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How To Fix E7 Error on Air Conditioner

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During hot summers, an air conditioner is a godsend. A broken air conditioning unit is the last thing anyone wants to deal with during a heatwave.

What should you do if you find yourself in this position and receive an e7 error code?


An e7 error code can mean a couple of different things. It usually refers to a “mode conflict” resulting from:

  • Fan blockage
  • Mode conflict
  • Power Loss

Not all A/C companies use the same error codes the same way. If you are struggling, you can check the manual for your unit.

For more information on what the e7 error means and ways you can try to fix it.

3 Reasons for an e7 Error Code

In most units, the e7 error code occurs when the unit detects a problem with how the fan functions.

There are three issues your unit can detect that might cause the e7 error code:

1. Fan Blockage

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The most common reason for an e7 error is that the system detects a problem with the outdoor fan.

This fan removes waste air from your house as the unit works, and if the system senses a problem here, it will refuse to operate for safety reasons.


To resolve this issue, locate the fan outside your building, and attempt to remove any blockages.

It’s not unusual for leaves to build up inside the fan or even for a critter to make a nest. Once all blockages are cleared, fully restart the unit.

If the error persists after a full restart, the problem may be with the wiring, which requires professional repair. Call a reputable HVAC service to come out and take a look.

2. Mode Conflict

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Some units, called split units, can heat and cool. These units have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

If for some reason, the control panel thinks two parts of the machine are in opposite modes (one is heating and one is cooling), it will produce an e7 error. This is most often a problem in communication wires or circuit boards.


Like most other computers, air conditioners can make occasional mistakes and become frozen.

Think of the e7 error like a blue screen – possibly a problem, but not necessarily. Sometimes, the error will resolve itself if the unit is fully restarted.

If the error persists after a full restart, you may have a bad control board or damaged communication wires. These will need to be replaced by an HVAC professional.

3. Power Loss

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The last reason for an e7 error code is a loss of power to part of the unit. This is a likely culprit if you’ve experienced a power outage or renovation since the last time you used the air conditioner.


There are a few things to try if you suspect power loss:

  • Fully restart the unit – sometimes, it just didn’t turn on right after a power outage.
  • Check for any flipped breakers (sometimes the unit has its breaker outside and the usual place) and reset them.
  • Check for signs of a pest problem around the perimeter of your house (they could be getting into your unit).

If none of these appear to be fixing the problem, then it may be that your unit’s grounding wire has a problem.

Only a professional experienced in electrical work should attempt to fix this. It’s time to call an HVAC service.

Error Codes in Air Conditioners

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Unfortunately, while these are the most common meanings of the e7 error code, not all manufacturers use error codes the same way.

If these don’t seem relevant, you can check your unit’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for a detailed list of their error codes.


The e7 error is very common. It typically represents an issue in the fan, communication between units, or the power supply to the unit.

The best action is to check for blockages in the outdoor fan, reset any tripped breakers, and do a full unit restart.

If the problem returns after a full restart, there is probably an issue with the circuit board or wiring. I never advise amateurs to do their electrical work and advise calling a professional HVAC service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Air Conditioning Unit I Have?

The model of the air conditioner you have should be printed onto a data sticker somewhere on the unit. Common locations include:

  • On the backside of the outdoor section of the unit
  • Just below the refrigerant valves

You can also look for the install paperwork from the unit, which usually includes a “travel sticker” with the same information.

Once you have located the sticker, you will need the company name at the top (Dometic, Gree, etc.) and the model number (printed m/n on the sticker).

Where Can I Find My Air Conditioning Unit’s Manual?

You can find the manual for your unit with the paperwork given to you when the unit was installed. Often, the manual is on file with the house title.

However, the easiest way for most popular brands is to search for your model number on their website.

How Do I Reset My Air Conditioning Unit?

Resetting your air conditioner is an easy, useful skill to have. To restart your unit:

  1. Turn off the breaker connected to your air conditioner.
  2. Flip the unit’s power switch off (located outside near the external unit).
  3. Hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds (it is red and small, so you can figure out where yours is using the manual).
  4. Flip all the switches (breaker, power supply, etc.) back to the on position.

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