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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Making Noise?

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a useful electrically operated device that helps grind your food. It allows for a clean and fast way to remove waste and its odor. Garbage disposal does make noise while grinding waste, but that’s pretty normal.

But sometimes, you hear a strange rattling or humming noise from your disposal while dishwashing, and that’s a sign of trouble.


There are several reasons why your garbage disposal makes noise. A few common ones are:

  • Something gets stuck inside the chamber.
  • The motor bearings are broken.
  • The flywheel is clogged.

Some reasons are manageable and can be fixed, while others require you to replace the motor or the appliance.

If you are worried about the noise from your garbage disposal and don’t know what to do, read further.

This article will guide you about why your garbage disposal is making noise. We will also share ways to fix the problem to make things easier for you.

Reasons Why Garbage Disposal Makes Noise

1. Something Is Stuck in the Unit

Something Is Stuck In The Unit

The most common reason garbage disposal makes noise is if something sticky like potato peels or corn husk gets stuck inside the unit.

Plastic toys, broken glass, food bones, and silverware can also accidentally go in the garbage disposal while dishwashing. These things are hard to grind, resulting in rattling noise.


You are lucky if this is the case, as its solution is very easy. All you need to do is unplug the disposal and carefully look for things stuck in the chamber.

Once you find out the culprit, carefully pull it out. Don’t rush, as you can damage the blades.


The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your house as it contains food scraps and traces of stale food.

Always wear gloves while examining your garbage disposal or use tongs to ensure health and safety.

2. Disposal Blades Are Worn Out

Checking Disposal Blades

Most garbage disposal blades last for five years. If you have an old garbage disposal making noise, the blades are probably damaged and need replacement.


An expert can look at your disposal and decide whether the blades are replaceable or if you need to get a garbage disposal.

3. Blades Are Jammed Up

Food Scraps

Another common reason for garbage disposal noise is the blades getting jammed up. There are several reasons why your blades can get stuck.

Sticky food scraps can usually get stuck in the blades, making them stop moving. It is better to run water while the disposal is running to help eliminate any unwanted food waste stuck in your disposal.


Use the offset wrench that comes with your garbage disposal, or try an Allen wrench. Insert it into the flywheel hole at the bottom of your unit and twist it clockwise; you will feel the impeller moving freely.


Suppose you hear a strange noise from your disposal but cannot figure out why. It is better to turn it off as using the garbage disposal in such a condition can cause further damage to the machine.

4. Motor Bearings Are Broken

Checking The Motor

The motor bearing of the disposal can get damaged with time. In that case, you will hear a squealing noise. It is better to immediately turn your machine off and ask for an expert’s opinion.


The motor bearing is an irreplaceable part of the appliance. You can get an expert opinion, but mostly garbage disposal with worn-out machinery needs a replacement.

5. Loose Screws and Pipe

Tightening Of Screws And Pipe

The installation of garbage disposal involves screws which can also start rattling if they are loose. It is better to check the screws and the pipe of the garbage disposal if you cannot find any reason for the rattling noise. Primarily due to grinding motion, the screws also start making harmless noises.


If you find a loose screw, it is better to fix it, as it can cause leaks. They can also harm the blades if, by accident, it falls inside the chamber.

The noise due to loose screws are harmless, but taking precautions and checking everything is necessary.

Tips to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your garbage disposal working efficiently:

  • Add ice cubes to the garbage disposal twice a month to clean the residue.
  • Do not throw eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit pits, and bones inside the garbage disposal.
  • Regularly check for rusting and get it fixed for maximum performance.


Garbage disposal is an electric kitchen appliance that can cause noise for several reasons. As they say, prevention is better than cure. You must prevent throwing harmful things in the disposal to keep it working correctly.

If your disposal makes noises, check for jammed impellers and sticky food stuck in the blades, or call a professional to inspect your disposal.

Never operate a faulty garbage disposal, as it can permanently harm the appliance. Regularly maintaining and cleaning your garbage disposal will definitely add up to its lifespan.

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