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How To Defrost a Neff Fridge Freezer

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Defrosting is something that is common in all fridges when they keep running for weeks to months without cleaning. Finally, when the cleaning day comes, the frosting has reached an anxiety-causing level.

In this blog, we will tell you how to defrost your Neff fridge freezer in the quickest, most efficient, and easiest way possible.


You must follow an easy five-step routine to defrost your fridge freezer. Here’s a flash forward of the process:

  1. Empty the Freezer
  2. Cut Off the Power
  3. Let the Ice Melt
  4. Use Your Solution
  5. Refill the Freezer

The best way to do a complicated and huge task is to divide it into smaller steps or milestones. This makes the process easier to understand and effortless to follow. We’ll take you through such bite-size steps to get done with defrosting at your earliest.

The Easy 5-Step Method To Defrost a Neff Fridge Freezer

We have a lazy-proof method for you to defrost your freezer in just five easy steps. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into this process:

Step 1: Empty the Freezer

An Empty Freezer Of A Refrigerator

The first step is emptying the freezer. It might sound simple, but it is a bit complicated. You will need to arrange temporary storage for all the supplies that are there in the freezer.

You can use a cooler for this purpose. However, it can easily take you more than 24 hours to get done with the process. Therefore, make sure you have enough ice to keep your goods stay in good condition in the cooler for at least a day.

Furthermore, you can take your friend’s or neighbor’s help and request them to store your stuff in their freezer for just a day.

Now, to end this step, take out all the shelves, racks, and storage boxes installed in the fridge.

Step 2: Cut Off the Power

Hand Switching Light Power Switch On Or Off.

I’m calling it a personal safety step. Now, you would want to save your life first and then move ahead. Cut off the power supply by detaching the switch of the fridge from the socket installed on the wall.

This will make sure that you don’t get fried when trying to clean the freezer with your water-based cleaning solution.

Step 3: Let the Ice Melt

Frost In The Fridge

Next, let the time take over from there. Open the freezer doors and let it be like that for as long as the ice melts.

It can take as long as 24 hours or sometimes less, depending on the amount of frosting present in the freezer.


To speed up this process, you can use a fan that blows warm air. It will melt the ice faster and saves you many hours.

When you have waited for enough time, and the ice has melted, it’s time you move to the next step.

Step 4: Use Your Solution

A Cleaning Lady Washes The Freezer. Cleaning The Refrigerator.

It’s time you make your customized cleaning solution that will work like magic.

To make the special cleaning solution, take warm water and mild soap in it. Have a sponge or soft cloth by your side and use it to apply this solution and clean the inside of the freezer.

Make sure you reach all the ends of the freezer and thoroughly clean the stains on the walls of the freezer if any.

Follow it with a dry cloth or towel that will soak up the remaining moisture from the solution. It is to ensure that the liquid from the solution doesn’t freeze on the walls of your freezer.

Step 5: Refill the Freezer

Woman Placing Container With Frozen Mixed Vegetables In Refrigerator.

This is the recovery step. In the final step, you will place the racks and shelves back and make sure they are secured.

Lastly, take your supplies from the cooler and refill your freezer with them.

Organize things properly to get rid of spills and frequent stains. If you don’t follow proper organization, your fridge will start to frost again pretty soon.


All you need o do to follow a quick defrosting of your freezer is follow five simple steps. The process starts with emptying your freezer, and the second step entails cutting off the power supply of the fridge.

Next, in the third step, you will want to let the ice melt and wait for it to happen naturally.

In the fourth step, you use your special cleaning solution and follow it with the last step of refilling the freezer and reconnecting it back to the power supply. Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Methods To Speed Up the Defrosting Process of My Freezer?

You can use hot or boiling water, place it in the freezer, and keep its door open. This will quickly melt the ice through steam. You can also use a warm fan for the same purpose.

What To Not Do When Defrosting a Freezer?

Never use a sharp object like a knife, ice pick, or fork to defrost manually because it can cause permanent damage to your fridge, leaving you with a bigger problem.

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