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What Does “LE” Mean on Air Conditioners?

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Modern-day appliances come with a diagnostic setting that lets users identify possible problems in a malfunctioning system. Sometimes, the diagnostic feature is something you can turn on.

Other times, your appliance can do it for you while it runs. This explains why your air conditioner might suddenly flash ‘LE’ on its display without warning.

What does the LE error mean on an air conditioner, and more importantly, how can you fix it? Here’s a quick explanation.

  • Air conditioners are designed to flash various error codes to help you pinpoint the root of possible malfunction.
  • The LE error code often means ‘low-temperature error.’
  • This defensive error keeps the air conditioner from possible damage associated with ice build-up.
  • You must resolve the error before you can use your air conditioner again.

Air conditioners are programmed to showcase several error codes, so you don’t have to feel around for the root of malfunction. LE is one of many codes that aims to communicate a potential problem so you can take the right steps to protect your air conditioner from damage.

What Does Le Error Mean on an Air Conditioner?

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Before you consider these explanations, check your manual. Manufacturers tend to vary in terms of error messages that their air conditioners can show on the screen.

If the LE code doesn’t appear in your manual or you don’t have your manual available, here’s a possible explanation.

LE means ‘low-temperature error.’ Your air conditioner might show this error to tell you that internal temperatures are dangerously low.

Most of the time, an air conditioner that displays LE on the screen will refuse to turn on even after a power cycle or a restart.

The LE error aims to protect the air conditioner’s internal workings against ice and frost.

Manufacturers incorporate the issue to let you know that there’s possibly ice inside your unit and that you need to defrost the system before using it again.


If your air conditioner shows the error LE on its display, you don’t have to call a professional immediately.

Try to defrost your system first and remove accumulated ice or frost before you turn your unit back on. If ice forms too often on your air conditioner, you might call an HVAC specialist to identify why ice forms in your AC unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Error Codes the Same on All Air Conditioners?

While some manufacturers try to keep it uniform, others still vary.

That’s why it’s best to read your manual first, as the manufacturer of your air conditioner might have set various other codes and meanings for errors.

How To Fix Le Error on Air Conditioner

Sometimes, all you need to do is perform a simple defrost. Just turn off your unit and wait for the ice to melt.

If the LE error occurs too often, you may call an HVAC specialist to see why frost and ice form in your system.

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