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How To Move a Refrigerator Through a Doorway

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Buying a new refrigerator is a joy, but you may wonder how to move it to the house through the doorway. However, it is not as difficult as it was in the 1980s.

Current refrigerators use less energy compared to 1980s models. Therefore, replacing them can save you up to $100 yearly, according to Energy Star, provided by the US Environment Protection Agency and Energy departments.

The report also suggests that modern refrigerators are 20% more efficient than others that meet minimum federal standards.

If your house has a narrow doorway, you must plan before the refrigerator is delivered to avoid various problems that the doorway may cause.

Adding a new refrigerator to your home can pose new challenges if you do not plan.


Adding a new refrigerator to your home can be a great thing, but you need to plan to avoid various challenges that can come up due to your door size.

Ensure you know the size of your doorway by measuring its width, then know the size of your desired refrigerator from front to back. Ensure you measure everything along the side of the refrigerator, such as the back coils and the handle.

You can measure side to side if it seems smaller. If the measurements show that the refrigerator is smaller than the size of your doorway, then you can purchase it.

You have to remove the handle of your refrigerator if the shorter sides are longer than your doorway but ensure you follow the instructions in the user manual to remove it correctly.

You can remove the refrigerator’s doors if the handle removal does not allow it to move through the doorway.

Once you do that, follow the eight instructions below to move your refrigerator through the doorway and place it in your desired location.

Things You Need To Move the Refrigerator

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Putty Knife
  3. Refrigerator’s user manual
  4. Hex screw wrench
  5. Appliance dolly with straps
  6. A minimum of two people

8 Steps of Moving a Refrigerator Through a Doorway

Brand New Unboxed Fridge On A Trolley Next To The House Entrance
  1. Use a tape measure to measure the width of your doorway. Most standard house doors are 30 or 36 inches.
  2.  Measure the width of the refrigerator and include the back coils and the handles. Take side-to-side measurements if they seem smaller than your doorway by various inches. That shows that you are good to buy and add the new appliance to your home.
  3.  If the smaller sides of the refrigerator are greater than your doorway, remove the handles by following the instructions in the user manual. The handle has visible Phillips-head screws on its top and bottom. Rotate it horizontally to remove it from the door. If your refrigerator handle has a recessed set screw, you must use a hex wrench to remove them before rotating the handle.
  4.  You must remove the refrigerator door if the handle removal does not provide clearance. Refer to the user manual as well before you remove the door of the refrigerator. Please do not remove the toe plate unless the manufacturer recommends it.
  5.  Place the refrigerator on the dolly handle, but on the side with smaller measurements on the back. You have to strap the refrigerator on the dolly. Each dolly should have a strap to ensure they remain closed while moving.
  6.  Pull down the dolly handle on the top to ensure all the wheels engage. It is essential to have an extra person in the house near the doorway to help you center the fridge in the doorway and lift it if need be for a raised threshold. Remove the doorjamb with the coils and handles, and keep rolling the dolly to your desired location.
  7.  Put a heavy towel or a rug on the floor and place the dolly on it. Remove all dolly straps and remove the dolly lip from the fridge. The process leaves your refrigerator on a heavy towel or rug. Therefore, you can connect the ice maker and then move it carefully to the place to avoid floor damage.
  8.  Lift your refrigerator side by side to remove the towel or rug underneath, level it, and fix the handles and doors if necessary.

Never open your refrigerator door because children can get inside, yet it is very dangerous. You can remove the doors on the old refrigerator if you have one and strap or tie a new refrigerator door to ensure no child can get inside.

Use the appliance dolly strap to manage your refrigerator’s weight when moving it. Each dolly strap has a specific weight limit it can hold.

The user manual contains instructions on how to move the refrigerator. Ensure you read it through before moving the refrigerator. This will ensure you do everything correctly.


Adding a new refrigerator to your home can be a happy action, but it comes with challenges if its measurements are higher than your doorway side.

Before you buy it, take measurements of your door using a tape measure; measure the fridge from front to back, then side to side to know if any side is smaller than your doorway; you are free to buy it.

However, if all sides are bigger than your doorway, you must take certain actions to move the new refrigerator through the doorway, such as removing the handles and fridge door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Move the Refrigerator Through the Doorway Alone?

Your situation will determine if you can move it by yourself. However, it is best to let the professionals handle the task for you. Where you live determines the number of people you need to move the refrigerator.

If you are injured, moving the refrigerator is dangerous because it might worsen. Consider everything to decide how many people to move the refrigerator or use the professionals to ease the work.

Professional movers are preferable because they have the necessary equipment and expertise to move heavy home appliances such as fridges.

Although you can move it or with the help of someone, using professional movers helps you in overcoming all stress that comes with moving appliances.

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