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Top Mount vs. Bottom Mount Refrigerators

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A refrigerator is one of the kitchen’s most common appliances. They are ideal for keeping your veggies fresh and producing ice for those hot summer days. Finding the right fridge can be a hassle with the many refrigerator options.

In most cases, refrigerator units come in two varieties; the top-mount and bottom-mount fridge. It is important finding the right unit that meets all your storage needs. So, which is the best appliance for you?

Though the units might look fairly similar, they have a few differences that can affect their functionality in the kitchen. We will look at some of the differences between top and bottom-mount refrigerators so that you can easily choose one when shopping.


Top-mount refrigerators use less energy, have more food storage capacity, easy access to the freezer compartment, and are less expensive. However, reaching the lower compartment can be difficult, and the small freezer compartment does not have drawers to store frozen food.

On the other hand, bottom-mount refrigerators are ideal if you want easy access to the food compartment, the large freezer also has space for drawers, and the unit has a sleek modern design.

However, the unit is less energy efficient, the crisper drawers can become too cold, and the units are generally more expensive.

In addition, this post will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of owning either of the refrigeration units.

Top Mount Refrigerators

Top-mount refrigerators are the most common units in the market. They are also referred to as top freezer refrigerators.

The appliance is a classic and traditional refrigerator found in most homes. It has a smaller freezer compartment at the top and a larger fresh food compartment at the bottom.

Advantages of Top Mount Refrigerators

There are a few advantages to choosing a top-mount refrigeration device. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Energy Consumption

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The biggest advantage of the top-mount unit is energy consumption. Because the compressor is located at the bottom of the unit, any heat generated from the compressor takes longer to reach the freezer, where the evaporator is located. This ensures that the freezer gets cooler at a faster rate.

Additionally, top-mount refrigerators use the convection heat transfer principle to cool the units. Because warm air rises and cold air falls, the fridge uses less energy to cool the food compartment.

2. Larger Space in the Food Compartment

Plastic Bags With Different Frozen Vegetables In Refrigerator. Food Storage.

Additionally, top-mount units also have bigger space for your food storage. Because the unit has a smaller freezer compartment, its lower compartment provides more space to store fresh produce and liquids that you want to keep cool without freezing.

The increased space also means that the appliance has bigger doors than bottom-mount fridges.

3. Easy Accessibility to the Freezer

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Top-mount units are ideal for people looking for easy accessibility to the freezer. At eye level, you easily look into the freezer and get any frozen treats or meat in the compartment.

4. Affordable Option

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The top-mount units are budget-friendly if you are looking for an affordable fridge.

Disadvantages of Top Mount Refrigerators

On the other hand, there are a few cons to the unit.

1. Strain Reaching the Food Compartment

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Though the lower compartment is more spacious, it is also harder to access. Considering most food is stored in the lower compartment, you should keep bending to reach vegetables.

2. No Freezer Drawers

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Due to the limited space, the unit does not have drawer spaces in the freezer compartment.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Let us have a look at bottom-mount refrigerators. The units are also called bottom-mount freezer fridges.

These refrigerators have a food compartment at the top and a freezer at the bottom. The fresh food compartment is considerably smaller than top-mount appliances, leaving more space for a larger freezer.

Advantaged of Bottom Mount Refrigerators

So why should you buy a bottom-mount refrigerator?

1. Easy Access to Food Compartment

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As we mentioned before, the most noticeable feature of this unit is the fresh food compartment. With the food at eye level, you can easily pick out anything you need without a hassle.

The feature comes in handy for people who love to cook regularly.

2. Larger Freezer Compartment

Plastic Bags With Different Frozen Vegetables In Refrigerator. Food Storage.

Likewise, the spacious freezer offers more space to store frozen food. The compartment also has extra drawers to separate your frozen meat from ice cream or other items you might want super chilled.

3. Modern Design

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Bottom-mount units have a modern and unique design. They are ideal to complement any modern kitchen setting.

Disadvantages of Bottom Mount Refrigerators

However, there are a few disadvantages to owning a bottom-mount fridge.

1. Less Energy Efficient

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Because the freezer is near the compressor, the unit requires more energy to keep the evaporator cold.

Unlike the top-mount fridge that naturally uses convection to cool the lower compartments, more energy is required to cool the food compartments at the top of the device.

2. More Expensive

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Due to their modern design, bottom-mount refrigerators also have a higher price range than traditional top-mount units.

3. Colder, Crisper Drawers

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In addition, the crisper drawers in this refrigerator are found near the freezer compartment. Due to the proximity, your vegetables and fruits might end up colder than necessary.


There are a few factors to consider when buying a top or bottom-mount refrigerator for your kitchen. Top-mount refrigerators are more energy efficient, have more food storage capacity, have easy access to the freezer compartment, and are more affordable.

However, accessing the lower compartment can be a bother if you are reaching for food, and they do not have a lot of storage in the freezer compartment.

The bottom-mount fridges are ideal if you want easy access to the food compartment, have a spacious freezer for frozen foods, and have a unique modern design.

On the other hand, the unit is less energy efficient, the crisper drawers can get too cold, and they are more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Freezer in Bottom-Mount Refrigerators Located?

In the bottom-mount fridges, the freezer is located in the bottom compartment, while the fresh food compartment sits above it.

What Should You Do if Your Refrigerator Is Leaking Coolant?

If your refrigerator leaks coolant, you should immediately call a repair technician.

Refrigerants can be a huge hazard in the house, and it needs someone with the right tools and knowledge to fix the issue without causing damage to the unit.

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