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Why Is My Thermostat in Recovery Mode?

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Why is your thermostat in recovery mode? Is there something wrong with my HVAC? Should I ask an expert for help?

Recovery word looks intimidating as if your thermostat has gone through a problem and is now recovering from it. But it is not a harmful thing.

It is a safety feature in new thermostats that helps your HVAC to be more energy efficient.


There are three main reasons your thermostat can go into recovery mode:

  • Recovery mode is enabled
  • Change in thermostat settings
  • Thermostat malfunctioning

Before you start panicking about why your thermostat displays recovery mode, read further to know more about it.

What Is Recovery Mode?

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Before we dig into why your thermostat is in recovery mode, we must know what a recovery mode is and whether it is good or bad.

A recovery mode is a feature on a programmable thermostat that indicates your thermostat is adjusting to your home temperature.

You will usually see your thermostat in recovery mode after being off or in energy-efficient mode.

Recovery mode also enables a few hours before your thermostat has to achieve a newer temperature.

The thermostat will start running on recovery mode to gradually raise or lower the temperature.

To understand it better, let’s take an example if you have set your thermostat to reach 70 F at 8 o clock.

The thermostat will switch to recovery mode around 6 or 7 o clock to gradually adjust the room temperature to 70F.

It is an energy-efficient feature that achieves the desired temperature without excess energy.

3 Reasons Why Your Thermostat Is in Recovery Mode

Don’t worry if your thermostat is constantly going into recovery mode; read further to know the reason and its solution:

1. Recovery Mode Is Enabled

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If you have enabled recovery mode on your system, your thermostat will enter the mode a few hours before reaching the desired temperature.

It will help the thermostat to reach the desired temperature without using excessive energy.

How To Fix It?

A recovery mode is a good energy-efficient feature. However, if you do not require it, go to your thermostat settings and disable recovery mode.

2. Change in Thermostat Settings

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Sometimes your thermostat can go into recovery mode without your knowledge. The advanced thermostat has a smart feature that automatically changes settings according to the patterns it notices.

It will help the thermostat reach the desired temperature without excessive energy.

How To Fix It?

You can readjust the temperature and mode settings to make things work according to your choice.

3. Thermostat Malfunctioning

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If your thermostat is not working properly, it won’t efficiently adjust to the given settings timely, and that can enable recovery mode randomly.

For example, suppose you have set your thermostat to reach 80 F at 9 am, and your thermostat is not working correctly.

In that case, it might delay randomly reaching that temperature, enabling your recovery mode.

How To Fix It?

If you suspect a problem with your thermostat, it is better to call an HVAC expert to check and get it replaced if needed.


Smart thermostats have several functions that can help your HVAC perform more efficiently while saving energy.

The best thing is to carefully read the thermostat manual to use all the features best and make your life more affordable and easier.

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