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How To Keep Birds Away From Your Window AC

Window Ac With Bird

There’s nothing more annoying than having your AC unit blocked by birds and their droppings. Thankfully, there are several proven methods that you can use to help keep your window air conditioner unit clear of birds.


Have you ever wondered why birds flock to your window air conditioner unit?

The answer is quite simple; the shelter of the AC provides a secure and warm environment for building nests – making it an ideal spot for bird families.

Furthermore, with the additional protection from predators, this easily accessible nesting area offers multiple benefits that make it attractive to many species of feathered friends.

By following these ten proven methods, you can effectively keep birds away from your window AC and avoid the hazards of bird droppings and debris.

This will keep your AC in good condition and running smoothly for years to come!

This blog post will share ten tried-and-true strategies to keep pesky birds from getting close to your AC unit and creating an obstruction. Read on to learn how to protect your window air conditioner from birds!

What Dangers Do Birds Pose to an Air Conditioner?

Birds may not seem a serious threat to your air conditioner. Still, when the droppings, nesting materials, and other debris that birds carry onto your air conditioner accumulate and are not cleaned up, it can lead to several hazardous problems.

Bird droppings bring airborne particles into the air that can cause health issues such as candidiasis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and E. coli infection.

The droppings and nesting materials can also choke the air filter and damage the compressor fan blades, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Furthermore, energy losses will occur if birds peck off the insulation between the unit and the wall. So, taking precautions and keeping birds away from your window AC unit is important.

10 Proven Methods To Keep Birds Away From Your Window AC

You can use several techniques to keep birds away from your window air conditioning unit, including the following:

1. Install a Bird Guard

Bird Spikes Guard Installed

These metal bars or screens can be placed around the sides of your air conditioner unit to keep birds from getting too close.

2. Hang Discouraging Objects

Bird Scarer

You can use objects like rubber snakes, fake owls, and other similar items, which will effectively scare away the birds when they get too close.

3. Install Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

The sound of wind chimes can effectively keep birds away from your window AC unit. The noise will discourage them from coming close.

4. Put Up Netting

Bird Netting

This is an effective way to keep birds away without blocking the airflow. You can hang a net across the front of your window AC unit, and the birds won’t be able to get close enough to create an obstruction.

5. Install Spikes or Bumpers

Birds Spikes

These can be placed along the sides of your window AC to create an unpleasant surface that birds want to avoid.

6. Install Slanted Sheets of Plastic

Slanted Sheets Of Plastic

You can install angled sheets of plastic around the sides of your AC unit to create an uneven surface that birds won’t want to land on.

7. Clean Up Droppings and Nesting Materials Regularly

Clean Up Droppings And Nesting Materials

To keep your window AC running smoothly, cleaning up bird droppings and nesting materials regularly is important. This can help prevent debris buildup that could obstruct the airflow or damage the unit.

8. Relocate the Feeders

Birds Feeder

Moving them away is best if you have bird feeders near your AC unit. This will help discourage the birds from congregating around your window AC.

9. Install Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic Devices

These devices emit high-frequency sound waves and are installed around your window AC to help keep the birds at bay.

10. Cover the AC Unit

Cover Ac Unit

You can cover your window AC unit with a light trap or cloth when not in use to keep birds away. Just make sure to remove it before turning the AC on.

Now that you know how to protect your Window AC unit from birds, it’s time to start implementing these methods today and enjoy a refreshing breeze.

  • Make sure no deterrents block the airflow from reaching your AC unit.
  • Keep in mind that birds are protected by law, so it’s illegal to harm them in any way.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing any deterrent.
  • If you need more clarification about installing a bird guard or other deterrents, consult a professional.


Keeping birds away from your window air conditioner is an important task that can help ensure your AC runs smoothly and safely.

Regular cleaning up droppings or nesting materials can help prevent unnecessary repairs or replacements.

We hope these ten tips will help keep pesky birds away from your window AC unit!

Using any (or all) of these techniques can protect your air conditioner from bird-related obstructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aluminum Foil Deter Birds?

Yes, aluminum foil can be used to deter birds.

The shiny surface of the foil reflects sunlight and creates an uncomfortable environment for the birds, making them want to stay away.

What Smells Will Keep Birds Away?

Strong smells, such as peppermint oil, citronella, lemon, cayenne pepper, and vinegar, generally deter birds.

These smells can be used in various ways to keep birds away from your window air conditioning unit.

Is It Safe To Use Electronic Bird-Scaring Devices?

Electronic bird-scaring devices are a safe and effective way to keep birds away from your window AC unit.

The sound emitted by these devices is loud enough to startle the birds but not too loud to harm them.

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