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How To Troubleshoot a Delonghi Coffee Maker

How To Troubleshoot A Delonghi Coffee Maker

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to awaken and invigorate your senses at the start of a new day.

So when you wake up to find out your Delonghi coffee maker has stopped working, you might be a little on edge. Fortunately, the issue might be something you can fix on your own.

Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot your Delonghi coffee maker.

  • Your Delonghi coffee maker can succumb to performance problems like any other appliance.
  • A quick troubleshooting process should help you isolate the issue.
  • First, consider the basics of your setup, including the power source and the proper placement of the machine’s components.
  • If your coffee maker is properly set up, there might be a clog somewhere in the system.
  • Improper settings and poor coffee grounds selection can also affect the quality of the brew.
  • Call a professional if you can’t identify the root of the problem on your own.

If your Delonghi coffee maker has just stopped working, there could be several reasons. That’s why knowing how to troubleshoot your coffee machine is important.

By performing this simple process, you can isolate the reason for the malfunction and perform the necessary steps to get your Delonghi coffee maker working again.

Troubleshooting a Delonghi Coffee Maker

1. Perform an Initial Inspection

Perform An Initial Inspection

In your groggy, half-awake state, it is possible that you might have overlooked some basic parts of the brewing process.

So if your Delonghi coffee maker doesn’t seem to want to work, here are some primary variables you should check:

  • Make sure that the machine is plugged in properly. If so, check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped.
  • Check the machine’s components if the power supply isn’t the issue.
  • Make sure that the reservoir contains enough water to start a brew. Your Delonghi coffee maker will not start brewing if the water isn’t sufficient.
  • Check the filter basket and the carafe to see if they are positioned properly. Some Delonghi coffee maker models will not begin brewing when these components are askew.

2. Check for Clogs

Check For Clogs

If none of those initial factors are causing problems with your Delonghi coffee maker, then it’s time to look closer at its more intricate parts.

  • Check the brew heads for obstructions. These heads can become clogged with coffee grains as they push out your drink. Some Delonghi coffee machines come with a tool that you can use to clean the heads.
  • Inspect your water lines for limescale build-up. Anything that prevents water from flowing freely into the reservoir will cause the coffee maker to stop.
  • Air bubbles can also obstruct the proper flow of water. Dispense two to three cups of water to get bubbles out of the system.

3. Consider Your Coffee Grounds and Settings

Consider Your Coffee Grounds And Settings

If your Delonghi coffee maker is working but isn’t dispensing the kind of coffee you expect, the machine itself might not be the problem.

Here are some possible reasons why your coffee isn’t coming out as you want it to:

  • Coffee is not creamy enough – Wrong type of coffee grounds; coffee is too coarse.
  • The brew flows out very slowly – The coffee is too coarse.
  • Coffee is watered down and flows out quickly – Coffee is too fine.
  • Coffee isn’t hot – The infuser hasn’t been heated; there’s excessive limescale build-up.
If None of These Explanations Work…

…you may have to get your Delonghi coffee maker serviced. More complicated problems may require more in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Tinkering with your Delonghi coffee maker can also void your warranty. Have your unit serviced if you can’t pinpoint the problem alone.


Starting your day without a cup of coffee can feel incomplete. So if your Delonghi coffee maker has suddenly stopped working, you should spare some time to troubleshoot the machine and isolate the cause.

But, just in case the troubleshooting process turns out inconclusive, don’t hesitate to get your Delonghi coffee maker serviced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Delonghi Coffee Maker?

A Delonghi coffee maker does not come with a dedicated reset button. Instead, you’ll have to turn off the unit and unplug it from the outlet. Then, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before restoring power.

Ensure you wait long enough, so the machine doesn’t use its auto restart function. This retains all previous settings in case of a power outage, so the machine doesn’t reboot.

Why Are Both Lights Blinking on My Delonghi Coffee Maker?

Both lights blink, indicating the machine is too hot to start a brew. Running water that exceeds the ideal temperature could affect the quality of the coffee and cause damage to the machine’s parts.

Turn the steam dial ON to cool it down and run 1-2 cups of water out of the machine.

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