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How To Hide an Air Conditioner Unit Outside

Double Ac Units Outside White Brick Home With Green Landscape And Gravel

The outdoor unit of an AC system is no less than an eyesore for homeowners. It cannot be very clear when you have to decide what to do with it, how to place it, and where to place it.

Instead of worrying about this problem, you need to look into some effective and genius ways to hide the outdoor unit without compromising its functionality.


Here’s a flashforward of some creative ideas that will perfectly hide your outdoor unit while leaving them enough room to breathe and function efficiently:

  • Planting Shrubs Can Work Wonders
  • A Picket Fence Will Lift the Aesthetics
  • Go With Planter Boxes
  • Try Using a Privacy Screen
  • Build a DIY AC Cover
  • Buy Lattice Panels
  • Build an AC House

Hiding an AC outdoor unit can be fun and exciting if you take this as an opportunity to practice your creativity. In this blog, We will discuss some creative ways to hide your outdoor unit without its efficacy, functionality, and safe ventilation distance being compromised.

7 Creative Ways To Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

Before diving straight into the ways of guiding your AC, there are some things that you should consider and take care of:

  1. Always read the company’s instructions for a safe distance of the outdoor unit
  2. It is imperative to leave some space for the unit to breathe and function properly
  3. Make sure the place is shady and cool and is not too congested

Now that you have taken care of the basics let’s dig deeper into how you can hide it.

1. Planting Shrubs Can Work Wonders

Park With Shrubs And Green Lawns, Landscape Design

The best way of hiding your outdoor unit is by using shrubs and greenery. It will not only hide the unit but also ensure that your backyard or lawn doesn’t lose its aesthetic value.

Furthermore, since the green shrubs are not made of something solid, they would not block the ventilation of the unit, keeping it functional and maintaining its safe distance.


Be careful while planting shrubs near the AC unit. Always leave some distance from the AC before planting greenery there because it will protect the plants from getting damaged due to emissions of the AC and will also give them enough room to mature in size.

2. Lift the Aesthetics With a Picket Fence

Gate, Fence And Climbing Roses. Colorful Spring Background, Home Entrance, Curb Appeal

Creating a picket fence around the peripheries of your outdoor unit will make a huge impact and hide the AC.

You will need to have its raw material, and you can dig and install it by yourself by reading the manual or watching some Youtube videos.

3. Go With Planter Boxes

Organic Produce Sold At Farmer's Market. A High Angle View Of Rustic Wooden Planters Filled With A Variety Of Fresh Herbs And Edible Plants Displayed At An Open Air Agricultural Fair For Local Farmers

Planting shrubs and other small plants around the outdoor unit can be detrimental to the health o the plants, and it will require you to take care of them diligently.

However, buying and keeping the plantar boxes in the peripheries will solve this problem.

Moreover, unlike planting shrubs, you would not have to plant them as you will only put the boxes in which the plants have already been planted.

4. Try Using a Privacy Screen

Screened In Back Porch In A House In Florida

You can also use a privacy screen of your choice to cover the area in front of the outdoor unit of your AC.

There are many different privacy screens, from black to mirror and mosaic model screens. You can buy any of these as per your preference.

5. Build a DIY AC Cover

House Air Conditioning Unit With Protective Cover During Fall Season. Concept Of Home Air Conditioning, Hvac, Repair, Service, Winterize And Maintenance.

If you love your things and like to take care of them, you can build a DIY AC cover. It would not be tough to make.

You will need to buy the material needed and follow the instructions in the kit manual, or you can also find the steps online.

6. Buy Lattice Panels

Lattice Wooden Walls. Light Wood Background

Lattice panels are also ideal for protecting and hiding your AC unit.

You can buy them online or on-site at an affordable price range. They are available on Amazon for you to buy.

7. Build an AC House

Air Conditioning System Unit Installed Outside Facade Of The House

You can get as creative as you want with building an AC house. The AC house can also be made from wood or can even be made of cement as per your choice and available material.

You can design this little house according to the theme of your house so it matches the overall scene.


The list of how to hide your outdoor AC unit is quite long. But, you will need to consider the methods that are not only easy, useful, and budget-friendly but are also efficient, practical, and functional.

From building an AC house and buying lattice panels to using a privacy screen and planter boxes, you can choose anything to your taste and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Enclose an Air Conditioner Unit?

Never make the mistake of enclosing your air conditioner’s outdoor unit without leaving any space.

At least, you should leave 12 inches from the sides while marking its boundaries.

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