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Why Is Sub Zero Fridge So Expensive?

A White, Luxurious Kitchen With Sub-Zero Refrigerator And Built-In Wolf Coffee Maker

Are you looking for a new refrigerator for your home and comparing different brands? You came across refrigerators offered by Sub Zero, and you are stunned to see the price tag!

Why are these so expensive? If you are intrigued and want to know what makes Sub Zero so special, we recommend you read this article!

Sub Zero refrigerators are famous for their high quality and durability. Besides that, they offer several unique features which are difficult to find when looking at other brands.

There is a list of reasons that explains the reason for such a high price tag associated with Sub Zero refrigerators.


Comparing its refrigerators with other brands, you find Sub Zero refrigerators very expensive and heavy on your pocket. Several reasons explain why the Sub Zero fridge is so expensive:

  • Material and construction
  • Advanced feature
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reputation and brand recognition
  • Customization options

This article gives insight into why Sub Zero refrigerators are charged this high. Whether such a high cost is justified or not? Stick to this article till the end to find out!

5 Reasons Why Sub Zero Fridge Is So Expensive

Sub Zero refrigerators are known as “Sub Zero” as they can have temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius (or 32 degrees Fahrenheit). These are designed to store food, drink, and other items even below the freezing point of water.

Therefore, it can keep your food items fresh and cold for a long time.

Let’s discuss the five major reasons that make Sub Zero refrigerators so expensive and worth their hyped prices!

1. Material and Construction

Thermal Insulation Material Roll Made Of Polyethylene Foam Covered With Aluminium Foil

The materials used in manufacturing Sub Zero refrigerators are quality-ensured and durable. Besides high-quality materials, the construction techniques involved in assembling Sub Zero refrigerators are designed to maintain their high performance and durability in the long run.

Thick Insulation Sheets

The manufacturers use thick insulation sheets to prevent the escape of cool air into the surroundings or warm air from outside from seeping into the refrigerator.

Besides that, high-quality insulation also prevents the risk of accidents such as electric shocks or wear and tear.

Heavy Duty Hinges and Handles

High-quality door hinges and handles are used in the Sub Zero refrigerators, which provides several benefits. Firstly, it ensures that the doors stay securely closed.

Secondly, it prevents the sagging of door lining over the long term.

This helps in securing the temperature control and energy efficiency of the fridge.

Heavier-duty hinges also make the unit resistant to wear and tear, leading to its durability. Besides that, it also elevates the unit’s appearance by giving it a premium feel.

2. Advanced Features

Corner Of A Freshly-Renovated Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet Fronts And A Side By Side Refrigerator

Most Sub Zero refrigerators have various unique features that make them stand out.

Built-In Ice Makers

This feature allows refrigerators to make ice automatically whenever needed. Located in the freezing compartment, the ice maker can immediately produce various ice shapes and sizes.

You can conveniently get ice for your cocktails or ice lolly without having to fill up ice trays, wait for them to freeze, or perform the ice-crushing labor yourself!

Water Filteration System

Some Sub Zero units also contain a water filtration system in them. This system automatically removes contaminants and other impurities, hence dispensing clean water.

The filtration unit consists of advanced technology for filtering out clean water, for example, reverse osmosis or carbon filters. This eventually saves your need for purchasing bottled water or owning a separate water dispensing unit.

Temperature Controlled Drawers

Temperature-controlled drawers are an amazing feature introduced by Sub Zero Refrigerators. Instead of storing different types of food items at the same temperature in the same compartment, this feature allows choosing the different storing temperatures for different categories of foods.

For example, you can store meats and meat products in a separate drawer with a lower temperature and store fruits and vegetables in another compartment with a comparatively higher temperature.

This feature provides great convenience in using your different items and increases the shelf life of food items, making them last longer.

These features add a significant value to the unit, adding a large sum to its cost.

Overall, they make the refrigerator unit more convenient and efficient.

3. Energy Efficiency

Hand Holding Light Bulb Ideas On A Background Of Blurred Green Trees Ecological Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Concept

Loaded with many additional features, Sub Zero refrigerators may also cost you a big sum on electric bills. However, you might be surprised to know Sub Zero refrigerators are highly energy efficient!

Although they cost you high when purchasing, these units can help you minimize your energy bills and save money in the long run.

Sub Zero refrigerators contain unique features that reduce energy consumption, such as LED lighting and an efficient compressor.

Although these features bulk up the upfront costs of buying a Sub Zero refrigerator, they eventually save you a big amount of energy bills. This feature is worth its weight in gold – even if the price tag is steep.

Electrical Hazards

Like any other appliance, Sub Zero refrigerators also use electricity to operate. Misuse can pose a risk of electric shock or even fire.

To reduce such risk, you must follow the manufacturer’s guide and hand the unit over to a professional. “DO NOT” attempt to repair or modify the Sub Zero on its own.

4. Reputation and Brand Recognition

Branding Word Written On Wooden Block

Sub Zero is amongst the leading American brand working in the refrigeration industry. Considering the quality, Sub Zero positions itself at the top, leaving all other brands behind.

It has upgraded and maintained its quality products to last more than 20 years.

Being a well-known and well-respected brand in the appliance industry, the refrigerators of Sub Zero have maintained a good reputation for their high quality and extraordinary performance.

Having an appreciable recognition and brand name gives Sub Zero the right to charge a relatively high price for its products.

5. Customization Option

Word Customize On Cubes On Wooden Background

Sub Zero refrigerators have a huge variety based on their numerous features, sizes, and applications. Sub Zero fridges have finishes to suit your specific kitchen theme or layout.

Providing you with a range of options to select from, Sub Zero provides a service that is unmatchable elsewhere. This might add to the cost of the particular refrigerator, but it is all true and justified.

In return for the high price, you can choose a refrigerator that matches your specific demands and preferences.


Sub Zero refrigerators are high priced and cost you a lot compared to other brands. The high price accounts for its high quality, amazing construction techniques, advanced features, energy efficiency, and huge reputation.

You might find refrigeration units very expensive, but the high price is justified by the long-term value, efficiency, and convenience offered by Sub Zero!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sub Zero Refrigerators Worth the Extra Cost?

The answer to this question completely depends on your individual preferences and budget. If you are looking for an efficient, convenient, and long-lasting refrigerator, Sub Zero is a good investment. However, you might go for other options if you are short on budget.

You can consider your priorities and finances when buying Sub Zero for the extra cost.

How Can I Save Money on a Sub Zero Refrigerator?

Although Sub Zero is expensive, you can consider a few recommendations to reduce the price and save money.

  • Shop around – When purchasing a Sub Zero, go around the shop to look for the best deals and compare the features of refrigerators in a row.
  • Sales or Discounts – Keep an eye out for sales or look for discount codes offered on certain units. Sales often start at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday Sale, End of Year Sale, New Year Sale, or Autumn Sale. You can also clinch huge discounts on your desired items by redeeming promo codes or discount points.

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