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How To Clean Hardwood Floors the Right Way

Wiping Down A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are an excellent way to add warmth and an element of class to your room. The mellow colors and natural texture make your living space more artistic.

But what happens when you stop caring for them? They lose their luster and texture and start looking like an old shed.

Unlike other floors, hardwood floors require proper care and attention. If you do not clean it regularly, it eventually will lose its appearance making your room look dull and shabby.


A hardwood cleaning spray is the best way to clean a hardwood floor. It will keep your floor’s finish intact while providing a natural shine to the material.

There are several other home remedies, but they require special attention to not harm the floor’s appearance.

Some of the everyday things used to clean hardwood floors include the following.

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Warm water and microfiber mop
  • Vinegar solution

Read further to learn how to clean your hardwood floor the right way!

5 Ways To Clean Your Hardwood Floors Correctly

Ceramic tiles, marble floors, and vinyl flooring are low-maintenance options. But, let’s face it, nothing can beat the beauty of hardwood floors.

Here are a few easy ways to keep them as good as new.

1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning Spray

Hardwood Cleaning Spray

The best way is to use the hardwood floor cleaning spray as they clear out the dust and debris from your surface without damaging the finish.

It is good to research and look for a PH-neutral cleaner to do the job. Here’s how to use the cleaning spray.

  1. Start using a vacuum cleaner and clear out all the debris and dust to make your floor free of dust particles.
  2. Spray the hardwood cleaner on a small patch and wait 5 minutes to let it sink in.
  3. You can also apply the cleaner using a mop to cover a larger area and do the job quickly.
  4. Once you thoroughly clean the floor with the cleaner, use plain water to finish.

2. Baking Soda

Baking Soda Mix For Hardwood Cleaning

Baking soda is a natural cleaner that helps to clean your hardwood floors.

However, you must be careful while dealing with it, as too much exposure can eventually damage the overall appearance of your floor. Use it gently to remove visible stains and scuff marks.

  1. If you see minor marks on your floor, use a sock or a tennis ball to gently clean them without putting much pressure.
  2. Use a baking soda if there is a significant scuff due to moving furniture or a heavier item on the floor.
  3. Apply baking soda on a damp cloth and gently rub it onto the mark until it disappears.
  4. Use a plain water mop to clear out the dust off the floor.

3. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing Soap For Cleaning Hardwood

Dishwashing and mild laundry detergents are also cost-effective ways to clean out hardwood floors.

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a mop to clear away dust and debris from the floor.
  2. Take a spray bottle and mix 1 tablespoon of detergent in 4 cups of water in it.
  3. Thoroughly shake the bottle to efficiently blend the solution and spray it on a smaller patch.
  4. Use a dry microfiber mop to clean the area.

Always use a damp mop with a diluted solution of soap to protect your hardwood floor finish. Using dripping mops and water can harm the floor’s texture and sometimes lead to swelling.

4. Floor Wax

Applying Floor Wax To Hardwood

Like your wooden furniture, your hardwood floors also require waxing to look shiny and as good as new after a while. Floor waxes are easy to use that help preserve their natural texture and luster.

  1. Use a lint-free old T-shirt or a soft cotton piece of cloth and moisten it a bit.
  2. Apply wax lightly and evenly by following the instruction on the package.
  3. Once the wax dries out, it will appear cloudy; you can buff it using a microfiber cloth or vacuum and make it look shiny and clean.

5. Diluted Vinegar

Vinegar To Clean Hardwood Floor

Vinegar is your best bet if you are looking for a cost-effective way to clean your hardwood floor.

However, always use a small amount of vinegar diluted in water to prevent it from causing harm to your floor, as vinegar is acidic and can damage the finish of your flooring if used directly.

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and debris from the floor.
  2. Dilute 1 cup of vinegar into a bucket of water.
  3. Dip a clean microfiber mop in the solution and wring it until it is damp.
  4. Thoroughly clean the floor using the solution, and rinse the mop often to keep it clean.

Use a soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar to clean the dust accumulated inside the gaps in your wooden floors.

Once you scrape out all the debris, use a vacuum cleaner for a final finish.


Nothing can beat the charm of hardwood floors. You can use the right furniture and wall hangings to add a touch of creativity and class to your room.

However, these floors require a lot of attention, and only the right products can do the job.

Hardwood floor cleaners, vinegar, and dishwashing soaps are excellent ways to clean the floors, but use a small amount to protect your floor’s appearance.

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