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Why Does My Washer Turn On by Itself?

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Has your washing machine ever turned on itself in the middle of the night? Don’t worry! It’s not a horror movie scene but a common glitch with washing machines.

It can get intimidating and scary (honestly), but it is a simple error you can fix in no time.

So why does it turn on by itself, and how to fix it?


There are several reasons why your washing machine can turn on by itself, but the most common one is due to a damaged control board.

The on/off button on your washer is connected to a control board that can malfunction, resulting in unwanted actions.

The fault can be either due to:

  • Damaged wiring due to condensation.
  • Faulty control board.

If the wiring responsible for turning on your washer is damaged, it can be due to condensation caused by unwanted moisture added inside. Meanwhile, a faulty control board can occur due to overuse or a short circuit.

Both reasons are easy to fix and don’t require much effort.

Are you tired of dealing with your washing machine? Read further as we uncover why washers turn on on their own and how to fix it.

3 Reasons Why Washing Machine Can Turn On by Itself (+ Fixes)

Dealing with a washer that turns on its own can be a nuisance, but honestly, it is not a big issue and can be fixed with some easy DIY solutions.

So before digging into the solutions, let’s look at a few common reasons for this malfunction.

1. Power Outage

Emergency Power Outage In House

A power outage during laundry can turn off your washing machine indefinitely. However, once the power is back, your washing machine will automatically turn on and start working usually.


Removing the power plug of your washer in case of a power outage is recommended to stop it from automatically turning on.

2. Faulty Control Board

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A control board takes instructions from the user and helps the machines perform accordingly. If you notice your device is turning on by itself, there may be a fault with the control board that needs your attention.


It can be a glitch called an “endless cycle” that you can quickly fix with the help of an easy remedy.

  1. Look at the user manual and put your washer into diagnostic mode.
  2. Keep the dial of your washer at 12 o clock position and dial left and right, a few times within five seconds.
  3. If you do this correctly, you will see all lights of your LED will light up.
  4. Now turn the dial clockwise, one click at a time (you will notice the LED lights start turning on and off in a sequence).
  5. Keep turning until you only see the light for wash and spin.
  6. Now for 5 seconds, press and hold the start button, and you will see the lights will click off.
  7. Turn off your washer for 10-20 seconds and turn it on again.

If your machine starts working correctly, you have successfully fixed the glitch in no time.

3. Problem With the Wiring

Washing Machine Repair

The wiring within the control board can also get damaged, sometimes leading to your washing machine turning on itself. If the wire connecting the on/off button with the control board gets faulty, your device can turn on anytime.

There are several reasons for malfunctioning, but the most common one is moisture. The wires inside the control board are sensitive to condensation. So if your button is loose, it might take some water and drip inside the control board, causing damage to the wiring.


Changing the machine button or sealing it to protect it from moisture is advisable. If your wiring is damaged, it is better to replace the control board to avoid further damage.


Your washing machine can face several malfunctions. Some can be fixed with easy, quick fixes, while others require professional help. If your device turns on itself, don’t fret! It is not a significant concern and can be fixed easily.

Replace your control board or seal your button to avoid moisture getting inside the system. Then, you can remove the electrical glitch of your control board with easy steps and see how things work.

If, after doing every recommended step, you still face the issue of your washer turning on by itself, seek professional help.

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