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GE Dishwasher Light Blinking/Flashing

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The blinking lights on a standard GE dishwasher help to communicate any issues with the machine to its user.

However, understanding what each blink means can confuse the average person.

For example, whenever these blinking lights accompany the machine’s refusal to start, it may need urgent repairs.

But how can you tell this is the case and not a simple issue you can fix at home? This article will answer this query and a few more.

  • If your GE dishwasher blinks light and refuses to start, the latch might be broken, or the door is still open. The light may also blink because the dishwasher control is locked or the appliance is undergoing a reset.
  • Whenever the light for the clean button blinks, it means that the machine’s heating element is malfunctioning.
  • If the ‘sanitize’ light on your GE dishwasher blinks, it indicates the water in the dishwasher is not hot enough to wash the soap off properly.
  • Whenever the Wi-Fi light blinks, there is a connectivity issue.
  • When all the light on your GE dishwasher blinks, chances are that the machine has run into a hardware error.

Below, we will consider some reasons your GE dishwasher may blink light and recommend some ways to troubleshoot the issue.

There are many explanations for your dishwasher blinking light and refusing to start. Below, we consider some of them:

1. A Broken Latch

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Generally, opening your GE dishwasher during a dishwashing cycle causes the start light to blink. This is because your actions have interrupted the cycle, and the lights indicate such.

But you can continue the dishwashing cycle by pushing the start button after you close the door. The only problem is when the start light flashes and the dishwasher refuses to come on.

In that case, there may be a problem with the dishwashing system.

The first culprit to look at is the dishwasher door latch. A broken latch signals the system that the door is still open, even after closing it.

If you suspect that this is the case, you may need to get the latch replaced. Otherwise, keep reading for other possible explanations for why your GE dishwasher blinks and won’t start.

2. The Door Is Still Open

Woman Closing Dishwasher's Door In The Kitchen

It is easy to manic whenever you notice your GE dishwasher blinking lights. But sometimes, it does not mean the operating system has a serious problem.

The problem may be something as simple as leaving the door open. For example, the light may blink if you close the door halfway through without checking if it shuts properly.

You should typically hear the latch connecting when you close your dishwasher door. If you do not hear the sound and the start light blinks continuously, check if you closed the door properly.

3. Locked Dishwasher Control

Woman Choosing Eco Mode Program On The Digital Control Panel Of The Dishwasher

Another reason why your GE dishwasher lights blink may be because the control panel is locked. Any operative button you click on your dishwashing machine will not work whenever this happens.

As a result, you will have to unlock the control panel before you can use the machine again. In that case, click the lock button twice and wait for the blinking light to go off.

Some models do not have a dedicated lock button and, instead, feature a “Heated Dry” or “Steam” button. If this is the case with your machine, then the procedure is different.

With these machines, you only need to push the Heated Dry or Steam button until you hear a beeping sound. Do not let go until the blinking lights go off.

4. Resetting the Dishwasher

Control Panel Dishwashers

Apart from the circumstances we discussed earlier, your GE dishwasher lights may blink while the machine resets. You can tell this happens whenever the lights blink steadily on and off.

Your dishwasher may rest if you cancel its current cycle by pressing the start button for about three seconds.

As it readies itself for a new cycle, all the water inside drains for about 90 seconds. Then, it reverts to standby.

While all this happens, you cannot use the dishwasher, and the lights will flash to warn you.

Avoid pushing any more buttons, opening the door, or switching off the power switch to stop the process. Instead, allow the reset to run its course, and only after then will the blinking stop.

Why Is the Clean Light on My GE Dishwasher Blinking?

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Apart from the start button, other commands on your GE dishwasher have lights that blink whenever there is a problem. One of these is the clean button.

Whenever the light for the clean button blinks, it means that the machine’s heating element is malfunctioning. For you to better understand this issue, let us explain how heating works with the GE dishwasher.

Before every clean cycle starts, the dishwashing machine heats the water to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The aim is to get the water to the right temperature to thoroughly wipe the detergent from the dishes.

Another reason is that the hot water helps to prepare the dishes for drying. When there is insufficient water, the detergent will not dissolve properly and stick to the plates.

In that case, the dishes are still dirty and will not dry properly. So, if you notice that the water temperature falls to reach a certain degree, there may be an issue with the inbuilt heating system.

