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Which Ovens Have Slide Away Doors?

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Are you tired of old-school ovens and want aesthetically pleasing and sleek slide-away ovens? If but don’t know which brands make slide-away doors, then we’ll walk you through it.

The perfect complement to any kitchen, slide-and-hide ovens offer a variety of advantages. For example, a slide-away oven can be perfect if you want to reduce room in your kitchen or if your kitchen is larger and you want a safe, convenient option.


Slide-away oven’s distinctive design makes it easy to maintain and operate. While the door is hidden behind a Slide away oven, it is still easily accessible thanks to its rotating, ergonomic handle.

However, as long as the brand is concerned, Neff is the only brand that makes slide-away ovens. Since they have a patent for the design feature that incorporates the slide-away door feature, they are only registered to make this design.

Besides being the only brand making this, Slide-away ovens are renowned for their convenience, dependability, and security.

Now that you know which ovens have slide-away doors, it’s time to look at some of their features. Along with this, read on to discover their advantages and disadvantages.

Slide Away Oven Doors Features

Here are some of the features of slide-away doors:

1. Complete Oven Lighting

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Oven lights come in two varieties: those that are ineffective and those that truly work. The one in the Neff slide-away oven works to light up the whole oven and is a rare example of the second type.

The positioning of this light and its unique prism design are what make it different from others.

Most oven lights are put inside the oven’s cavity, which is often blocked by baking trays and food. Neff uses a unique light technology having a strategically placed prism inside the oven door.

It illuminates the whole chamber, allowing you to see every last detail of your meal as it cooks. With this light, you can see what’s happening inside the oven without having to open the door and waste energy.

2. Flexibility in Steam Functionality

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Many individuals can now enjoy the high-end technology of Neff at home, all thanks to the rapid growth of the steam oven market. To accommodate different household demands, Neff provides both VarioSteam and FullSteam ovens.

The FullSteam option uses steam to cook. At the same time, the VarioSteam setting augments steam cooking with timed bursts of steam injected into the oven.

If you like to make roasts or bread, VarioSteam gives food the right texture and keeps it from drying. This enhances texture and adds the ideal moisture to meals like bread and roast.

But you will get the most use out of full steam if you cook rice or steamed foods often.

3. Equitably Spaced Fan Technology

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Despite being more than a century old, the original fan oven was nothing compared to modern ones. CircoTherm®, the most recent market innovation, is NEFF’s patent. It has a unique fan technology that lets many dishes cook evenly and simultaneously without transferring flavors.

Neff uses strong fan technology to draw air from the oven. Then, to maintain even heat distribution, it heats the air and forces it back into the oven through carefully arranged ducts in the back wall.

Because of this, slide-away ovens can reach the desired temperature much faster.

Advantages of Slide-Away Oven Doors

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As stated earlier, slide-away doors make your baking easier with their design. But the story doesn’t end here; it has other advantages too. Some of them are:

1. Maximized Space

An oven with doors that retract from the wall is an excellent space-saving solution for cramped kitchens. If you’re using a normal oven with side-hinged doors, opening the oven door each time will further restrict the space you have to work with.

This is especially true for larger ovens, which already take up a considerable amount of cabinet or shelf space.

An oven with a Slide and Hide door slides away smoothly, allowing for more space even in larger models.

Therefore, purchasing an oven with a door that can be hidden when not in use is the most effective way to save space when you have a large family.

2. Improved Accessibility

Slide-away ovens allow quick and convenient access to the oven’s interior. This makes it possible to handle larger food items while keeping them in the oven and removing them easily because there is no door.

3. Secure To Use

When purchasing any item for the kitchen, practically every family is concerned about how safe it will be to utilize it. The oven door’s temperature increased alongside the oven itself.

Consequently, when using traditional ovens, there is a chance that you will burn your hand while removing food from the oven.

Therefore, slide-away ovens are great for families with young children since the door disappears under the oven chamber.

Disadvantages of Slide-Away Oven Doors

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Slide-away oven doors are susceptible to the same difficulties that affect any other type of door. The following is a list of several problems that you might come across:

1. Stuck More Often

Your slide-away oven door’s handle has a high propensity to become jammed in the horizontal position, which can cause the door to become difficult to shut or lock properly.

There are situations where you might need more than one attempt to close the door successfully, even though it is likely possible to do so in a single motion without encountering any difficulties.

Because of this, you might need to replace or change the handles. Or you can also oil the entire mechanism. Besides this, the large oven glass would be difficult to clean due to the accumulation of fingerprints.

Similarly, the collection of grime and dust on the moving sill can cause doors to become stuck and prevent them from smoothly moving across the sills.

2. Breaks in Are Easy

Slide-away doors often consist of a large glass which has a chance to get broken easily. So, even though they have a good aesthetic design and can truly brighten up your interior game, slide-away doors are a potential security risk.

A glass door is far easier for a thief to break into than solid or steel wood doors since it only requires him to push the doors off their tracks or shatter the glass.

Expert thieves might take advantage of this weakness, even though it would require more work and could risk being noticed.

3. Transparency

Slide-away oven doors, if left uncovered, can provide intruders with vast sweeping views of what is contained within your home.

Your treasures, artwork, technological devices, and other pricey trinkets, along with the rest of your property, are all on full show for anyone to see.

However, this is not a big issue because one solution to this problem is installing appealing blinds, drapes, or curtains to cover it up.


Now you know who manufactures ovens with slide-away doors, you must decide whether you want them in your home.

Also, we have mentioned a little information about their features, including who makes them, some extra facts, and answers to a few of your questions.

Slide-away doors are convenient but are optional. Additionally, they have a certain wow element for anyone who has never seen them in action. Although this feature will cost you extra, some might have a better option.

So, what do you feel about them? Would you like to install slide-away ovens in your kitchen or not?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good To Stand at the Side When Opening an Oven Door?

Yes, it is good to stand at the side of the oven. But, generally, it all depends on your dominant side.

Right-handed people should position themselves on the oven’s left side, with their left side towards the counter. At the same time, left-handed people should stand to the right side.

Are Slide-Away Ovens Worth It?

Slide-away ranges, in our opinion, are the undisputed winners in terms of aesthetics. Slide-away ranges don’t have a big backyard like freestanding ranges do. For easier access, panels are placed up front.

With this configuration, you’ll never risk burning your hand when adjusting the stove or oven heat again. So, yes, it’s worth the price tag.

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