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How To Prevent Water in Your Humidifier From Turning Yellow

How To Prevent Water In Your Humidifier From Turning Yellow

Have you ever seen yellow water in your humidifier and wondered what it is?

Humidifier is an excellent appliance that helps in humidity control. However, it requires constant maintenance and cleaning to prevent the water from turning yellow.

The change of color is due to the mineral deposits in the heating coil of the humidifier. Once the water comes in contact with the coil, it changes its pH level, creating discoloration.

So instead of having clear, clean air in your room, your humidifier emits metals into the environment that can be hazardous to your health.


The water in the humidifier turning yellow is one of the most common complaints by appliance users.

However, it is easy to avoid it by following some easy tips:

  • Frequently replace humidifier water.
  • Regular descaling.
  • Use distilled water.

Read further to learn effective tips to prevent the water in the humidifier from turning yellow.

Ways To Prevent Water in the Humidifier From Turning Yellow

Humidifier is a convenient appliance for families with small children or allergy sufferers. It keeps the air humid and clears out traces of allergens and dust.

If you do not clean your machine regularly, you will notice the water inside the chamber getting yellow. It is not only a yucky sight but also a health hazard.

Follow the tips given below to avoid water discoloration:

1. Frequently Replace the Humidifier Water and Filter

Frequently Replace The Humidifier Water And Filter

One of the easiest ways to prevent your water from turning yellow is to replace it constantly.

The mineral deposit on the heating coils changes the pH level of the water. Therefore, regularly changing the water in your humidifier will minimize the chances of color change.

Similarly, the humidifier filter purifies the air before it enters the room. However, with time it can get clogged, and its microbial lining also breaks down, resulting in a loss of efficiency.

It is recommended to quarterly change the filter to ensure maximum performance.

2. Regular Descaling

Regular Descaling

If you use tap water in your humidifier, you will notice a crusty layer around the tank after a few days. It is a mineral deposit left behind once the hard water evaporates.

If your water sits too long in the humidifier and constantly interacts with the build-up, it can turn yellow.

The best practice is to weekly descale your appliance by using white vinegar or bleach.

Here’s how to do it:

  • First, unplug the device and fill it with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar.
  • Let it rest for a few hours, and remove all the scaling using a clean piece of cloth.
  • Once the humidifier is clean, replace the water and plug it back.

3. Use Distilled Water

Use Distilled Water

If you want to avoid descaling your humidifier every week, it is better to use distilled water. The hard water has immense minerals and impurities that cause scaling in your appliance and turn your water yellow.

You can protect your appliance’s heating coils and filter using clean filtered water.

4. Use Citric Acid

Use Citric Acid

Suppose bleach and vinegar cannot clear the mineral build-up in your humidifier. Instead, try citric acid for descaling.

Apply a small amount of acid on a toothbrush and gently scrub the affected parts. It will become not only as good as new but also smell fresh.


Several easy ways prevent the water in the humidifier from turning yellow. The most basic thing is to keep it clean and regularly change the water.

You can also descale the appliance using vinegar, bleach, or citric acid. Keeping the filters clean and replacing them quarterly is also a good practice.

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