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Why Does My Roomba Keep Stopping?

Man Hand Activating The Roomba Irobot Vacuum Cleaner From The Application

Having a clean house without lifting a finger is a dream, and thanks to Roomba, this dream is a reality now.

The efficient robot vacuum cleaner cleans the house without asking for any assistance or help.

However, things can get problematic if your Roomba starts randomly stopping. It can hinder the cleaning process and cause an added hassle at home.


Your Roomba can stop working due to several reasons. Some causes are easily diagnosed and solved at home, while others require expert attention.

Here are a few of them:

  • Faulty battery
  • Dirty Roomba
  • Hardware Failure

If you are at your wit’s end for dealing with a Roomba that stops randomly, read further to know the possible reasons and how to fix it.

6 Reasons Roomba Keeps Stopping

Roomba is a smart appliance with efficient sensors and mapping technology. Several reasons, like the following, can hinder its performance and make it stop randomly.

1. Faulty Batteries

Bottom View Of An Irobot Roomba Hoover

Roomba takes around 2 hours to charge completely and cleans your home efficiently without stopping or causing any trouble.

However, if your appliance is stopping during the cleaning process, one of the critical reasons can be faulty batteries.

Damaged or low batteries will never charge to the fullest and only work for a short time until your Roomba stops working and requiring to charge again.


You can visit the official store to get the parts and accessories for your Roomba according to its model.

2. Roomba Is Stuck

Irobot Roomba Cleaning The Floor Of The Room

Roomba has sensors and cameras to help it navigate the way and clean properly. If your room floor has obstructions like clothes, small toys, or screws, the Roomba will try to suck it up.

Since these things are too big and heavy, your Roomba will only work once you clear the way.


The ideal way is to keep small things like toys, books, and clothes out of the way to keep Roomba working effortlessly.

3. Dirty Roomba

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Removes Breadcrumbs From The Laminate Wood Floor

Your Roomba will stop working if the dustbin inside is full. The Roomba won’t be able to suck more dirt due to no room for storing it.

Similarly, if the components, like the cliff sensor, drive wheels, and bumper, are dirty, the Roomba won’t work as it will fail to receive the right signals.


Try blowing compressed or canned air inside the bumper window to clear it out. Regularly cleaning your Roomba and emptying the dustbin can help work things smoothly.

Useful Tip

You can also reset your Roomba for better performance.

  • Remove the battery of your device.
  • Press the power button for at least 15 seconds.
  • Insert the battery back and check your device.

4. Inappropriate Light

Modern Dark Tone Living Room With Gray Fabric Sofa Couch And Spot Lighting On Black Wall

Roomba is an intelligent device that efficiently works to clean your house. However, its camera and lenses require ample light in the room for cleaning correctly.

Check the light source if your Roomba stops in a specific room or spot.


Make sure all the rooms are well-lit before Roomba starts the cleaning routine.

5. Faulty Charger

White Round Roboticobotic Vacuum Cleaner On Laminate

The Roomba requires a constant charge to work efficiently and do their job.

If the charger has issues, such as a bad guiding light or worn-out charging pads, the Roomba will not charge properly and stop working after a few minutes.


Replacing the charging pads and fixing the guiding light for proper working is the way to go.

6. Hardware Failure

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Collapsed Before Reaching The Base

If your Roomba has broken bearings, wheels, or brushes, it can also stop working time after time until the issue is fixed.


Take your appliance to authorize repair shop and get it checked for broken parts and its solution.


We understand that having your Roomba stop frequently can be a pain in the neck; however, knowing about the possible reasons and their solutions can help you diagnose the problem effectively.

First, clean your device and keep it maintained to avoid minor issues. You can also check the sensors, room lighting, and faulty hardware for better diagnosis.

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