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Where To Position an Air Conditioning Unit

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Choosing the best position for the AC system in your room can be more confusing than your expectations! The good news is you don’t have to worry any further.

We have compiled some best-kept tips and suggestions to solve your problem once and for all.

You should know where to install and where not to install your air conditioner to make it function efficiently.

Placing it on the wall adjacent to the bed, on the long wall in a rectangular room, and at a height that is easily approachable for maintenance.


The best way to perfectly position your AC in your room is to avoid the worst mistakes you can make. Avoid some places while installing your AC unit in the room.

  • Directly Above the Door
  • Near a Heat Generating Appliance
  • Facing the Window

After this, you would want to consider the best places for your AC unit:

  • Wall Adjacent to Your Bed
  • Place it on the Longer Wall in a Rectangular Room
  • Level it on Optimum Height

The performance of your AC is greatly affected by the position of your AC in the room. If the position is not suitable, it can affect the temperature regulation of your air conditioning unit and prove to be heavy on your pocket.

Where Not To Position Your Air Conditioning Unit

Before diving into the positions you should place your AC on, you must look into the places you shouldn’t consider for your AC installation:

1. Directly Above the Door

Technician Man Installing The Ac Unit Above The Window

Installing your AC directly above the door can be your worst decision. When you open the door, it lets the conditions air out of your room.

Maintaining your room temperature for a long when the AC is placed above the door will be hard.

2. Near a Heat Generating Appliance

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Another place that you should avoid placing your AC unit is near a heat-generating appliance like a refrigerator.

Moreover, you should also avoid placing it over your TV because an air conditioner can sometimes also produce moisture that will probably get into your TV, temporarily or permanently damaging it.

3. Facing the Window

Air Conditioner On The Wall In Bedroom

Windows are the areas that come in direct contact with sunlight in your room.

When you place your AC in front of the window, it will most likely suffer an overload because it will keep operating without being able to lower the temperature, as the sun will also be working on increasing the temperature simultaneously.

Ideal Places To Fit Your AC

Now comes the part where you must decide which area to go for. You can choose any place from any of the following places to make your AC system work efficiently.

1. Wall Adjacent to Your Bed

White Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air On Brick Wall In Living Room

Many prefer installing their system over their beds, which is also very common. It is to make your experience more comfortable and better.

However, not many people realize they can negatively impact your sleep because when the AC emits any liquid or moisture, it will affect your sleep.

2. Place on the Longer Wall in a Rectangular Room

Calm African American Woman Sit On Couch Relaxing Under Air Conditioner

If you have a rectangular room, the long wall is the best place for an AC. The long wall provides a free air overflow compared to the short wall.

Free air overflow is impossible when the AC is placed on the shorter wall.

3. Select a Place With Optimum Height

Young Woman Looking At Male Technician Repairing Air Conditioner Mounted On Brick Wall

The optimum height for an AC to be placed on a wall is neither too high nor too low. It would help if you placed it on a medium level to remain approachable for the technicians and even for you for technical purposes.

It becomes unapproachable for the technicians and a hassle if it’s too high.


You should leave over 15 cm from the ceiling when placing an AC system.

15 Second Summary

You are most likely to end up being indecisive when it comes to choosing a place for your AC.

It should be mounted on a wall, but you should avoid the areas above the door, near a heat-generating appliance, and the area facing the window.

You should go for mounting your AC on the wall adjacent to your bed. If it’s a rectangular room, choose the long wall.

Lastly, the height should be neither too high nor too low; choose an ideal height.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Position for an AC in a Bedroom?

It should be placed on either the bed’s right or left side. It is better to avoid placing it directly above the bed.

Where Should I Place the Outdoor Unit of My AC?

It is best to place the outdoor unit of your AC in a dry, airy, and safe place. The area should be well-ventilated.

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