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Why Is My Miele Washer Leaking Water?

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A reliable Miele washer is easily one of the most convenient appliances around the house. However, having a leaky washing machine can cause you a lot of trouble and destruction to your house’s walls and foundation.

Nothing is more irritating than finding your washer or dryer leaking when you have a pile of laundry you need to wash. Leaks are the most common problem with most Miele washers. Fortunately, the most common causes of leaks are easy to repair once you identify the problem.

This article will help you identify the causes of leaks at the front or back of a Miele washer. After knowing the leak source, you will better understand how to do the repairs yourself.


Twisted or damaged hoses and seals are the most common reasons why your Miele Washer might be leaking. And the culprit might be an uneven surface and faulty parts like a water pump, a misaligned door, or a cracked detergent dispenser.

In addition to looking at the common causes of Miele washer leaks, we will also provide information on how to fix them.

8 Reasons Why Your Miele Washer Is Leaking

Free-Standing Miele Washing Machine On Display

Before starting a DIY project on fixing your washing machine, you must identify the problem. The first step is to turn off and unplug the washer before starting the project. Then, turning off the machine’s water supply helps prevent further flooding.

Let us look at the most common causes of your Miele washer leaking.

1. Miele Washer Not Level

Leaking Washing Machine At Home

Unlevel installation is one of the most common culprits for the water pool around the washer. Unlevel washing machines are easy to overlook.

Unbalanced washers can cause water leaks as they vibrate, spin, agitate, and shake. Increased vibrations can also lead to gaskets and hoses coming loose, leading to leaking.

In addition, if your washer is not level, it increases the water pressure in the machine. Your Miele washer might have difficulty containing the high pressure, leading to worn seals, damaged fixtures, and plumbing leaks.

How To Fix Unlevel Washers

If the washer is unlevel, you should take out the bubble level to determine if the floor or washing machine is level.

Most washers come with adjustable legs that can be raised or lowered to ensure they are level. You can always consult the user manual if you have a problem adjusting.

In addition, you can also buy adjustable trolley bases to hold your washer. The bases also have adjustable legs that you can move as you see fit to keep the machine level. Likewise, they are also ideal for absorbing the vibrations from your washer.

2. Twisted or Split Drain Hose

Split Drain Hose Of A Washing Machine

Another reason your washer leaks might be a kinked or cut drain hose. Drain hose leaks are found at the back of your washing machine.

Twisted or clogged hoses can prevent water from draining in your Miele washer, causing a backup. And as water pressure builds up within the pipe, it will likely start leaking. Furthermore, a split drain hose will have the same effect on your basement.

How To Fix a Twisted or Damaged Drain Pipe on Your Washer

If the drain pipe looks entangled or twisted, gently straightening the kinks should help eliminate the issue. You can always disconnect the hose from the washing machine if you have to.

For a clogged drain hose, you can inspect it by disconnecting the hose and checking the drain snake. You can gently wipe the clogs from the snake.

If you notice a split in the drain pipe, your best bet is to remove and replace it with a recommended tube. Consult the machine manual or contact customer support to know the best pipe you should use for the Miele masher.

Refitting The Drain Pipe

Ensure the drain hose is securely fitted into the washer and drain pipe to prevent accidental leaks or loose connections.

3. Door Out of Alignment

Plumber In Overalls With Tools Is Repairing A Washing Machine In The House

Leaks can also occur if the washer’s door is misaligned, leading to problems with closing the door and water spilling out.

Repairing a Misaligned Washer Door

Readjusting any loose hinges on the Miele washer will ensure the door is well-aligned. Call a certified professional to help you if you are having trouble realigning the door yourself to prevent even more expensive repairs.

4. Loose, Split, or Clogged Water Intake

Dirty Rusty Filter Of Water Supply Hose Of Washing Machine Close Up Needed To Be Cleaned To Prevent Damage Or Leak.

Another reason your Miele washer might leak water is a loose, damaged, or clogged water intake hose. The build-up in water pressure from the hose can cause leaks. Water intake leaks are found at the back of the Miele washer.

Likewise, an intake valve malfunction can cause a leak, since the valve is electronically operated, regulating the amount of water getting into the machine. If the valve is faulty, it can lead to more water getting into the drum, potentially flooding the house.

How To Fix an Intake Leak in the Washer

You should follow the same procedure for fixing the drain pipe when fixing a leaky intake hose. Always check for visible kinks, clogs, or splits in the tube.

In case of a malfunctioning intake valve, it is better to leave it to professionals to make repairs.

5. Dirty or Broken Door Seal

Brokern Washing Machine Door Seal

The dirty or broken door gasket can be why your washer might be flooding the house.

The rubber gasket on front-loads washing machines provides a water-tight seal when you close the door. However, dirt or damage to the gasket can prevent its efficiency, causing leaking.

Repairing a Washer Door Seal

Always gently clean out any dirt on the door seal after any wash. On the other hand, broken gaskets should be replaced by an expert.

6. Water Pump Leak

Hand Holding An Old Water Pump Of An Old Laundry Washer

Though not a common issue, sometimes water pump leaks can occur. Water pump leaks can be seen under the Miele washer.

Vibration and high water pressure can cause the seals in the water pump to loosen, break or tear. Furthermore, a damaged pump can also lead to leaks.

Water Pump Leaks

You should repair the water pump leaks immediately. The pump is next to the motor, which can get damaged by water leading to total machine failure.

Fixing a Miele Washer Water Pump

Trying to repair the pump without proper knowledge can be catastrophic. Always call a professional to help with the repairs.

7. Faulty Sump Hose

Washin Machine Drain Hose

A sump hose is a flexible hose that connects the machine’s drum to the pump. Tears in the hose can be caused by metal objects passing through it or limescale buildup, leading to clogging and splitting.

A damaged sump hose might also cause the machine to flood. If leaks are underneath the washer, you can notice splits or breaks in the hose.

Sump Pipe Repairs

If you suspect the Miele sump pipe is damaged, the best option is to call a repair professional to inspect it. They can also steam out and remove limescale clogging the hose before any permanent damage is done.

8. Malfunctioning Detergent Dispenser

Detergent Dispenser

Lastly, a faulty soap dispenser can also cause considerable damage to your washing machine.

Detergent and fabric conditioners can harden, leading to cracks or blockages in the dispenser. This can cause water not to enter the drum and leak out the front of the Miele washer, leading to potential flooding.

How To Fix a Faulty Soap Dispenser

Repairs to the dispenser should be done using manufacturer-recommended parts. At the same time, you should consult your user manual to perform the repairs. If you still have any problems, call in a professional.


Though leaks are rare on the Miele washer, they can often happen without knowing. The first step before fixing leaks on your washing machine should be identifying the problem. Pipe management can help prevent pipes from getting tangled or splitting.

In addition, repairing and replacing any faulty parts in the washer should help prevent more flooding in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would a Miele Washing Machine Leak From Underneath?

The most common cause of water leaking at the bottom of your washer is a damaged sump tube or faulty water pump.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Leaking Washing Machine?

The price of repairing your washer depends on which part of the machine is damaged. The average cost of fixing the leak is about $70 to $200.

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