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Why Is My Washing Machine Beeping During the Cycle?

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Are you worried about the beeping noises from your washer during a cycle? These noises can be irritating if you do not know what is happening.

Beeping noises are an early warning that something might be wrong with the washer or the pile of laundry that you are cleaning.

However, not all washers give you display error codes when the washer starts beeping, which can be frustrating. If you have this issue, we will help you determine why your machine might be making beeping noises.

The good news is that only some of these reasons require professional help to fix the beeps in your washer. Unless something is damaged, you will not even have to do any repairs.


Here are some of the reasons why your washer might be making beeping noises during a cycle:

  • Overloading
  • The washer is not level
  • The lid is not closed properly
  • Water intake trouble
  • Drainage clog

We also have information on how to fix or stop the beeping in your washing machine.

5 Reasons Your Washing Machine Is Beeping During a Washing Cycle

Whether you have an old or new washing machine, hearing beeping noises is very common. However, identifying the cause of the beeping can help improve your washer’s efficiency and durability.

Let us look at the reasons why your washing unit might be beeping.

1. Overloading

Overloaded Washing Machine

One of the most common reasons your washer might be acting up is overloading. Most people overlook the weight limit in the washers and stick all their laundry in one load.

Most washing machines come with a maximum weight limit that informs you of the dry weight of the laundry you should put in the drum.

The sensor in the washer monitors the load weight and alerts you if the washer is overloaded, causing the beeping.

Overloading your washer does more harm than good. Firstly, it can damage the unit’s internal components as it adjusts and compensates for the added weight. In addition, it also reduces the efficiency of washing your laundry.

How To Fix and Overloaded Washer

The simplest way to avoid overloading your washing machine is by checking its maximum weight limit. Some models have their weight limit displayed on the front panel or the under lid.

Alternatively, you can always check the user manual, go online, or contact customer support if you don’t find it.


Do not attempt to open the washer door when the drum is still spinning. Instead, always follow the proper procedures to safely stop the washing machine mid-cycle.

2. The Washer Is Not Level

Wooden Table Front Defocused

Another common thing that people overlook is leveling the washer to the floor. If your washer is not perfectly flat, you might hear some beeping.

During a washing cycle, the drum has a lot of agitation and movement. Uneven surfaces increase the vibration in the machine, causing it to move around more rapidly.

The washer can start beeping to indicate that it is off balance and is at risk of tipping over.

In addition, placing your washer on an uneven surface also increases the chances of damaging the drum or seals coming loose. This could create more problems like malfunctions in the unit or flood the house.

How To Fix an Unlevel Washer

The first thing you need to level your washer is a bubble level. You can use the level to check if your adjustments are correct.

Most washing machines come with adjustable legs. You can easily level the unit and prevent those loud beeps by raising or lowering the legs individually. If you are having a problem adjusting the legs, the manual can give you a quick guide on how to do it.

If your washing unit does not have adjustable legs, you can place cardboard shims or wood under the washer.

In addition, you can also buy a washing machine trolley that also has adjustable legs. They will level the machine and help absorb vibrations from the unit.

3. The Lid Is Not Closed Properly

Lid Of Washing Machine Not Properly Closed

Another issue that can cause your washing machine to beep is if the door does not close correctly.

The door prevents clothes from flying out of the washer during a cycle. If the machine detects that the lid is not securely locked, it will sound like a warning to let you know of the potential risk and stop the cycle midway.

Some of the reasons your door can have problems closing might be a broken or dirt seal or loose hinges.

How To Repair a Loose Lid

If you think the beeping might be caused by the lid not securely locking into the washer, call a repair expert to help you.

4. Water Intake Trouble

Top Load Washing Machine

Water intake trouble can also cause beeping in your washing unit during a cycle.

Blocks, clogs, and tears in the intake pipe can reduce the water fed into the drum. Low water levels can lead to damage to the drum.

How To Fix Water Intake Problems

Before disconnecting the water intake hose, you need to check if there is any visible damage or leaks on the pipe. If the line is damaged, you will need to replace it with an open pipe that the manufacturer recommends.

Clogs or blocks in the intake pipe are easy to handle. Disconnecting the hose and running hot water through it should dissolve any deposits that cause clogging. However, if there is an extensive blockage, you should buy a replacement.

5. Drainage Clog

Gray Washing Machine Drain

Lastly, drainage issues can also cause beeping noises from your washer.

Your washer must drain the water it uses before completing the cycle. In most cases, the unit will start beeping and stop the drum if the drain pipe is clogged.

Another sign that might indicate a drainage clog issue is finding your clothes still soaking after the complete washing cycle.

How To Repair a Drainage Clog

The first step in fixing a drainage clog is examining the hose. Use hot water to clean out any deposits blocking the pipe. However, if there are extensive clogs or damage to the tube, your best bet is to replace it with a genuine part.


In most cases, beeping in your washer might be caused by overloading or having it on an uneven surface. However, your washing machine might also run into trouble if the lid is loose or there are clogs in the water intake or drain pipes.

If none of these fixes worked and your washer stills continue to beep, you should call an expert to help you with the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Washing Machine To Stop Beeping?

The most important thing is to identify the reason for the noise. Your washer might be overloaded, on an uneven surface, have a problem with its door, or have a clogged intake or drain pipe.

Can Resetting the Washing Machine Stop the Beeping?

In most cases, resetting or turning the washer off is only a temporary solution. You need to identify the reason for the beeping and fix the issue.

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