It may sometimes mean that the heating coil is damaged and needs replacement. But before you take any action, inspect the heating section from the bottom part of the machine.

Check for the resistance level of its heating element using a multimeter. Connect the multimeter to both sides of the heating element after turning off the power, and wait for a reading.

The multimeter should read between 0 and 50 ohms at its lowest settings. But if it shows no reading, the heating element is faulty and needs replacement.

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Remember what we said about the water in the dishwasher not being hot enough to wash the soap off properly?

The dishwasher can tell when this water is not hot enough, and the “sanitize” light blinks when this happens.

The simple interpretation is that the water cannot effectively sanitize the dishes, as the requirement is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heating element may be broken whenever this happens, preventing the water from getting hot.

Or that the thermistor is damaged and sending wrong signals, that the water is not hot enough to sanitize the dishes properly.

You can inspect these components yourself if you are good with your hands. Otherwise, get an expert to look at them and determine if they need replacement.

What Does a Blinking Lock Light Mean?

Dishwasher Controls For Setting Machine In Kitchen

Understanding what a blinking lock light means depends on your GE dishwasher model. For some models, the lock light blinks whenever the child lock feature is activated.

This child lock feature causes the controls and buttons on the dishwasher to become unresponsive. As such, when you push them, they refuse to function.

But don’t panic and try to reboot the system. Instead, first, check whether the child lock feature is enabled.

What Does a Blinking Wi-Fi Light Mean?

Woman Choosing Eco Mode Program On The Digital Control Panel Of The Dishwasher

Modern GE dishwasher models have a WI-Fi feature that allows you to control the machine with your smartphone.

But sometimes, this feature may have connectivity issues, and the Wi-Fi light will blink to inform you.

Whenever you notice this light blinking, reconnect your dishwasher to the Wi-Fi network by following these steps:

  • First, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and ‘forget’ the dishwasher connection.
  • Next, locate the ‘Power Dry’ and ‘Wash Temp’ buttons and press them until it refreshes.
  • At this point, the display should read ‘ready to connect.’
  • Once you see this, push the ‘Start’ button.
  • After this, reconnect your dishwasher to the internet, following the guidelines on the display screen.
  • The right network and password will also appear on the display screen for an easier connection.
Plates With Water For A Dishwasher

Sometimes all the lights on your dishwasher may blink at once, making the issue difficult to interrupt. However, one possible reason for this issue is that the machine has run into a hardware error.

The machine will remain that way until you take steps to resolve them. If your model features a display, you can easily interpret the error codes from the manual or manufacturer’s website.

Below are some of the common error codes with the GE dishwashers and what they mean:

  • Cup Open (means that the detergent cup is open)
  • C1 (means that the drainage is taking too much time)
  • C3 (means that the dishwasher is refusing to drain)
  • C6 (indicates low water temperature)
  • C7 (means that the thermistor is unresponsive)
  • PrS (indicates that the pressure sensor is unresponsive)
  • PF (means there is a power failure, run a fresh cycle to fix this)


Some of the highlighted issues that may cause your GE dishwasher to blink are things you can fix without help. We provided some guidelines to help you troubleshoot these problems at home.

Sometimes all it takes is resetting your dishwasher, disconnecting the power, and turning it back on. But if the issue is more complex, you may need to call an expert or contact GE directly.

Got further queries about your GE dishwasher? Check our response to some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My GE Beep Every Few Seconds?

The door may be open if your dishwasher beeps every thirty seconds, especially during a washing cycle. The beeping sound is a notification, reminding you to close the door.

Another likely cause is a power surge or electric malfunction, but nothing a quick reset cannot fix.

What Causes a GE Dishwasher Not To Drain?

Using the wrong type and quantity of detergent can cause suds to form, clogging the system. These clogs, in return, prevent the dishwasher from draining.

Why Does My Dishwasher Not Fill With Water?

The reason may be that the water supply is off or the water line valve is closed. If you check and none of these apply, check that the flood float is not stuck.

But if the problem continues, some dishwasher components need replacement.

What Causes Poor Performance in GE Dishwashers?

Your dishwasher will not work properly if the water is not hot enough. Another possible cause is if there is an issue with the water pressure.

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