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Samsung Fridge Freezer Symbols

Close Up View Of A Kitchen Double Fridge Made By Samsung Company

Over the past decade, Samsung has cemented its reputation as a formidable electronics and tech giant.

Taking everyday appliances and revamping them with never-before-seen features and functions, Samsung has improved many of the standard appliances we use today.

Among all their innovations, their line of smart refrigerators has taken the market by storm.

Complete with a range of features that streamline and improve performance, Samsung refrigerators are impressively sophisticated. But that also means they can be complicated for the average everyday user.

If you’ve got a Samsung fridge and are wondering what all its symbols mean, here’s a quick guide.

  • Different symbols on a Samsung fridge indicate its different functions and settings.
  • Some buttons and symbols let you adjust temperature, alarms, and lights.
  • Others work to enable functions like ice and water dispensing.

Most Samsung refrigerators have a display on the door. Also often a touch panel, this small LED screen provides information about your fridge’s functions and current status. Because the display is quite compact, it uses a range of symbols to provide complete information about your refrigerator. Unfortunately, some of those symbols might not be too intuitive to decode.

Samsung Fridge Freezer Symbols and Their Meanings


Fortunately, Samsung doesn’t plan to leave us in the dark.

The manufacturer will provide detailed information about the symbols on the fridge door, including their meanings and how to use them (if placed over buttons) in their user manual.

Because the meanings of these symbols and the symbols themselves may change from model to model, you might want to flip through the manual before considering any information you find on the web.

1. Energy Saver

Open Big Two Door Fridge Full Of Food Inside Kitchen

This symbol appears as a light bulb connected to a two-pronged plug via a coiled cord. Pressing the button puts the fridge in Energy Saver mode.

This setting lets your fridge regulate energy usage so you can reduce its power consumption.

However, if you notice extra condensation forming inside your fridge after using the Energy Saver feature, it’s recommended that you avoid using the function.

2. Freezer/Power Freezer

Samsung Bespoke Customizable Refrigerators

Symbolized by a snowflake contained in a hexagon, the Freezer/Power Freezer button lets you adjust the temperature inside the freezer.

  • To do this, you must press the button once and choose the preferred temperature.
  • You can also press and hold the button to activate Power Freezer mode, reducing the ice-making time from 90 to 55 minutes.

3. Alarm

Display On The Metal Freezer Of The Refrigerator

The alarm icon uses the image of a speakerphone with curved lines to indicate sound. You can use the button to turn off the alarm noise the Samsung fridge makes when the door opens.

Pressing and holding the button for three seconds can also reset the lighting for the water filter icon.

4. Water Filter Indicator

Close Up Of Refrigerator Water Filter Indicator Light On

Samsung refrigerators with a water dispenser will also have a water filter icon. This lights up in different colors to remind you when to replace your water filter.

When the filter is newly replaced, the icon will appear blue. After five months, the light will change to pink and red at six months.

5. Light

Single Cold Water Bottle On A Shelf In Refrigerator With Warm Light On

This button has a light bulb icon and lines to depict the rays of light emitting from the bulb. Its sole purpose is to turn the light on the door on and off.

This improves visibility if you need to use the water or ice dispenser at night. Some people also use this function as a night light in their kitchen.

6. Fridge/Power Cool

Save Electricity By Lowering Refrigerator Power

Like the Freezer/Power Freezer button, this button has a snowflake in a water droplet instead of a hexagon.

It performs the same function as the Freezer button but works on the fridge instead of the freezer compartment.

Pressing and holding the button for three seconds enabled Power Cool to chill the items in your fridge faster.

7. Cubed and Crushed Ice

Pile Of Crushed Ice Cubes On Dark Background With Copy Space

These are separate buttons, with the cubed ice button represented by two crescent shapes in a glass outline, while the crushed ice button appears as a fragmented piece in a similar glass outline.

Pressing either button dispenses ice in different shapes. As you might have guessed, the cubed ice button dispenses cubed ice, while the crushed ice button dispenses crushed ice.

8. Water

Stack Group Of Pet Plastic Water Bottle With Blue Cover In Refrigerator

A glass symbolizes the water button, with a wavy line at the bottom representing water and a droplet in the middle.

Pressing the button dispenses water from the Samsung refrigerator’s front door panel.

9. Ice off/Child Lock

Child Finding Midnight Snack Looking Into Fridge

A button on your Samsung fridge is labeled ‘ice off/child lock’. Pressing the button once will turn off the ice feature which will be confirmed by an ‘ICE OFF’ icon on display.

Pressing and holding the same button for three seconds will activate the child lock feature indicated on display by a lock icon.

This feature locks all the buttons to prevent children from accidentally playing with the fridge’s settings.


Samsung does what it can to make all of its refrigerators intuitive. And while most people might understand the functions and meanings of their symbols at a glance, it’s not uncommon for others to find the symbols confusing.

If your Samsung manual is missing, consider this your guide to decoding what those little symbols on the freezer door mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Turn Off the Door Alarm on a Samsung Fridge?

Some models allow you to turn off the alarm feature using the fridge’s companion mobile application.

However, turning off the feature is not recommended since it informs you when the door has been improperly closed.

  • To temporarily turn off the alarm, you can press the alarm button when the door makes a sound.
  • This will turn off the alarm in that instance, but the door will sound off again the next time it’s left open.
  • Turning the alarm off from the app will permanently silence the fridge unless you change the settings again.

What Does It Mean When I Can’t Press Anything on My Samsung Fridge’s Control Panel?

Before you panic and call the repair service, check if your fridge isn’t child locked. Press and hold the child lock button for three seconds until you hear a beep.

This will deactivate the setting and let you use your control panel as normal. If that doesn’t work, try resetting or power cycling the unit. If all else fails, it might be time to have your unit serviced.

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