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What Is a Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Brush?

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Turbo Brush Cleans Tiles In Living Room

Vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of the common household cleaning artillery. But as effective as it is at suctioning dirt, dust, and everything in between, its inability to reach certain areas of your home limits its functionality.

That’s why lots of manufacturers have come up with turbo brushes.

But what exactly is a turbo brush, and is it worth spending your money on? Here’s everything you need to know.

  • A vacuum cleaner turbo brush uses a rolling brush feature that dislodges dirt and dust from various surfaces.
  • It works best on fabrics, curtains, drapes, and furniture upholstery but also on various types of flooring, carpets, and rugs.
  • A turbo brush can be either mechanical or electric.

A vacuum cleaner turbo brush is an attachment that helps improve your vacuum’s cleaning power and reach. Depending on your cleaning needs, a turbo brush may come in handy to extend your vacuum cleaner’s application.

What Is a Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Brush?

A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Cleans The Carpet In The Living Room With The Bottom Of The Legs. Modern Technologies For Cleaning The House. Turbo Brush.

Most modern-day vacuum cleaners come with an assortment of heads that you can interchange depending on what you’re cleaning. The turbo brush is one of many vacuum cleaner attachments in the box with the unit itself.

The turbo brush features a set of hard bristles inside the head that attach to an axle. Most designs rely on the suctioning power of the vacuum cleaner to move the brush as the vacuum sucks in air, the brushes spin and dislodge dirt and dust over your cleaning surface.

For this reason, the turbo brush has become a favorite attachment for people who use their vacuum cleaners to get rid of dirt on rugs, carpets, curtains, and even furniture upholstery.

Types of Turbo Brush Attachments

The Turbo Brush Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Cleans The Carpet In The House In Close-Up. Modern Technologies For Cleaning.

There are different types of turbo brushes, and they’re categorized based on their power source. These specific categories include:

  • Mechanical – Mechanical turbo brushes rely on the suction of your vacuum cleaner to rotate. As you turn on the vacuum cleaner, the brushes begin to move. This allows for effortless, straightforward use and performance.
  • Electric – The electronic models require their power source, typically a battery or a power cord that attaches to the vacuum cleaner. You have to turn it on to get it to move, but it does provide more speed and control options so you can achieve a more thorough cleaning.

How To Choose a Turbo Brush for Your Vacuum Cleaner

White Vacuum Cleaner With V-Shaped Rotating Roller Head, Selective Focus. Concept Of Dry Cleaning, Vacuuming The Room

If you’re planning to buy a turbo brush for your vacuum cleaner, it’s important to ensure you’re spending on the right one. Here are some things to consider before you shell out your cash:

  • Compatibility – Although most turbo brushes are designed to fit most vacuum models, others use an attachment style that only works for certain vacuum cleaners, especially those from the same brand.
  • Energy Source – Mechanical turbo brushes require much less maintenance and are easier to use. Electric turbo brushes, on the other hand, provide more options for strength and speed for a more fine-tuned cleaning.
  • Added Features and Accessories – Some manufacturers go the extra mile with added features and accessories. These include interchangeable brushes, dedicated cleaning tools, and replacement parts.


A turbo brush can be an especially effective cleaning tool that can help you reach areas and clean surfaces that a normal vacuum cleaner’s nozzle can’t address.

Available in various styles, designs, and types, these indispensable cleaning attachments can significantly improve the kind of cleaning your vacuum can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Brush?

Your turbo brush should come with instructions on how to clean it. But if it doesn’t, you can inspect the enclosure for an opening.

Most designs let you open the attachment head to access and remove the brush so you can get rid of hair, dirt, and dust.

Are Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Brushes Universal?

Most of them are. This means you can fit a turbo brush onto your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle, even if they’re not from the same manufacturer.

Some brands, however, require that you only use turbo brushes from their line to protect your vacuum cleaner’s warranty. Make sure to read up before you purchase to guarantee that you’re buying a suitable turbo brush.

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