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How To Reset a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Being Inspected For Summer Air Conditioning Operation

Resetting a Mitsubishi AC unit can help you prevent major problems that occur to it. You must follow some steps to reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit.

However, you cannot just reset a Mitsubishi AC unit unless it starts malfunctioning.

Several situations can force you to reset your AC units, such as if it does not turn on after a recent error code, power outage, or remote control button failure; you have to reset it to function properly.

Also, your Mitsubishi AC unit may have non-serious issues of not cooling properly; resetting helps clear such problems.

  • You must reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit whenever it has some faults because it can malfunction. Be cautious.
  • You do not reset it when it is functioning properly because you can end up damaging it.
  • You must follow a step-by-step procedure to reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit so you can resolve all the faults it has.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the steps so that you do them correctly. Apart from the common faults to AC systems, you can reset your Mitsubishi AC unit for other reasons such as following an error code, power outage, or remote control buttons not working.

5 Steps for Resetting a Mitsubishi AC

1. Turn Off the Indoor Unit

Rear View Of A Young Man Using The Remote To Turn Off The Air Conditioning In The Living Room

This is the first step. You must turn off its indoor unit by either switching off the thermostat or remote control.

2. Turn the Breaker Off

A Finger Is About To Switch Off A Large Red Mains Switch On An Rcd Circuit Breaker Board

Locate the breaker of your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit and turn it off. If you find it challenging, open the circuit breaker box and check for a circuit with the air con label.

If you still have a problem finding the label, look for the switch in the neutral position and switch it off.

3. Wait for 30 Seconds

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Your Mitsubishi AC unit does not reset its internal circuit breaker immediately. You have to wait for around 30 seconds for it to reset fully within that duration.

It can take a little longer if it switches off automatically due to a power outage to protect itself from malfunctioning. So you can wait for up to a minute in such situations.

4. Turn the Breaker On

Male Electrician Turning Off Power For Electrical Outlet At Circuit Breaker Box

After 30 seconds are over, you can switch the breaker on again.

5. Turn the Thermostat or Remote On

Person Adjusting Thermostat On Radiator To Lower Temperature

You can now switch your thermostat or remote on. Ensure you have selected the correct settings and check if it is now cooling.

If it does not start, check if the breaker has tripped off because such a problem is difficult to diagnose; if everything is okay, then your Mitsubishi should start and function properly.

When To Reset Your Mitsubishi AC Unit

You should reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner in three circumstances. That is:

  • Following an error code.
  • Following a power outage.
  • In case the remote control buttons do not work.

1. Following an Error Code

Wooden Cubes With The Letters “Error” Are Lying On A Laptop

Resetting your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit does not remove all error codes. However, it clears errors 6840 (E6) and 6841 (E9), among others.

Each error code suggests a different problem for your AC unit. You can clear these two error codes and many others by resetting your Mistubishi air conditioner system.

2. Following a Power Outage

Woman Complaining During A Blackout Sitting On A Couch In The Living Room At Home

Whenever there is a power outage, your Mitsubishi’s isolator switch or circuit breaker turns off to protect it from damage. You must reset these switches for your AC to turn on.

3. Remote Control Buttons Failure

Hand Holding Air Condition Wireless Remote Control Isolated On White With Clipping Path

You can reset your Mitsubishi AC unit if it fails to respond to the remote control. It would help if you tried to replace them to ensure they are still working. You can reset your Ac unit once you confirm that.


Your Mitsubishi air conditioner unit, may fail to turn on due to various faults that may occur to it.

You must follow a step-by-step procedure to make it start functioning properly. Never reset your AC unit if it functions well because you can damage it beyond repair.

You can rest your Mitsubishi AC unit in three circumstances: following an error code, power outages, and when the remote control buttons fail.

You must wait for at least 30 seconds for your AC unit to reset completely then you can turn it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Mitsubishi AC Unit Fail To Start After Reset?

Yes. If you try to switch it on immediately after a reset, it can fail because there is a duration you must wait for it to finish the process.

Sometimes delays can happen after the reset, especially if the unit switches off automatically to prevent itself from malfunctioning.

Can the Circuit Breaker Trip After a Reset?

You can reset your AC unit but the circuit breaker trips. That suggests that your AC unit has a serious problem and can be difficult to diagnose.

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