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How To Use Oxi in a Maytag Washer

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In today’s article, we will explore everything there is to know about using Oxi in a Maytag washer. From the benefits of using Oxi to the step-by-step guide on how to use it in both front-load and top-load Maytag washers, this comprehensive guide will help you make the most out of your laundry routine.


To use Oxi in a Maytag washer, mix the OxiClean with water and add the mixture to the bleach dispenser. Load your clothes into the washer, select your preferred washing mode and duration, add your chosen liquid detergent, and start the cycle. For top-load Maytag washers, add an extra ounce of OxiClean directly into the clothes for better results. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the ‘Oxi’ option for sanitization.

What is Oxi and Why Use It for Laundry Cleaning?

Oxi refers to oxygen-based cleaning products, such as OxiClean. These products contain oxygen bleach, a powerful stain remover, and laundry booster. The benefits of using Oxi for laundry cleaning are numerous:

  1. Effective Stain Removal: OxiClean can remove tough stains on water-washable clothing, carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.
  2. Odor Elimination: Products like OxiClean Odor Blasters can help eliminate foul odors from clothes, sheets, and other household items.
  3. Laundry Booster: OxiClean can be used with laundry detergent to boost the detergent’s cleaning power, making it more effective at removing stains and odors.
  4. Safe for Colors: OxiClean is color-safe and can be used on a variety of water-washable fabrics without causing damage or color fading.
  5. Versatility: OxiClean can be used for various cleaning tasks around the house, not just for laundry, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

How Oxi Works in a Maytag Washer

The Oxi feature in a Maytag washer is designed to enhance the cleaning and sanitizing process of your laundry. When you select the Oxi option on your Maytag Washer, the machine is programmed to add the Oxi product to the load at the correct time during the wash cycle. This ensures that the Oxi product is used effectively to clean and sanitize your clothes.

How to Use Oxi in a Front-Load Maytag Washer

To use OxiClean in a front-load Maytag washer, follow these steps:

  1. Mix 1 portion of OxiClean with 16 portions of water.
  2. Add this mixture to the bleach dispenser of the washer.
  3. Load the washer with clothes.
  4. Select the washing duration and mode you prefer.
  5. Add a liquid detergent of your choice and start the cycle.
  6. As the machine starts, add a certain amount of OxiClean as mentioned in the packaging on the empty plate.

How to Use Oxi in a Top-Load Maytag Washer

For a top-load Maytag washer, here are the steps:

  1. Mix 1 oz of OxiClean with about two cups of hot water.
  2. Add the OxiClean mixture to the bleach dispenser of the machine.
  3. In the detergent dispenser, add 1 oz of OxiClean with the detergent you normally use.
  4. Load the machine with clothes and add one more ounce of OxiClean directly into the clothes for better results.
  5. Start the washing cycle.

Safety Precautions When Using Oxi in a Maytag Washer

When using Oxi products in a Maytag Washer, there are several safety precautions and guidelines to follow:

  1. Use High Efficiency (HE) Detergents.
  2. Add Oxi Products Before Clothes.
  3. Do Not Mix Oxi Products with Chlorine Bleach.
  4. Use the Oxi Dispenser.
  5. Use the ‘Oxi’ Option for Sanitization.
  6. Avoid Overfilling the Dispenser.
  7. Regular Washer Maintenance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Oxi in a Maytag Washer

There are several common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using Non-HE Detergents.
  2. Incorrect Placement of Oxi-type Boosters.
  3. Using Oxi and Chlorine Bleach Together.
  4. Overloading the Washer.
  5. Not Using the Correct Cycle.
  6. Not Cleaning the Washer Regularly.

By following these guidelines and avoiding common mistakes, you can effectively use Oxi in your Maytag washer for cleaner, fresher, and stain-free clothes and fabrics. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use OxiClean on any fabric type?

While OxiClean is generally safe for use on various fabric types, it’s always a good idea to check the care label of your clothing or fabric items before use. Avoid using OxiClean on wool, silk, leather, and dry-clean only fabrics.

How much OxiClean should I use in my Maytag washer?

The amount of OxiClean to use can vary based on the size of the load and the level of dirtiness. However, a general rule of thumb is to use one ounce of OxiClean per load. Always refer to the product packaging for specific instructions.

Can I use OxiClean for other cleaning tasks in my home?

Yes, OxiClean is a versatile cleaner that can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks around the house. It can be used to clean carpets, hard surfaces, and upholstery, among others. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning tasks.

Can I use OxiClean in a Maytag washer if I don’t have the ‘Oxi’ option?

Yes, you can still use OxiClean in a Maytag washer even without the ‘Oxi’ option. Just add the OxiClean to the detergent dispenser or directly into the drum before adding your clothes.

Is it safe to use OxiClean with other laundry boosters or additives?

While OxiClean can typically be used with other laundry boosters or additives, avoid mixing it with chlorine bleach as this can result in hazardous gases. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using laundry products.

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