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When To Replace Refrigerator Water Line

Refrigerator Water Line

The water dispenser and ice maker are two of the most innovative features a refrigerator can have. This convenient feature is made possible by a water line that feeds clean water from your tap to your fridge.

However, this water line may succumb to the usual damages associated with constant exposure to moisture.

So expect that you might have to replace your refrigerator’s water line after a few years. But when exactly should you do it?

Here’s how to know.

  1. A refrigerator’s water line may need to be replaced if it’s leaking, blocked, or contaminated.
  2. Experts recommend replacing the water line after three to five years, regardless of whether it’s damaged.
  3. Keeping tabs on the status of your water line can help prevent more serious problems and keep water quality safe and clean.

The mineral build-up, cracks, leaks, and blockages are some reasons you might have to replace the water line. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to wait for these issues to get out of hand before you take action.

Replacing a water line before major problems can save you time, effort, and headaches.

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Refrigerator’s, Water Line

Some of these signs include:

1. Excessive Leakage

Excessive Leakage

There are lots of reasons why your refrigerator might leak. It could be frozen condenser coils or a damaged door gasket. But if you notice a persistent leak that leaves a perpetual puddle under your fridge, there might be a problem with your water line.

Cracks and breaks in an old water line will cause water to drip under your fridge constantly. So you’ll notice that your refrigerator might have a wet spot underneath that continues to grow and spread without apparent cause.

2. Severe Blockage


You’ll know that your water line is blocked if water flow from the dispenser is significantly reduced. This could indicate a blockage somewhere in the water line, preventing clean water from flowing freely through the system.

Mineral deposits can line the inner surfaces of your water line. There could also be a build-up of other contaminants blocking the way.

While it is possible to clean the blockage, replacing the line guarantees clean water free of stagnant contamination.

3. Odd Taste in Ice and Water

Odd Taste Ice And Water

Does your refrigerator dispense odd-tasting ice and water? That might signify that it’s time to replace your water line.

Although most water lines sold on the market use material that resists bacteria build-up, they can’t keep it from happening entirely.

Constant moisture attracts bacteria and microbes. So over time, your water line may become a breeding ground for these dangerous contaminants.

With that, any water that passes through the line may become infused with a strange taste.

4. Lapsed Lifespan

Lapsed Lifespan

When you get your refrigerator plumbing installed, you might be instructed to replace the water line once every three to five years. This is the standard lifespan of refrigerator water lines.

So it’s important to keep tabs on the years to ensure you replace your water line when its time is up.

Even if your line isn’t showing any signs of damage or malfunction, as long as it has passed its lifespan, see that you make that replacement. There’s no need to wait for problems before you decide to take action.


With added features comes added responsibility. For example, while the water and ice dispenser feature on your fridge might add to its convenience, it also means that you need to put extra effort into maintaining it.

Keep an eye on your water line to watch for potential damages. Replacing it just in time can prevent more serious repairs and keep your water clean and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Fridge Water Line Made Of?

The tube can be made of copper, braided steel, or plastic. However, most experts recommend choosing copper. Despite its slightly more expensive price tag, it provides a more durable, long-lasting performance.

Can I Replace My Fridge Water Line?

Yes, you can. Manufacturers know that the water line is one of the parts of a fridge that might need routine replacement. That’s why they make the process of replacing one fairly simple.

You can check your refrigerator manual to find out how to replace the water line for your specific model.

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