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Differences Between Double Ovens and Single Ovens

Differences Between Double Ovens And Single Ovens

Thanksgiving is coming in a few days, and you must prepare a hearty meal for the whole family.

Now you are wondering how to manage everything without going crazy. For example, should I opt for a single or full-size double oven to do the job accurately? Which one will be more suitable?

Let’s look at some differences associated with these two types of ovens.


There is no one winner in a single oven vs. double oven debate. The choice depends on your family, home size, and daily cooking routine.

A single one is good for people with the following:

  • Have a small family.
  • Living with a Budget constraint.
  • Have a Modest living space.

A double oven is ideal for you if you have a:

  • Have a Big Family.
  • Work as a home caterer.
  • Have ample space.

If choosing the right oven is a big nuisance for you. Read further as we compare single vs. double ovens and discuss their pros and cons.

What Is a Single Oven

What Is A Single Oven

A single oven is a traditional model with a stovetop and one compartment for baking and cooking. It is commonly used in most homes as a cost-effective and energy-efficient option.

However, it doesn’t allow you to cook multiple meals simultaneously.

Pros of Single Ovens

Here are a few advantages of single ovens:

1. Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Most kitchens have space for a standard single oven, making installation easier. In addition, you do not require to modify the area for assembling the stove.

Similarly, it also provides more space for having an extra cupboard or a drawer at the top, making it a space-saving option.

2. Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Single ovens are more cost-effective than double ones. If you have a small family that doesn’t require a lot of heavy cooking, opt for a single range.

3. Suitable Height

Suitable Height

The single ovens are usually placed at an adequate height making them easier to use than a double one. You do not need to bend to close and open the door because they are placed at a suitable height.

5. Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

If energy efficiency is your primary concern, go for a single oven. It has a lower surface area and emits less heat than double ones.

Cons of Single Ovens

Single ovens are not a suitable option for everyone.

Here is a major drawback of a single oven:

1. Time Consuming

Time Inefficient

If you have an elaborate meal, there are better options than single ovens. However, they are time-consuming and require a whole day to cook multiple dishes.

What Is a Double Oven?

What Is A Double Oven

A double oven has two cooking compartments set to different temperatures and is used for baking and cooking simultaneously.

It combines a stove top with two ranges making it an ideal option for accommodating large family meals and home catering.

Pros of Double Ovens

Here are a few advantages of double ovens:

1. Time-Saving

Time Saving

Double ovens are ideal for multitasking. For example, you can easily prepare elaborate meals with the help of two ovens quickly.

Use one for cooking while the other for baking. It will help you cook meals more efficiently without spending hours in the kitchen.

2. More Capacity

More Capacity

In some models, the double ovens skip the lower storage compartment and offer a relatively large bottom range. As a result, it can be good for baking huge pots and dishes without hassle.


Never leave the food cooking unattended, even if you are going out for a second.

Cons of Double Ovens

Before you decide which oven to choose, look at the disadvantages of double ovens.

1. Expensive Option

Expensive Option

Double ovens are way more expensive than single ones. So if you have budget constraints, double ovens are not a suitable option.

2 Inconvenient Height

Inconvenient Height

The bottom compartment of a double oven is placed lower to the ground making it an inconvenient option for cooking. It requires significant bending to put the dishes and take them out.

3. Increase Energy Usage

Increase Energy Usage

Double ovens have two compartments that require more heat for cooking, which will emit more smoke, making it an energy inefficient option.


Single and double ovens both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your usage and family size.

Double ovens are an ideal option for large families or home caterers that requires elaborate meals in a shorter time.

Single ovens are suitable for small families with a limited budget.

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