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5 Absolute Signs That Your AC Is Low on Freon

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Freon is a liquid or gaseous compound used as a refrigerant in your AC systems. The freon must be kept at an optimal level for your air conditioning system to work smoothly over the years.

If your system gets low on this refrigerant, it will not only fail to do what it was supposed to do but will also permanently damage the AC rendering it useless after a while.

When you timely detect that your system is running low on refrigerant, you can get it refilled and your AC back to work. It would be best if you were on your toes anytime you see the signs indicating low refrigerant levels.

These include icy refrigerant lines, strange hissing noise, the inability of your AC to cool the place, insanely high energy bills, and never being able to get the desired temperature.

Knowing these signs can help you timely detect and solve the issue saving the system you spent a fortune installing.


It would be best if you dived into the signs that your AC might be giving for you to know that its refrigerant needs an instant recharge. Let’s quickly have a flash-forward of them:

  • It Takes Too Long to Cool Your Room
  • No Cool Air Coming From Vents
  • It Takes Forever to Reach the Set Temperature
  • Refrigerant Lines are Icy
  • Unpleasant Noise is Coming From Your AC

Your AC speaks to you when it hits a problem. You need to know its language. Knowing the possible signs that any air conditioner gives when it runs into a problem, you can solve any of its issues effortlessly. We’ll take you through all the signs that tell you a potential issue with the refrigerant level in your system.

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your AC Is Low on Freon

If your AC gives any of the following five signs, you should grab your phone and call your nearest technician for an instant refrigerant refill.

1. It Takes Too Long To Cool Your Room

Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air

When your AC starts taking longer than usual to cool your room or house, it indicates a low count of refrigerant.

The primary cooling chemical in most AC systems is the Freon, and when it is low in amount, the AC cannot perform its function correctly and fails to lower the temperature of the surroundings.

To confirm this, you must call a technician and check your refrigerant level professionally.

2. No Cool Air Coming From Vents

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The compressor of the AC system signals the thermostat to start functioning, and the temperature is powered using the help of the Freon.

Failure of the refrigerant to meet the demand of lower temperature makes your AC function more or less like a fan.

The system’s fan will operate but not blow off any cool air. When you place your hand in front of the vents, you will feel the air that is not conditioned according to the set temperature. This indicates that the system lacks enough refrigerant to condition the air.

3. It Takes Forever To Reach the Set Temperature

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Another obvious depiction of low refrigerant levels is insanely high energy bills.

You will want to keep your room cool, and if the AC cannot do so, you will run it for longer periods, but it won’t make any difference as there is not enough refrigerant in the AC to lower the temperature.

Therefore, you must recognize the refrigerant problem in your AC before it hits your pocket hard.

4. Refrigerant Lines Are Icy

The Air Conditioner Puts Very Fresh Air In The Room In A Hot Day

The frozen drain pipe and refrigerant lines clearly giveaway of a low refrigerant count. Keep a check on the refrigerant lines of your AC, especially when you are having any cooling issues.

The lower levels of the ‘cooling chemical’ can be due to its leakage from these lines.

You can easily detect the point of its leakage because there will be a build-up of ice around the area o leakage. You will first thaw the ice, then block the leak.

Next, you will call a technician to compensate for the lost cooling chemical.

5. Unpleasant Noise Is Coming From Your AC

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If you hear an annoying and strange hissing sound coming from your AC every time you turn it on, it is a tell-tale sign of something wrong with the refrigerant level.

The type of noise can also range from hissing to bubbling. If you start hearing these sounds, you need to check the refrigerant level in your AC to rule out low Freon levels.


When any of the mentioned above signs surface, it is an instant call to action for professional help. You will need to stop the leakage and call a technician to refill the freon in your air conditioning system.

15 Second Summary

The worst thing that can happen to your newly installed AC system is the leakage of the Freon. It can even render your system useless if left unattended.

Therefore, you need to be on your toes at all times if you see any of the signs telling you to put a check on the refrigerant level.

These signs can surface in the form of frozen refrigerant lines to strange annoying noises. Moreover, the absence of cool air and the inability of your AC to lower the temperature are also clear giveaways that your AC needs an instant refrigerant recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix Low Freon Level in My AC?

Start with locating the leakage point and fixing it. For a refrigerant refill, call a professional who will use the right equipment and professional approach to solve the issue.

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