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How Much More Energy Efficient Are New Air Conditioners?

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New air conditioners are better than their predecessors in several ways.

They are more advanced, efficient, and environment-friendly. Remember the old days when keeping your AC turned on for a long time was more like a dream because of high energy bills?

Thanks to the advanced technology, the recent AC models are light on your pocket while delivering superior performance.

Are you trying to switch to a new air conditioner and wondering how energy efficient the new ones are?


The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is the most critical component for determining an air conditioner unit’s energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the more environment-friendly the AC unit is.

The older models had a SEER rating of 8-9, while the recent models have a rating of 20-26, making them more energy efficient. That means newer models use 30-50% less energy than older versions.

Are you still stuck with your old AC unit? Read further as we discuss why new air conditioners are more energy efficient.

How Much More Energy Efficient Are New Air Conditioners?

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When it comes to energy efficiency, several factors play a part. As mentioned earlier, the SEER rating is the key factor in determining energy efficiency.

The new AC units with higher SEER ratings use 30%-50% less energy than their older versions from the mid-70s.

Even if your AC unit is only 10 years old, you can save up to 20% of your energy by replacing it with a new one.

4 Reasons Why New Air Conditioners Are More Energy Efficient

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With each passing day, technology is also advancing, providing more efficient solutions. The new AC units are more energy efficient as they use more sophisticated technology for cooling.

Furthermore, the smaller size and refrigerant used in the unit also play a key role.

Here are a few reasons why your new AC unit is more environment-friendly.

1. Higher SEER Rating

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To understand SEER rating in a better way, let’s discuss the two key factors that help in determining it:

  • British Thermal Unit: the amount of heat removed from the air to cool it down
  • Required Energy: the energy consumed by the unit in watt-hours for cooling the air

You can calculate the SEER rating of your air conditioner by dividing the BTU by the total energy required.

The new air conditioners have a higher SEER rating, meaning they remove more heat from the air while consuming less energy.

2. Smaller Sizes

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The older air conditioners were huge because everybody believed that the higher power consumption a unit has, the more efficient it will be.

Indeed those oversized units were high in performance, but so was the electricity bill. They would cool down your house too quickly, resulting in short cycling.

The new AC units are designed by keeping the size and power consumption in mind.

Today, you will see units in relatively smaller sizes with adequate power consumption that prevents short cycling hence reasonable bills.

3. Type of Refrigerant

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Refrigerant is a chemical compound that converts hot air into cold by passing it through compressors and evaporators.

The old AC units used R-22 refrigerant that had ozone-destroying properties.

Since 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has banned the production and distribution of R-22, and the newer AC units are using R-454b refrigerant, which has lower global warming potential.

A more environment-friendly and power-efficient refrigerant makes the newer AC units more energy efficient.

4. Thermostat Settings


The old AC units had an analog thermostat that worked on the principle of thermal expansion.

These devices were limited to only controlling your home’s temperature without offering any other energy-saving solution.

The new and advanced thermostat devices regulate the temperature.

Furthermore, they also do energy tracking and usage monitoring to provide you with the most efficient energy-saving solution.


No matter how sturdy and efficient your old air conditioner is, you still need to replace it due to high power consumption.

New AC units are more powerful with sophisticated technology that provides good results with lower energy bills.

As a consumer and a resident of this plant, we must leave a lesser carbon imprint and use more energy-efficient appliances.

So, get up and change your old AC unit to save 20%-40% of your energy consumption.

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