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Condenser vs. Vented Tumble Dryer: Which One To Buy?

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Are you planning to get a new tumble dryer? Buying a dryer is a challenging task.

You must keep many factors in mind, from price, maintenance, and performance to installation setup, to get the best one for your home. When comparing condenser and vented tumbler dryer, there is no one winner.


Here are the differences between a condenser and a vented tumble dryer:

  • The primary difference between vented and condenser tumble dryer is how they function and dry your clothes.
  • Vented tumble dryers use a long hose to expel moisture in the form of steam out of your home. They are placed near a wall or window to help humidity escape quickly.
  • On the other hand, condenser tumble dryers liquefy moisture from your clothes and collect it into a container called a reservoir. These dryers can be placed anywhere in the house as they do not require a setup for ventilation. However, you must constantly empty the reservoir to make your dryer work properly.

So are you still confused with all the dryer options in the market?

Read further, as this insightful article will explain the difference between vented and condenser tumble dryers in detail to help you make up your mind.

Helpful Tips
  • If you live in a higher-temperature place, opting for a vented dryer is better. Condenser ones emit a lot of heat while working, making your home temperature high.
  • If you live in a colder area and do not want to spend much on heating, you can place your vented dryer pipe inside the house to keep the temperature moderate.

Differences Between Vented and Condenser Tumble Dryers

Vented tumble dryers were a breakthrough invention in the 1940s that changed how people used to dry their clothes. With the advancement of technology, tumble dryers have evolved, and now two more types of dryers (condenser and heat pump) are also commonly used in the market.

These types have contemporary technology; however, vented tumble dryers are still preferred due to their energy efficiency and fast performance.

Let’s dig in to find out more differences in detail.

1. Technology

As mentioned earlier, the basic difference between vented and condenser dryers is the technology and the way they work. Vented dryers extract the moisture from the clothes and expel it with the help of a hose. On the contrary, condenser tumble dryers liquify moisture and reserve it within the dryer.

They do not require a hose to expel the liquid, making them an excellent option for small spaces and apartments.

2. Cost

Condenser tumble dryers work on a sophisticated technology of condensing moisture from the clothes. On the other hand, vented dryers do not require advanced technology as they only turn the water into steam and expel it. This difference in technology makes condenser dryers a bit more costly than vented ones.

Ideally, you get a vented dryer for 175$-300$, while the condenser dryers start from 250$-500$.

3. Maintenance

Vented tumble dryers require a professional for their installation. You can’t simply place it anywhere you like. These dryers need a hole in the wall or a window to expel the steam.

On the other hand, you can set the condenser dryer anywhere you want as long as the room is well-ventilated and spacious. However, unlike condenser dryers, vented ones are easy to maintain with no hassle in emptying the reservoir.

Vented tumble dryers are also lightweight and can be easily mounted on the wall, making them a space-saving option. On the contrary, condenser tumble dryers are heavier, and it is good to avoid mounting them on the wall.

Lint Buildup

The lint buildup is a part of the drying process, but you must keep your dryer clean to prevent clogged vents and ducts. These factors can hinder your appliance’s performance or damage it.

4. Performance

In terms of technology, condenser tumble dryers are much more advanced than vented ones. They have multiple options to adapt according to different fabrics.

Similarly, most dryers also offer features like anti-wrinkle clothing, auto-sensing, reverse tumbling, and start/delay. However, performance-wise, vented dryers are ahead. Their ability to extract moisture from the clothes and vent it is much more efficient than the condensing technology.

5. Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a crucial feature when getting a dryer for yourself. The condensing technology in the condenser tumble dryer requires a higher temperature for working. Primarily, it rises to 70-75 degrees. Hence, there will be more energy usage.

On the other hand, vented tumble dryers do not require a lot of energy to convert moisture into steam, making them an energy-saving option.


Always keep your room ventilated while using the condenser tumble dryer, as it dampens the room, resulting in higher humidity levels.


Vented and condenser tumble dryers are both efficient appliances with numerous benefits. The choice of dryer depends on your preferences and house setup.

You must pick a vented tumble dryer if you:

  • already have a hole in your wall or a place for the dryer near the window;
  • want a high-speed dryer with basic functions; and
  • have budget constraints.

On the other hand, a condenser tumble dryer is an excellent option if you:

  • have a small space or apartment;
  • want an efficient dryer with multiple settings and features; and
  • can spend good money on a dryer.

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