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What To Do if You Suspect You Have a Hot Water Gas Leak

Gas Leak Pipeline At Insulation

Gas water heaters are extremely useful, especially if you need hot water running in the house at any time.

Though the system is relatively safe, malfunctions or faulty parts can be extremely dangerous.

Hot water gas water leaks are just like other types of gas leaks. Any leaks should not be taken lightly and require immediate attention. If you suspect any gas leaks, the last thing you want to do is doubt yourself.

This article will shed light on preparing for a hot water gas leak event.


Safety is the most important when dealing with a hot water gas leak.

These are the five steps to dealing with a gas leak:

  • Stop using electrical appliances and turn off cooking units
  • Evacuate
  • Ventilate the house
  • Call for help
  • Keep people away

In addition, we are also going to look at some of the signs that can help you identify hot water gas leaks in your home.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas Pipe With Soap Mixture Showing Bubbles From Gas Leak

Spotting gas leaks can be hard, especially if it is a small leak. However, it does not make it any less dangerous.

Here are a few signs to look out for if your gas water heater malfunctions:

  • Smelling rotten eggs or sulfur
  • Hearing whistling or hissing sounds
  • The gas leak detector going off
  • Seeing a misty or dusty cloud near the gas line
  • Feeling unwell or sickly
Safety Comes First

Gas from gas water heaters is extremely flammable. Do not attempt to fix the issues unless you are a certified professional.

5 Steps To Take if You Suspect a Hot Water Gas Leak

Do not take any chances! Keeping yourself and your family safe should be the top priority if you notice any signs of a potential gas leak.

Here are five steps if you find yourself in an unexpected gas leak:

1. Stop Using Electrical Appliances and Turn Off Cooking Units

Smart Meter Placed Next To Gas Stove With Blue Flames Burning

Because natural gas is highly flammable, any spark from electrical appliances could ignite it.

Do not flip any switches on or off.

If you are close to any cooking units, turn them off as fast as possible before evacuating.

However, if they are not within reach, get out of the house.


After suspecting the gas leak, you should not make any calls in the house. Using the phone might spark the gas.

2. Evacuate

Fire Exit Sign In The Corridor Of The Building

Leave the house as soon as you can. Staying in the house for too long increases your risk of getting sick or passing out.

Remember to grab the phone on your way out.

3. Ventilate the House

Home Room Ceiling Ventilation

Concentrated gases increase the risk of explosions in the house.

It would help if you opened up as many windows and doors in the house to let air freely circulate in the house on your way out.

This will reduce the risk of property damage.

4. Call for Help

Focused Millennial African Business Woman In Glasses Speaking On Cell

Once you get outside the house, then you can call and report the gas leak. Your gas line can be cut off and safely inspected by the fire department.

In addition, you should also report the issue to the gas company and gas plumber.

5. Keep People Away

A Woman Peeks Out Her Front Door

Lastly, ensure people do not get close to the house unless it’s the emergency personnel.


If you suspect that you have a hot water gas leak, it is always better to lean on the side of caution. Regular maintenance will help identify potential issues with your water heater system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Smell Gas From the Hot Water Heater?

It is not normal to smell natural gas in your hot water system. If you do, take caution and leave the house as fast as possible before calling the fire department.

How Do You Fix a Gas Water Heater Leak?

It would help if you did not fix any gas water heater leaks unless you are a trained professional.

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