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What Does “Powerwash” Mean on a Washing Machine?

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Washing machines have come a long way in terms of technology and customized options. Now you can wash your clothes just the way you want by choosing your desired settings.

Different options are available on your washing machine, but the suitable cycle selection is the critical factor determining your clothes’ cleanliness and longevity.

Have you ever washed your heavily soiled clothes in a normal cycle and left with slight marks all over the clothes? It is because there are better options than a regular cycle for heavily dirt clothes.

You must choose a more vigorous cycle setting that effectively removes stubborn stains, like a power wash.


A power wash is a cycle setting on your washing machine that washes a heavy load of dirty laundry with more extended time, high-speed agitation, and spin.

Its effective hot water system helps the detergent seep through the fabric, removing smelly odors and stubborn spots and making your clothes look as good as new.

Are you curious about the power wash setting on your washing machine? Read further as we explain the duration, water temperature, and working of a power cycle in detail.

How Does Power Wash Cycle Work?

Man Choosing Cycle Program On Washing Machine

The power wash cycle is different from all other cycles in three ways:

  • More wash time.
  • Prolong rinse action.
  • Higher Temperature.

Let’s see in detail how these factors make it a practical option.

1. More Wash Time

Water Splash Of The Washing Machine Drum

The best way to clean your heavy piles of dirty laundry is to wash them for longer. The long cleaning time will make the stains go away better.

The extended time of power wash keeps the clothes spinning in the drum and exposes them to water for a long time, resulting in more effective results.

Helpful Tip

The power wash cycle setting is ideal for sturdy fabrics like denim and linen.

It is better to avoid it for delicate materials like silk, chiffon, and lace.

2. Prolong Rinse Time

Internal View Of A Washing Machine Drum During Wash

Rinsing stubborn spots for a long duration is an excellent old practice for removing stains. The power wash cycle also works on the same principle.

A normal wash cycle takes about 50-60 minutes, while a power wash can take up to 2 hours to clean your clothes.

This extra time helps the machine to thoroughly clear out marks and stains, leaving your clothes fresh and clean.

3. Higher Temperature

Hand Holding Fabric Softener In Washing Machine.

Hot water effectively removes stains as it activates detergent better than cold water. A power wash uses hot water to rinse off the dirt from your clothes.

The inbuilt wash heater in the drum increases the temperature of the water, which helps the detergent works more effectively.


Forget about the old days when washing heavy dirty piles of laundry was tedious as the washing machine has made things much more convenient.

A power wash cycle is an excellent option for cleaning soiled clothes with its high-speed agitation and rinse options.

The higher water temperature activates the laundry detergent to work better, making your clothes clean like never before.

Although the powerwash cycle can be heavy on your electricity bill, using it once in a while for dirty clothes is not a bad idea.

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