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Why Does My Washing Machine Shock Me?

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Have you been wondering why your washing machine keeps shocking you? Whether it’s a mild or an intense shock, read on to find out why.

Key Takeaways

Ideally, your washing machine is not supposed to shock you, but when this happens, these are some factors that can be responsible:

  • Grounding problem
  • Cable problem
  • Socket problem
  • Faulty dynamo motor
  • The machine’s component

We’ve given a detailed explanation of how the factors above can cause your washing machine to shock you. So stick around and learn more about this.

5 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Is Shocking You

Knowing why you’re getting shocked will help you eliminate the problem on time.

1. Grounding Problem

Welding Copper Ground Wire

Your washing machine might shock you if you don’t have a grounding cable or is not properly installed.

An electrical grounding is a protective measure that creates an alternative route for electrical current to flow back to the ground if there’s a problem with the wiring system.

A grounding cable will drain excess electric discharge to the ground while you wash, which prevents you from getting shocked.

You need to check if your grounding cable is well installed or exists.

If it’s not a grounding issue, it could be the case of a peeled cable.

2. Cable Problem

One Damaged Cable Parts Peeled

Your cable’s condition can affect your washing machine’s behavior—for instance, a peeled cable.

A peeled cable poses a threat, especially when it’s not noticed on time. So, you should check your washing machine’s power cable thoroughly to see whether it’s in good shape.

You should install electrical insulation to cover the minor part if it’s a peeled cable case. But if the cable is completely severed, you should change the entire cable.

To be safe, you should seek help from a professional.

3. Socket Problem

Dirty Dust On Power Socket

One can’t seem to escape from electric socket damage. When there’s a fault with the socket, it most likely will discharge electric shocks.

Observe if there’s a problem with the washing machine’s socket. If there is, it’s quite dicey to tamper with it. So instead, kindly seek a professional’s help to replace it.

4. Dynamo Motor

Car Generator Electrical Network Element

This is the part of your washing machine that drives it.

Unfortunately, the dynamo motor usually overheats based on its frequent use. When this occurs, there will be an electric short inducing an electric shock when the body of your washing machine is touched.

If you perceive a charred smell when your machine is in use, it could indicate that your dynamo motor has burned due to overheating, and the remedy is getting a technician to fix the damage.

5. The Machine’s Component

Repair Washing Machine Motherboard

Your washing machine has various components which allow it to function properly. However, sometimes the components experience short circuits, which can cause shocking effects, especially if your washing machine has a dryer.

You’d be shocked if your washing machine has a dryer and it’s damaged.

To fix this, you need to get a competent person to check it out and do what is needed.


Please don’t try to explain away the electric shocks you’ve been experiencing.

If your washing machine is shocking, it might be caused by your storage location, dynamo motor, socket, grounding, or cable problem.

So, thoroughly investigate the problem and avoid using your washing machine till you get the problem solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Washing Machine Need To Be Grounded?

This is a question about your safety and the law. But, first, it’s paramount for all electrical appliances to be grounded, according to NEC.

Grounding prevents you from being electrocuted.

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