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Why Is My Mini Fridge So Loud and Buzzing? (& How To Fix)

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You buy a mini fridge with a low noise level, and suddenly it starts humming loudly, and it causes discomfort. Of course, the question immediately arises, why is it making a fuss – what can I do to fix it?


For many reasons, your mini fridge may make a lot of noise during operation. But first, you need to find out the cause of the noise.

Here’s what could be causing your mini fridge to make a loud noise:

  • Wrong location
  • Refrigeration unit
  • Incorrect installation

If this noise starts already with the installation of the device, then perhaps the reason is in the model itself, its characteristics, and its functions.

Therefore, it is advisable to do your research before making such an investment.

The most common problem associated with having this unit at home is the noise it causes. Often, the sounds of the mini fridge can be exaggerated, causing discomfort, irritation, or inability to sleep.

Here’s what you can do to fix this issue:

2 Ways To Fix Your Mini Fridge if It Is Noisy

Note that when choosing a mini refrigerator, you should pay attention to the label on the front. You will see the power consumption class, the volumes of each chamber, and the decibel readings.

If you want the refrigerator compartment to operate almost silently, analyze the models and buy the one with the lowest noise readings.

And if there is still a loud hum after choosing a quiet mini fridge? Here’s what you can do:

1. Check if the Device Is Installed Correctly

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If your mini fridge touches objects or nearby furniture, it may create vibrations and unpleasant noise. Therefore, for normal operation, it is necessary to leave a space of about 5 cm between the mini fridge and any objects, walls, etc.

2. Pay Attention to the Shelves and Drawers Inside

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By the way, this applies to new and old mini-refrigerators. Shelves or boxes may touch each other inside – this creates noise. In such a situation, you must correctly distribute the contents on the shelves.

Reasons Why Your Mini Fridge Makes a Loud Noise

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Loud noise can mean serious problems and defects that can be quickly corrected. Here are the most common reasons for this phenomenon:

Reason #1: Wrong Location

The wrong location is one of the main reasons for the noise of the refrigerator. In this case, the sound is rattling. This means that you probably placed the device near furniture or a wall. Then there are vibrations in the refrigerator that gives rise to the annoying noise.

Reason #2: Refrigeration Unit

If your refrigerator has a refrigeration unit that is turned on, this is most likely causing the noise. In this case, the sound is lighter and tolerable.

Reason #3: Incorrect Installation

Often, the reason for the noise of the mini refrigerator can be the improper installation of the unit. Therefore, ensure that you have firmly attached the feet of the appliance.


The unpleasant noise from the mini fridge is quite common and can be caused by many reasons. Eliminating this problem can be a fairly simple task.

On the other hand, ignoring this problem can lead to more serious damage to the refrigerator and the need for expensive repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Call a Technician if My Mini Fridge Is Noisy?

In some mini-fridges and freezers, the only part that makes noise and vibrates is the compressor. The noise in the refrigeration compressor is caused by the wear of the moving parts and the appearance of clearances between them.

Since the compressors of domestic refrigerators are not repairable, this problem can only be solved by replacing the compressor.

How Do I Install the Mini Fridge Correctly?

The main thing is that the refrigerator should not be located near heating devices or in warm places, and direct sunlight should not fall on it.

Experts recommend placing the refrigerator at a distance of at least 5-10 centimeters from appliances that emit heat. If you still need to install it near a stove, you must protect it from infrared rays.

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