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How To Store Washing Machines Outdoors

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Washing machines today are equipped with advanced electronic technology. Ideally, they are designed to be placed inside a safe place and away from direct sunlight.

However, we always do not have adequate space to store a washing machine.

If you live in an apartment with a small space, storing a washing machine outdoors is the only option.

Don’t worry; preplanning and using the right material for storing your device can protect it and keep it running longer.


Storing your washing machine can be intimidating, but here is a foolproof way to do it without damaging your appliance’s appearance or internal mechanism.

  • Use a wooden pallet to elevate the machine.
  • Place a PVC plastic tarp on the surface to create a moisture barrier.
  • Place the device over the prepared pallet and cover it with the tarp to protect it.

If you are worried about keeping your machine outdoors, read further as we uncover an unfailing way to protect it.

How To Store a Washing Machine Outdoors?

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Washing machines are costly, and we understand how heartbreaking it is for you to store them outside. However, here is a safe way to protect it from the outdoor environment:

Preparing the Outdoor Location

Stylish Room Interior With Washing Machine
  • Place a wooden pallet where you want to store the washing machine.
  • Lay a plastic sheet on the pallet. A heavy-duty PVC tarp creates a moisture barrier between the wooden pallet and the washing machine.

Be careful to keep the skid away from the walls of your home, as doing so can draw termites and other wood-destroying pests inside your home.

Preparing the Washing Machine for Storage

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Before storing the washing machine, it is essential to clear its pipes and drum from debris and lint residue.

Here’s how to do it:

  • While the machine is still connected to the water supply and drain, fill it with water and add a cup of white vinegar.
  • Now run a complete wash cycle without any laundry and let the water drain once it finishes.
  • Detach the water and drain lines carefully.
  • Thoroughly examine the pipes and spill out the remaining water.

Storing the Washing Machine

The Young Handsome Repairman In Worker Suit With The Professional Tools Box Is Fixing The Washing Machine In The Bathroom.
  • Now place the washing machine on the prepared wooden pallet.
  • Use a wooden stick to prop the washing machine door open to prevent mold growth due to moisture inside the washer.
  • Cover the appliance with a plastic tarp and secure it using a rope or bungee straps.

When you want to bring it inside, unwrap the machine and let it stay inside for 48 hours before starting.

It will allow it to accommodate the temperature-controlled environment.


Washing machines are designed to be kept indoors; however, sometimes, you have no option left due to a lack of space.

If you want to keep it outdoors, it is possible to place a wooden pallet under it and use a weather-resistant cover.

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