plug out of the socket.

Step 2: Reconnect It to the Power

A Male Hand Is Pushing A Switch On A Wall Socket

After cutting the power off, wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes and let the microwave relax and cool down. After the said time, plug it back in the socket and ensure it’s on power.

Step 3: Set the Clock

Microwave Timer

The Sunbeam ovens have a 12-hour format installed in them. If you do not want the clock time to always show on your microwave, touch on the “reset” tab and continue.

If you want to set the time, touch the “clock” tab and click the numbers to register the time. Once the time has been entered, touch on the “clock” again to confirm your time.

When you want to check the time while cooking, click o the “clock” tab, and you will get the exact time. It will help you a lot when cooking for a deadline.

Step 4: Set the Timer

Close Up Of Modern Built-In Oven With Coking Timer On Display

Now you will want to put the cooking time for your dish. Click on the “timer” option and press the number keys to input the time. Then press the “timer” option again to confirm it. Then press the “start/cancel” option to start the cooking.

If you enter the wrong time again, go to the “timer” tab, press “reset,” and put the right timer gain using the number keys.

Step 5: Press the Start Button

Finger Pushing Start Button On The Microwave Oven

Lastly, you will want to press the “start/cancel” button to get your cooking started. Wait for the time you have set the timer for. An in-built alarm will go off as soon as your timer hits zero. This is an indication to get the food out. Enjoy your delicious meal!


Solving the issue of putting in the wrong food code or power option can be as simple as hitting the “cancel” button called the soft reset.

On the other hand, you will need to cut off the power supply, restart your microwave, and then re-enter the clock and timer values to do a hard reset. This option helps you cancel the information you saved in your microwave by mistake.

This will overrule the previous instructions and will help you re-enter new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Waiting Mode on Sunbeam Microwave?

When you are using waiting mode, pressing the “+30SEC” button will enable you to enter the cooking time without using the knob.

However, in cooking mode, this tab allows you to add the already entered cooking time up to 90 minutes.

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